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Whoever Brian Cage signs with, he won’t wrestle for them for a while

Brian Cage is done with Impact, and rumors have the former World champ going to AEW.

His wife cast some doubt on that talk though, and now Cage posted a video publicly saying the same thing. He also confirmed reports of an injury that will keep him from debuting with whatever company he signs with until at least this summer.

“I know there’s been a lot of speculation on where I’m going. Rumors that I’ve signed here, that I’ve signed there - all kinds of stuff. Haven’t really answered much, and I’ve been kind of keeping to myself about it because, yeah, my contract did come to an end with Impact Wrestling and they did make me an incredible offer to stay, as did multiple other companies. While I was mulling all that over, unfortunately, I tore my bicep... I didn’t want to say anything until I knew what was going on.

So as of now, I am set to get surgery this Monday. And I am not technically with any group right now at all. I did have a bunch of amazing offers from all over the place, and I’m just hoping they’re still there when I heal up.”

We hope so too (and we imagine they still will be). Get well soon, Swolverine!

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