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Deonna Purrazzo snapped arms in her Knockouts title defense at Victory Road

Deonna Purrazzo put her Knockouts Championship on the line at Impact’s Victory Road (Oct. 3, 2020), available on the Impact Plus app. Susie was the challenger. The x-factor was if Susie could channel enough of Su Yung’s spirit to get wicked.

Purrazzo was seconded by Kimber Lee, while Kylie Rae had Susie’s back. The match began with the champ bullying Susie’s innocent nature. Susie scored the first big move with a suicide dive onto Purrazzo and Lee.

As Susie was climbing the corner to keep the momentum rolling, Lee grabbed her foot. Purrazzo flung Susie down to the mat and began softening up the arm for her armbar finisher. Susie fought back using a monkey flip, Thesz press, and other moves of Su Yung’s signature arsenal. Susie came close for an early upset with a flying crossbody, but Lee hopped onto the apron to distract the referee on the pin cover. Rae pulled Lee down to bop her head on the apron. The match went into another gear after that.

Purrazzo unloaded a kick, knee lift, and Russian leg sweep into an armbar. Susie shifted position to get Purrazzo’s shoulders on the mat. The champ had to let go of the submission. Susie connected on an Arachnarana. She picked up the champ into a spinning fireman’s carry position for the Panic Switch, but Purrazzo escaped and slapped on another armbar. Susie was able to finagle free. Purrazzo kept on the pressure and snapped Susie’s arm. Purrazzo finished Susie off with the Venus de Milo double armbar. Susie tapped in defeat. There was no definitive Su Yung moment.

After the match, Purrazzo and Lee pummeled Rae. Purrazzo sent a statement to her future challenger by using a chair to damage Susie even more. Susie’s arm was placed inside the steel for a flying stomp. Purrazzo then hooked in armbar to Susie’s other arm.

Purrazzo continues to build her resume with a streak of mighty matches in her 78-day Knockouts reign as one of the top women in the sport today. Purrazzo’s display of strategic skills truly presents her as the Virtuosa. She doesn’t waste time getting cute with flippy stuff. She is always focusing on attacks leading to an armbar, and it perfectly sets up the Venus de Milo as an emphatically painful end.

Purrazzo’s next title defense may be her toughest to date as she squares off against #1 contender Kylie Rae at Bound for Glory on October 24.

Where does Deonna Purrazzo fit in the current hierarchy of professional wrestling’s best women?

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