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Impact Wrestling recap & reactions (Nov. 19, 2019): Tessa wins #1 contender gauntlet for World Championship

Impact Wrestling (Nov. 19, 2019) was all about the six-person #1 contender elimination gauntlet for the right to face Sami Callihan for the Impact World Championship. Tessa Blanchard, Cage, Daga, Michael Elgin, Moose, and Rich Swann gave it their all to put on a mighty fine show.

Let’s blitz through the results.

Rascalz defeated Desi Hit Squad, Deaners, and Reno Scum in a four-way tag bout. There was the obligatory spot where everyone took turns jumping on everyone else on the floor. In the end, Dezmond Xavier and Zachary Wentz double superkicked Jake Deaner then hit a teamwork push flip splash as Wentz pinned Jake.

After the match, Reno Scum beat up the Rascalz. Trey Miguel ran down for the save. Ace Austin ran down to hit Miguel with the X-Division belt. Austin hit a metal enforced back fist on Miguel. Miguel’s mom was ringside witnessing it all in shock and horror.

Jordynne Grace defeated Taya and John E. Bravo in a 2-on-1 handicap match. Taya avoided one-on-one action with Grace and left mid-way through the bout. Grace pinned Bravo on a Vader bomb.

Gama Singh yelled at the Desi Hit Squad for losing the tag match. There’s no room for losers. They are so close to being sent back home. They better start producing results. Fallah Bahh was eating salad on the stairs. The Desi Squad took out their frustrations by beating up Fallah.

RVD provided an important update. Oops, his appearance is canceled due to all the partying last night. Who’s going to get up for an 11 am flight. His influence will be on the program anyway, because everyone will be doing his moves.

Pure Suzie Yung was wandering backstage. James Mitchell introduced himself to her. She doesn’t know why she’s there, but something draws her. Mitchell convinced Suzie to take a ride in his Cadillac. Rosemary flashed up with a lighter. She warned Mitchell that Yung’s full potential will be unleashed on him.

Smoke circle treehouse. The Rascalz thought Reno Scum attacked them because of Xavier’s abs. They are going to kick their ass in New York. Trey’s mom showed up and lectured them about safety. Xavier had wood in his trunks from Trey’s mom when it was time to leave.

Johnny Swinger defeated Buck Gunderson. Swinger won the showcase match via swinging neckbreaker. Ken Shamrock came down to beat up Swinger for pooping in his bag last week. Belly-to-belly slam then an ankle lock.

Swinger limped backstage looking to give a receipt to Shamrock. He asked Joey Ryan for advice. “Yeah, don’t make him touch your dick.”

Next week’s episode will be a flashback to 1983. Dated gimmicks and silly matches.

The Impact World Championship #1 contender elimination gauntlet closed the show. There were six participants: Tessa Blanchard, Cage, Daga, Michael Elgin, Moose, and Rich Swann.

Moose defeated Daga. Power vs speed. Moose hit a flipping spear to win.

Rich Swann defeated Moose. Power vs speed again. Good match with close calls on both sides. Swann countered Moose’s finisher into a surprise jackknife pin to win.

Rich Swann defeated Michael Elgin. Power vs speed for the third time. There was a super close call sequence starting with a superplex from Elgin. Swann countered another suplex with a hurricanrana then reverse hurricanrana, head kick, and another reverse hurricanrana. Elgin kicked out on the cover.

In the end, Elgin was disqualified. He was pummeling Swann in the corner, so the referee tried to break it up. Elgin shoved the ref, and that earned him a trip to the showers.

Elgin continued his assault on Swann after the match. Swann was bleeding from the mouth.

Cage defeated Rich Swann. One more time for power vs speed. Swann fought valiantly, but Cage was a machine. Swann was controlling the bout until he missed a Phoenix splash. Weapon X ended his evening.

Tessa Blanchard defeated Cage. Power vs heart. The final went for about ten minutes. Most of Tessa’s offense consisted of cutters and dropkicks. Cage hit several big slams on Tessa, but she kept kicking out. There was a close call when Tessa countered a top rope Razor’s Edge into a super hurricanrana then attacked with a flying Codebreaker. 1, 2, Cage kicked out. In the end, Tessa countered a Weapon X into a sunset flip pin to win.

Tessa Blanchard is the number one contender for Sami Callihan and the Impact World Championship. That match is set to main event Hard to Kill on January 12.

This week’s episode of Impact Wrestling was anchored by the six-person gauntlet match. It was a blast. Every single stage was entertaining with action. Rich Swann was the star against so many musclemen. He wrestled with grit and determination. The cop-out finish with Elgin can be redeemed if that becomes a feud. I definitely would like to see more Swann versus Elgin.

Tessa Blanchard made news as a female winner of the gauntlet. Since I’m just getting into the Impact scene, I don’t have any emotional investment in her storyline with Sami Callihan. This win may have been more exciting to loyal Impact followers. Overall, I thought the match was done well enough to make me believe Tessa could compete with Cage. Her big moves were primarily based around counters. The one time she did try to power suplex Cage, he immediately broke free.

The rest of the episode was hit or miss. I enjoyed Ken Shamrock pounding Johnny Swinger for popping in his bag. Swinger has a perfect level of smarminess that make me laugh but still makes me want to see him get comeuppance. The Suzie Yung story is intriguing. I’m somewhat aware of her saga, and the pure Suzie has me curious where this story leads.

What was your favorite moment from Impact Wrestling? Was Tessa Blanchard’s win a believable pro wrestling moment or did the intergender action take you out of the illusion?

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