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Impact turned a shoot into a work with Disco Inferno vs Scarlett Bordeaux

Disco Inferno recently made headlines about his feelings toward women’s wrestling. He took the attitude that sex appeal is more important than ability alone. In an unsurprising development, that take caused an uproar across the internet.

Fast forward to last Friday’s episode of Impact and we had Scarlett Bordeaux revealing her first opponent. After declaring herself the winner of her own talent search, Bordeaux had been teasing a match with clips of her seductively eating a banana and kicking some bobo into the pool. Bordeaux was ready to announce her first competitor.

Disco Inferno interrupted after Bordeaux said he had the least potential from all the men she scouted.

“For six months, all you’ve done is come out here, walk around, show yourself, and you’re the hottest star in the business. But, now you want to wrestle? You know what’s going to happen, Scarlett, if you wrestle. You’re just going to suck.

Women’s wrestling hasn’t been any good since they had bra and panties matches. And since they don’t have bra and panties matches in Impact Wrestling, there’s no reason for you to wrestle.”

That led to Bordeaux slapping Mr. Inferno and saying she could kick his butt. Disco doubled down on the rhetoric.

“My advice to you would be to go home for a week. Go home to your husband. Go shopping. Go buy the groceries. Go cook some food. Go wash the dishes and go do the laundry. And then, after doing all that, when your head is in the place that it needs to be and you still think that you can kick my ass, you’re not going to have to look very far to find me, honey.”

Bordeaux closed with a Bundy bounce and threatening to make Disco her bitch.

It looks like Impact is capitalizing on the press from Disco Inferno’s comments by going through with an intergender matchup against Scarlett Bordeaux. Disco will be displaying an exhibition of skills on the next episode of Impact.

Some might deride the promo from Disco Inferno as the type of nonsense wrestling is trying to move past, however, the story hooked me enough to write about it. Impact is always in need of attention, and I have to give them props for getting mine. Who knows, perhaps this will be Impact’s way of ushering in intergender, or mixed tag, wrestling as a standard on their program. They already have Taya and Tessa Blanchard on the roster. Those two regularly mix it up with men in the ring on the indies.

In fact, Blanchard has just been scheduled to wrestle Joey Ryan at the April 4th United We Stand show.

Personally, I enjoyed the segment, because it was so over the top with Disco’s heeling. It seems like it will result in a satisfying conclusion as Bordeaux makes Disco look like a turkey. At least, he won’t be in a turkey suit this time.

I do have an ulterior desire though. In an unrelated segment, Disco unintentionally threatened violence toward Killer Kross.

I’m a fan of the Killer Smokeshow in Mexico’s AAA, so I’d love to see the booty shaking badass be the impetus that brings together Killer Kross and Scarlett Bordeaux into the Impact world. I know this is Bordeaux’s fight, but maybe they can write in a reason for Kross to make the save. Perhaps Kross can corral Disco if he tries to run away.

As Bordeaux has said, “How wonderful it is to be loved by something that hates all else.”

Time to play everybody’s favorite game. Work, shoot, worked shoot, shoot into a work? Do you think Disco Inferno’s original comments were designed to get attention for a planned storyline? Or was the story put together after Disco caused controversy? Does Disco Inferno vs Scarlett Bordeaux make you want to tune in to Impact?

Impact airs every Friday at 10pm ET on the Pursuit Channel and Twitch.

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