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Tessa Blanchard issues statement denying recent allegation: ‘Racism is not in my heart’

Last Saturday (Jan. 11), on the eve of challenging for the Impact World title in one of the highest profile intergender matches in a long time, Tessa Blanchard tweeted a call for women to support each other. In response, several female wrestlers replied with stories of Blanchard bullying other women in the past - including one instance in Japan where she called the black woman she was upset with the n-word.

Tessa issued a brief denial. The woman to whom she allegedly directed the slur, Puerto Rican wrestler La Rosa Negra, came forward, as did AEW’s Big Swole who says she spoke with Blanchard about the incident.

After winning the Impact World title on Sunday, Blanchard cut a promo for the live crowd in Texas that seemed to reference the controversy without directly referencing it, or breaking kayfabe. She appeared in a pre-taped interview segment on Tuesday’s Impact broadcast that didn’t touch on the matter at all.

Then last night (Jan. 16), she posted this statement to Twitter:

We’re more or less left with a she said/she said about whether the slur was used in a Stardom locker room in 2017. The entire situation brought past rumors of attitude issues hindering Blanchard’s career back to light. At the same time, several people who’ve worked with during her Impact run have spoken positively about her contribution to that locker room.

Almost a week after the controversy blew up, Tessa Blanchard is Impact’s World champ and the company seems to be firmly behind her as their face. She has a pretty good platform from which to support women and fight racism. We hope she will.