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Impact Wrestling Rebellion Preview & Predictions


Impact Wrestling is back tonight with their Rebellion pay-per-view (PPV). It emanates from the Rebel Entertainment Complex in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. It airs tonight at 8 EST on PPV and the Fite TV app.

To get you all ready for it, we’re going to give you the quick rundown of the matches, our anticipation for each bout, and then our predictions. The anticipation will be a simple 1 to 5 with 1 being “not into at all” and 5 being “REALLY PUMPED”

Before jumping into it, I’d like to take a moment to discuss the on-air product as a whole:

Slow Paced Stories

If you run down this card, you’ll probably notice there are some rematches here from the last pay-per-view Homecoming. If you watch the weekly product, you’ll realize that some of the matches are rematches from the weekly program. Only a couple matches have never been seen in Impact.

That’s not uncommon for the promotion under Don Callis and Scott D’Amore. They utilize their smaller roster by telling long form stories and that often involves running a match more than once. If they jumped from feud to feud too quickly, they’ll burn them all out. Because of that, and likely just their style, they tell a certain story over many months and maybe multiple PPVs.

Is that a good thing?

That’s tough to answer because it’s all personal preference, but when done right, it’s certainly not a bad thing. Yes, the Impact world title match is a straight up rematch, but it took a lot of twists and turns since their Homecoming pay-per-view three months ago. Johnny Impact is a heel now. We learned he and Killer Kross were part of a conspiracy and we learned that conspiracy even involved the head official. It’s the same match, but it’s very different.

There were enough twits and turns in this story between these two men to keep it fresh over these last three months.

However, there are cases where the weekly product seems to suffer from the slow pace. Rich Swann’s issues with Sami Callihan were just getting started at Homecoming but the pacing of that story since was rather slow. There were many weeks it felt like it was at a standstill with Swann facing some version of oVe every week.

They eventually introduced a new character in Mad Man Fulton which spiced things up, but that wasn’t enough to sustain the story for three months on TV.

It’s a storytelling style that gives Impact a unique feel and when used properly, makes for good storytelling. If not enough turns in the story; however, it leaves them with some angles that drag their feet too long. But in general, it works for them.

Now let’s break the matches down.

Johnny Impact (c) vs. Brian Cage for the Impact world title with Lance Storm as special guest referee

As mentioned in the overview, this is a rematch from the last PPV with the difference that Johnny Impact is a heel now.

Technically, he was a heel then as we since learned that Johnny had everything planned months out. Senior referee Johnny Bravo was in his back pocket. (Bravo refereed the Homecoming title match.) The champ enlisted the services of Killer Kross, despite rebuking him publicly. He faked a neck injury to avoid a title shot.

Impact revealed his con (or most of it) in a segment where Taya low blowed Cage and then Johnny delivered a chair shot to a cinderblock against the big man’s head.

Because of the fact that the initial referee was crooked, Impact management assigned Lance Storm to be the special referee given he’s a man full of integrity.


5 - I really like what they’ve done in this story. Johnny was never good as a babyface but is a very entertaining heel. The crooked ref gimmick is a tough trope to book, but I think they pulled it off well. It was something that shed larger light on the conspiracy when looking back. With real heat behind this match, it should be a good one.


Brian Cage - I picked Brian Cage last time and was wrong, but I’m glad I was. This is a much better story. Now we wonder if there’s more potential in continuing a Johnny Impact heel title run. I actually think there is, but I also think they can’t have Cage take any more title losses before he loses his steam.

Tessa Blanchard vs. Gail Kim

This is one of the matches that is a first time match.

They’ve been building it for months. Gail Kim was assigned to referee Tessa’s championship match against the challenger Taya Valkyrie at Homecoming. Blanchard is a hothead and kept getting into Gail’s face during the match. Gail held her cool until Tessa put hands on her. Then Kim delivered her Eat Defeat finish to Tessa, which led right into Taya getting the win.

Tessa and Gail have been at odds since, with another altercation getting Gail suspended from her position as a producer. But they allowed her to come out of retirement to face Tessa Blanchard to try to teach her some respect.


5 - This should be a good match, and on that I’m definitely looking forward to. Seeing one of the top Knockouts ever face one of the best right now is exciting.


Tessa Blanchard - Gail’s last retirement match never sat well with me. I think she was supposed to work with Maria, but Maria got hurt so they came up with a title match that Gail won. It never feels right when someone retiring wins their final match. This is a way to rectify that. Gail absolutely should put over Tessa and use her hall of fame status to help build someone else.

LAX (Santana & Ortiz) vs. the Lucha Bros (Pentagon Jr. & Fenix) (c) for the tag team championships in a Full Metal Mayhem match

This is a rematch from Homecoming.

