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Impact Wrestling recap & reactions (Dec. 10, 2019): Sami Callihan and Tessa Blanchard pick their poison

Impact Wrestling (Dec. 10, 2019) came from New York City. The big story was Sami Callihan and Tessa Blanchard picking each other’s opponent for that evening. The show also featured a Tag Team Open, ECW veterans in Old School Rules, and Joey Ryan going to Wrestler’s Court.

Let’s blitz through the results.

RVD vs Rhino. Tommy Dreamer was guest referee for Olds School Rules. Katie Forbes was ringside in support of RVD. Weapons used were chairs, a mop, a trashcan, and a table. RVD took the rougher hits with a powerbomb onto a chair and a Gore through a table.

Rhino covered RVD after the Gore, but Forbes pulled Dreamer out of the ring on the count. She then clotheslined him on the floor. In the end, RVD dodged a charging Rhino. The big man crashed into a trashcan. RVD hit the five star frog splash to win. Afterward, RVD shook Dreamer’s hand then kicked him.

OVE is taking over everything. Sami Callihan cut a stairwell promo with his crew. Jake and Dave Crist will win the Tag Team Open. Madman Fulton is going to wreck Tessa Blanchard. Sami is going to break the ankle of Ken Shamrock or knock him out.

Since ODB beat Taya last week, she was added to the Knockouts Championship bout at Hard to Kill. Taya will defend against Jordynne Grace and ODB in a three-way on the January 12 PPV.

Moose vs Acey Romero. Big men colliding. Top highlight was a powerful pounce from Acey Baby.

Moose was victorious via No Jackhammer Needed spear.

Suzie and James Mitchell were backstage. Suzie referred to the lady with the big smile (Rosemary) then grabbed a noose to have evil Su Yung flashbacks. Mitchell cautioned her that Rosemary is not a friend.

Michael Elgin is smashing through roadblocks in Impact. He wants Eddie Edwards to put up the Call Your Shot Gauntlet trophy for their match at Hard to Kill. That trophy sounds similar in concept to Money in the Bank.

Raj Singh vs Fallah Bahh. The story was the Desi Hit Squad trying to impress Gama Singh. A referee distraction by Gama led to the finish. Fallah dodged Rohit Raju then body smashed him in the corner. That caused Raj to fall off the turnbuckles. Fallah crushed him to win via Bonzai Drop. The bad guys beat up Fallah after the bell. TJP made the save in a surprise return.

Joey Ryan taken to Wrestler’s Court. He was accused of breaking kayfabe, exposing the business, and killing towns. The plaintiff was Johnny Swinger. He went after Ryan for breaking the code of the boys, not being a good brother, and stealing his rizats. Swinger is seeking two pay envelopes and a handful of pizills as compensation. This is a cheesy scene you need to watch for yourself to see all the little jokes. You’ll either love it or hate it.

Ryan gave some lame speech about how wrestling should be fun while insulting wrestlers from the past. Swinger blurted out, “Bullsh*t.” Judge Dreamer ruled guilty. The sentence was facing Acey Romero in a match next week.

Rascalz vs OVE vs Reno Scum vs Rich Swann & Willie Mack in the Tag Team Open. Winner wrestles the North for the tag titles at Hard to Kill. This four-way was tornado style. No tags and all chaos. My favorite moves were Mack catching a moonsault then Swann flying in for a teamwork somersault neckbreaker and Luster launching Swann into the Tree of Woe.

The story was Mack going down early with a leg injury. Swann persevered to pull out the victory by dodging a flying attack while in an electric chair position then countering into a victory roll for victory.

Taya insulted Jordynne Grace and ODB in a backstage interview. The one with power in Impact is Taya, and she’ll prove it at Hard to Kill.

Jimmy Jacobs interviewed Cage about what’s next. He has no problem working his way back up. RVD and Katie crashed the couch with heavy smooching. Before leaving, RVD sent a message to the people. Cage has stolen RVD’s moves. Losing to a girl (Tessa) was Cage’s own move.

Tessa Blanchard vs Madman Fulton. Fulton dominated with power early. Tessa rallied back, but the Crist brothers blatantly interfered. DQ win to Tessa. The Crists hit her with a Doomsday cutter.

Fulton was ready to chokeslam the lady until Ken Shamrock’s music hit. He stood face to face with Madman. Shamrock clotheslined Fulton out of the ring. Sami Callihan came out to send his monster to the back.

Sami Callihan vs Ken Shamrock. Sami spit in Shamrock’s face then suffered the consequences. The two fought on the floor. Back in the ring, Shamrock kicked out of a Death Valley driver. For the finish, Sami pulled the ref in front of a charging Shamrock. Shamrock locked in the ankle lock. Fulton ran down to pummel Shamrock. Callihan applied the ankle lock and the woozy ref waved off the bout as Shamrock was out from Madman’s attack. Fulton beat up Shamrock some more after the bout. Sami had trouble controlling the monster as the show closed.

Impact has plenty of young talent, and they do a good job showcasing them. No knock to Impact when I say that the aged veterans are what drew in me for this episode.

RVD continues to entertain in the ring. Katie Forbes helps him entertain outside the ring. I’m a fan of his gimmick claiming everyone steals his moves. He’s not entirely wrong and it is an easy set up for feuds. Just look at how he sassed Cage. That fight should be fun.

For me, Ken Shamrock is a draw in 2019. He still has the charisma of being the World’s Most Dangerous Man. I can look past how it appears his legs function at a Frankenstein’s monster level. His punches and suplexes still look vicious. A feud with Madman Fulton excites me.

Johnny Swinger continues to amuse. I’m half and half on the Wrestler’s Court. The spirit of the scene was thumbs up. Joey Ryan being a wet blanket was thumbs down. I would have preferred if his character embraced the silliness a little. Thumbs up for the verdict swerve. I thought Ryan was going to sway opinion with his sappy speech. Nope. Swinger claiming BS and Tommy Dreamer dropping the gavel for guilty made me bust out laughing.

The main event ‘Pick your Poison’ bouts were lackluster due to OVE interference. The story made sense, but it was unsatisfying to me as a viewer. The matches didn’t get a chance to truly reel me in before disorder broke out.

What was your favorite moment from Impact Wrestling? Are Impact’s veterans aging like fine wine or moldy cheese?

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