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Once Cage is done cupping his butt, Ken Shamrock is ready to break him off a piece

At Impact’s Rebellion show on April 28, Cage had a bittersweet evening. The sweet was defeating Johnny Impact to become world champ. The bitter was that he was rushed to the hospital with a back injury.

On top of that, Cage had to put his pet hedgehog down.

Cage isn’t letting the blues get him down. He is rebounding like a machine with the cupping method to treat his back, and butt cheek?

I’ve never actually investigated the cupping method, so that photo caught me off guard as some sort of crazy cyborg maintenance. I kid because it is a funny looking photo, but Cage should be commended for busting his butt to get back in the ring.

Once Cage is given the green light to return, he will have no shortage of challengers for the Impact World Championship. First up would probably be finishing a fight Michael Elgin started by powerbombing Cage after his title win.

And of course, Johnny Impact will want a rematch.

Cage is also being called out by the World’s Most Dangerous Man.

That’s right. It’s Ken Shamrock. That call-out seems out of left field, but it looks like Impact executive vice president Scott D’Amore is the one who brought up the topic. As kooky as it sounds, I’m curious in Cage vs Shamrock. I mean, why not? Part of professional wrestling is about the spectacle. And that it sure would be with those two going one-on-one in the ring. I don’t know how many pay-per-views it would sell, but it should definitely create enough buzz to get more viewers to tune into Impact’s Friday night program on Twitch and the Pursuit Channel.

How does the idea of Cage vs Shamrock float your boat? Who would you like to see Cage fight first out of Elgin, Johnny, and Shamrock? Any Cagesiders want to cup butts with Cage?

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