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Must see: Rosemary killed lizards and barbarians with a shocking ending in the Undead Realm on Impact

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I don’t watch Impact very often, but Against All Odds piqued my interest. The intergender showdown of Scarlett Bordeaux against Disco Inferno and the hoss heaven dream match of Cage vs Killer Kross made me tune in. I’m glad I did, because I was unexpectedly treated to Rosemary slaying a lizard man, barbarians, and brides of death. Freaking awesome!

The Undead Realm won’t be everyone’s cup of tea, but I encourage all to at least give it a try. Allow me to provide a tease of enticement to persuade you. Rosemary licked a meat cleaver, Rosemary and Allie got into a wooden box as a travel portal, Rosemary killed a barbarian, and Rosemary hit Lucha Underground’s Vibora with a giant wrench to splatter his cerebral matter.

The best death was Rosemary using a sword to slaughter four undead brides.

You don’t need to know what is going on in Impact to enjoy the eight minute video clip. It is pretty simple to catch on to the general idea of the story. I have zero knowledge of the ongoing Undead Realm saga, and I still loved what I saw. The shocking ending even got me feeling sad.

Drop whatever it is that you are doing and watch Rosemary kill everything in her path.

Despite the cheesiness and low budget production, that trip to the Undead Realm was all kinds of entertaining. “A cornucopia of chaos and carnage,” is a perfect description. Plus, bonus points for the surprise reveal of Kevin Sullivan and the dramatic demise of Allie via Freddy Krueger claw.

In reality, Allie is leaving Impact for a stint with AEW, so that was a fantastic way to write a character off the show. It tugged at the heart strings to see Allie perish, and it also revved up the excitement for Rosemary to avenge the fallen.

Against All Odds came from Sam’s Town Casino in Las Vegas. I didn’t watch the entire show, but let’s jam through the parts I did view.

Scarlett Bordeaux triumphed over Disco Inferno

This feud was set up by Impact turning Disco Inferno’s shoot comments about women’s wrestling into a worked angle with Scarlett Bordeaux. Disco took the stance that men rule. Scarlett begged to differ. That set up a match between the two at Against All Odds.

Bordeaux used her quickness early to make a mockery of Disco, so Mr. Inferno grabbed Bordeaux’s hair to slow her down. He took advantage of the situation with a series of Garvin stomps. Highlights of the match include a running splash by Bordeaux into the corner, a running butt to the face by Bordeaux, a stunner by Bordeaux, a Russian leg sweep by Disco, the Village People’s elbow by Disco, and a flying crossbody by Bordeaux.

For the finish, Disco had Bordeaux down. He loudly proclaimed that he was going to give her ten punches in the corner. Disco approached, but Bordeaux turned the ride with a back rake then a powerbomb off the middle ropes to pin and win against Disco.

This bout wasn’t anything groundbreaking for intergender wrestling, but it was a nice little piece of sports entertainment. If you like either performer, then you probably enjoyed their duel. Both played their roles well, so it was satisfying to see Scarlett Bordeaux score the victory over jackass Disco Inferno.

One thing I didn’t like was the announcers, Josh Matthews and Don Callis, constantly calling Disco Inferno names; scumbag, piece of trash, sick idiot, lowlife human being who should be arrested. I’m of the opinion that Bordeaux signed on the dotted line, so that made it all fair game from Disco. Matthews and Callis went overboard for the damsel in distress, even though she wasn’t in that much distress. It wasn’t an effective manner of commentary to go along with the storyline of intergender wrestling.

Taya retained against Jordynne Grace

Since I was already watching the show, I wasn’t going to pass on a Knockouts title match with Taya. It was my first time seeing Jordynne Grace. She definitely has powerhouse potential.

Taya maintained control for much of the match by using veteran savvy and her height (6 inches) and reach advantage. Taya worked the crowd well with shimmy shaking taunts. Highlights include a big shoulder tackle by Grace, a German suplex by Grace, a huge spear by Taya, and a Vader bomb by Grace.

For the finish, Taya missed a moonsault. The result was injured ribs for the Wera Loca. Taya rolled out of the ring and took the ten count disqualification loss. That was smart usage of the champion’s advantage.

The finish of the Knockouts bout transitioned right into the hoss fight delight main event. Johnny Impact came down to check on his beloved. Cage stuck his nose in their business, so Killer Kross capitalized with an attack from behind to shove Cage into the ring post.

Before we discuss the main event, I have another nit to pick with commentary. They had the audacity to theorize that Johnny and Taya executed an elaborate plan to set Cage up for a Kross ambush. Let me get this straight. Taya missed a moonsault on purpose to hurt her ribs so Johnny could go to the ring and Cage would follow like a dog in heat? Damn conspiracy theorists.

One last note about commentary. I noticed Callis likes to often say, “Pop those hips.” Has that been turned into a drinking game yet? The show does air on Friday nights and that is prime boozing hour.

Hoss Cage vs Hoss Kross

I believe this was the first bout between Cage and Killer Kross, or at least it was in Impact, and boy oh boy did it deliver. It wasn’t the typical car crash of big men colliding that a prime hoss fight features. Kross used strategy to work Cage’s left arm. There was also a previous story about Cage suffering a concussion a few weeks ago when Johnny Impact smashed Cage’s head with a cinder block.

Highlights include a hammerlock slam by Kross, a springboard tornado DDT by Cage, a powerslam then a springboard moonsault by Cage, and a powerbomb then a powerbomb backbreaker by Cage.

My favorite moments were Kross hulking up after a discus clothesline from Cage and Cage machining up after a Doomsday Saito suplex by Kross.

For the finish, Johnny ninja sneaked down to the ring to assist Kross. Cage executed an F-5, but Johnny placed Kross’ foot on the ropes to break the pin count. The referee was distracted by Kross, so Taya used the opportunity to low blow Cage. That set up two Doomsday Saito suplexes by Kross, which was barely enough to defeat Cage.

The referee ruled that Cage kicked out a split second too late. After the match, Johnny dismantled Cage as Taya screamed to hit him harder.

Whew. Hose me down after that hoss fight. It had a touch of old school with Kross working the arm, a touch a new school with Cage’s springboard maneuvers, and a whole lot of power move hossing. I think this might have been my first time actually seeing Kross in a feature singles bout. In AAA, he’s always in multi-luchador matches tossing smaller competitors around the ring. Kross’ fight with Cage showed me that Kross can hang as a main event level talent in the ring.

What was your favorite moment from Against All Odds? Who was most impressive? Would you like to see a full episode of just Rosemary beheading beasts?

Impact airs every Friday at 10pm ET on the Pursuit Channel and Twitch.