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Impact Homecoming: For the Fans

@Abrissverlierer on Twitter

Last night I had the pleasure of attending Impact Homecoming and while the experience was similar in many ways to events I have attended in the past there is something uniquely great about being surrounded my Impact Wrestling fans.

Impact Wrestling, formerly TNA Wrestling, has had a roller coaster like existence and, as such, has gained and lost many wrestling fans. Despite their efforts over the past couple of years (2018 specifically) to prove that they could put out quality wrestling many on the internet still proclaim “TNA sux.” But for those of use who actually watch the product, Impact Wrestling has become a real time cult favorite. It may not be a big box office draw, but the fans who still love Impact are seemingly ride or die.

Normally, when I go to an indie show I hear tons of conversations about what the fed is doing. Who is signing where, comparisons of the product to WWE, or, sometimes, just rehashing RAW instead of watching what is happening IRL right in front of them. But at Homecoming all the conversations I heard were actually about the product (how novel). Fans bragging about their nine hour drive to The Asylum, whispers hoping for the return of everyone’s favorite demon, discussion on the Ultimate X setup, and thoughts about their move to the Pursuit channel. Even amidst the drama unfolding between NJPW, AEW & WWE everyone I encountered was fully present and into Homecoming.

(I did hear from friends watching at home that the crowd seemed not that into it or muted, but my experience was very different. I expect there was some kind of audio issue that prevented the crowd noise to come through clearly on the PPV because during the breaks we could hear a lot of audio feedback. Better to have no sound stream than terrible sound, I suppose.)

I truly think they deserve this devotion. A company that was supposed to die so many times turning out interesting tv and good - even great matches - deserves to have a loyal fan base. There was plenty to be excited about as a non Impact regular, for example the sick AF match LAX and the Lucha Bros turned out, but as an Impact fan they gave me what I wanted. Ultimate X was a fantastic way to kick off the PPV (even with the belt snafu), Alisha Edwards beating the hell out of Moose was satisfying, I got to see a Mack stunner live, Taya vs Tessa continued to steal the show, Eli Drake had approximately 1000 tacks in his back and OMFG The Demon Assassin is finally back! Plus, how cool is it that we have a real married couple as co-champions?

Was it a perfect PPV? No. The main event was wonky, the audio issues were suspect and the merch was lack luster (I know that this is not really a big deal, but I am a stickler about good merch! It’s 2019, hire a graphic designer).

Sure they are still struggling with television deal woes, and 2019 feels like yet another make it or break it year for them, but as long as they are still around I, and probably all the attendants in The Asylum, will continue to support.

Now, can someone teach me how to use Twitch?

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