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Impact adds to their already impressive women’s division

Impact’s Twitter

It’ll never not be fun to joke about the promotion formerly known as TNA. Regardless of what their name is, who owns them, or which channel they are/aren’t on, there’ve been too many missteps throughout their history for their not to be laughs at their expense. But the history of the company now known as Impact Wrestling is impressively long, and it’s delivered some great moments and further the careers of some amazing talents.

And even as the latest rumors about struggles to land a television deal and possible financial issues with their parent company Anthem Entertainment make the rounds, they’re putting on quality shows with a bunch of great wrestlers.

Their women’s division might be the most impressive part of Impact’s entire roster right now. The company is all-in on Tessa Blanchard, and pushing her as top star irrespective of gender. Knockouts champ Taya Valkyrie is atop a great group of workers and characters like Rosemary, Kiera Hogan, Jordynne Grace, Su Yung and others.

Into that mix comes their latest signee, a woman WWE fans once knew as Emma:

Along with her friend Paige, Tenille Dashwood set the foundation in NXT for the Four Horsewomen and the eventual WWE Evolution. After her 2017 release, many assumed she’d take the independents by storm, but for a variety of reasons, that didn’t quite work out. Dashwood’s most high-profile gig was with Ring of Honor, but their women’s division has continued to feel like an afterthought - in fact, Tenille follows Madison Rayne in opting for Impact over ROH.

Can the Knockouts help lead Impact to new heights in a crowded wrestling marketplace? Another known name and talented worker like Dashwood should help.

Stay tuned.

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