At that time; however, everything was peachy keen between the two teams. Konnan was worried that two groups he feels are part of his family fighting would lead to bad blood, but LAX retained their titles and the teams showed respect after the match.

Turns out Konnan was right.

Some light trash talk from Ortiz backstage set up a rematch for the straps that the Lucha Brothers won. They also won the rematch.

After that match, when Konnan instructed LAX to shake hands, the Lucha Bros instead did their obnoxious hand gestures to the faces of Santana and Ortiz. Obviously, LAX didn’t care for that and attacked Pentagon and Fenix, even removing their masks.

When Konnan tried to smooth things over with the Lucha Bros, he felt their response disrespected him so he’s now on board for his boys to kick their ass.


Kyle: 4 - This should be a good match. They all are. But the fact that this is the fourth time in span of three months they’re facing each other two on two, not including another three on three match they were in together, I’m starting to get a little burnt on this match. Not enough loss all excitement for it but enough to keep me from being the maximum levels of pumped.


Kyle: LAX - I honestly don’t know. This has to be the end of the story. But I see more single’s potential in both Pentagon and Fenix than I do with Santana and Ortiz, so going with LAX.

Rich Swann vs. Sami Callihan for the X Division championship

Rich Swann has history with Sami Callihan. Early on in Rich’s career, Sami took him under his wing and helped him get by when he was struggling.

Then recently, Sami tried to cash in those chips and make Rich join oVe.

While Swann appreciated what Callihan did for him years back, he didn’t appreciate how oVe did things today and continued to deny Callihan’s advances.

They eventually had an X Division title mach that Swann won with a roll up. After the match, the newest member of oVe, Mad Man Fulton (who was Sawyer Fulton of SAnitY in NXT), revealed himself and attacked Swann.

They’ll have another match for the X Division title tonight.

Oh, and Rich saved his beard and it is WEIRD.


3 - This is a story that kind of spun its wheels too much and burned me out on it before the match itself. Not enough has changed between the last time they had a match for the title.


Sami Callihan - Sami has to win a championship eventually. It’s obviously they look at him as a big piece in Impact. It’s about time he gets a title.

Taya Valkyrie (c) vs. Jordynne Grace for the Knockouts championship

When Johnny turned heel, his wife turned heel alongside him. Hell, she was the one who gave Brian Cage the low blow.

Meanwhile, Jordynne Grace has been dominant since her debut in Impact. She defeated the returning Madison Rayne to earn an opportunity at the Knockouts title. In that match, when things were looking bad, Taya faked a rib injury and got herself counted out. (It should be noted that crooked referee Johnny Bravo was the referee of that match too.)

Jordynne gets another chance tonight.


4 - Their first match wasn’t lights out, but it was also a TV match that was meant to build to this match. I expect these two to put on a great match tonight.


Taya Valkyrie - Jordynne will win the title eventually, but I think there’s more that can be done with the division chasing the heel Taya.

Moose and the North (Ethan Page & Josh Alexander) vs. the Rascalz

This all stems from the Rascalz, during one of their smoking sessions, making fun of Moose for striking out with Melissa Santos. Moose invaded one of their sessions and punched Trey in the face because of that.

The big man went on to beat Trey and Wentz in the ring but lost to Dez, who had some help from the other Rascalz to pick up that win. Then Moose recruited the team of the North (Ethan Page and newcomer Josh Alexander) to attack the Rascalz, setting up this match.


Kyle: 3 - This is an OK feud, but nothing that’s lighting the world on fire. The That 70’s Show bit for the Rascalz isn’t really my cup of team, and it’s how most of this was built. Should be a good match though.


Kyle: The North & Moose - Tough call here. The Rascalz function as a three man unit so should have the advantage. But Josh Alexander is brand new and I don’t think he’s going to lose his second match in Impact.

Overall Thoughts:

I’m looking forward to this show. If I weren’t, I probably wouldn’t ordering it since I don’t cover Impact weekly like I once did.

Their slow paced storytelling can be hit or miss at times. When it’s on point, the stories have twists and turns over months times that are exciting. When it’s not, the product can feel dull, as if nothing’s happening. Right now it’s on point. The top stories have all been enjoyable - the Impact title, Tessa/Gail, and the tag titles. The KOs title match isn’t a new story but should also be a banger.

They are returning to the Rebel Complex and the crowds there are often great. It was the home of their best PPV last year (Slammiversary). That environment should add to the show.

This is a shorter PPV than usual, likely because they released Eli Drake after they taped the build for his match with Eddie Edwards. (Eddie does not have a match now.) I expect another match thrown together to make up for that time.

Impact’s Rebellion PPV airs tonight at 8 ET on PPV and Let us know if you plan on checking it out and what matches you’re looking forward to below.

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