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Konnan addresses being slapped by a luchador in the streets of Mexico City

Here’s a story to file in your ‘Wild World of Lucha Libre’ folder.

Over the weekend, Konnan was in Mexico City for the Impact Wrestling tapings. He was confronted by a disgruntled luchador and slapped hard across the face.

That perpetrator of violence was Psicosis II (aka Ripper). To clarify, this is not the same Psicosis from WCW and WWE. The famous version of Psicosis also goes by the name Nicho El Millionario today.

Apparently, this feud spilled over from Twitter. In a discussion about AAA’s roster, Psicosis II blamed Konnan for not working with AAA. Konnan responded that if Psicosis II is so good, then why hasn’t he been working for other top promotions.

A loose translation:

Psicosis II: That’s right, friend. From 1997 to 2019, I continued being Psicosis. It weighed on who it weighed on. Konnan didn’t see it that way. He managed the AAA roster, so I couldn’t appear.

Konnan: It looks like the only one it weighs on is you. I saw you in the AAA offices and you never said anything. If you are so talented, why don’t I see you in other big companies? ROH, NXT, 205, MLW, Impact, AEW, Nacion, CMLL, Puerto Rico (IWA, WWC), etc.

Psicosis II responded with a threat.

Another loose translation:

Psicosis II: I’ll see you in January at my event in Leon. We’ll fix this in person.

Konnan addressed the situation on his podcast Keepin’ It 100 with Disco Inferno.

Konnan put Psicosis II’s troubles with AAA on working stiff in a feud with the original Psicosis. Fast forward to when Konnan took booking from Vampiro. He picked a group of talented luchadores he wanted to work with. Psicosis II was not in that group. That’s why Psicosis II blames Konnan.

As for the slap incident, Konnan showed up to the Impact tapings, and Psicosis II was there to create a scene for the cameras. Konnan noticed guys backing up Psicosis II. After the slap, Konnan was concerned about getting jumped. Konnan’s poor health was also a factor for not retaliating. Konnan went to get the boys in the locker room, but Psicosis II was long gone by then.

Konnan later found out from local lucha libre media that Psicosis II was trying to sell the video for cash. No one took the bait, so Psicosis II leaked it on his own.

Weird, wild stuff.

Shout out to Wrestling Inc. for the tweets.

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