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Allie dying in Rosemary’s arms was Impact’s wildest moment of 2019

Impact has been celebrating the year gone by by giving out awards for 2019. They split it up on TV over two weeks (Part 1, Part 2), announced the top 10 matches of the decade, and also posted a Twitter event for the best moments of the year. One thing I noticed is how many wild moments took place. There were wild flips, wild falls, wild Lego, and wild Scott Steiner, but nothing tops Allie dying in Rosemary’s arms. In no particular order, here are ten of the wildest moments from Impact in 2019.

We’ll start with Allie biting the dust via Freddy Krueger stab in the Undead Realm.

I don’t know the whole story of Rosemary and her battles with the Undead Realm, but Allie dying hooks me in every time. For as hokey as it looks, none of that matters due to the emotion of the moment. The full video of the scene is over 8 minutes of crazy chicanery as Rosemary sliced and diced her way through dinosaur-men and undead brides. Check it out here.

On to funnier times, enjoy Johnny Impact and Taya turning on Cage. Cage ran down to save Johnny, who was in a neck brace, only to be violated by Taya with a low blow.

It was a rough year for Cage. His wedding to Melissa Santos was interrupted by Sami Callihan, who ended up smashing a bottle onto Melissa’s head.

Sami Callihan upped the ante on wildness by executing a super piledriver to Rich Swann on top of a pile of Lego.

Here’s Ace Austin diving into a trashcan.

Also enjoy Acey Romero falling off a ladder onto a table.

Ace Austin was back at it by trying to seduce Eddie Edwards’ wife in a hotel room.

As wild as Ace Austin has been in Impact, I think my favorite moment from Austin would be his front somersault dive of the top off the Ultimate X structure.

It wouldn’t be a wildest moments list without a dick flip. On this occasion, Joey Ryan flipped “The World’s Most Dangerous Man” Ken Shamrock.

It also wouldn’t be a wildest moments list without a promo from Scott Steiner. Steiner was upset that the Desi Hit Squad ruined his front row seat for a dance from Scarlett Bordeaux.

We’ll close with an honorable mention of Big Mami attempting a moonsault. She narrowly escaped the serious danger of smashing her head on the mat.

What were your wildest Impact moments of 2019?

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