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Taya and Johnny Mundo’s dog is making poop threats again

Prince Presley, the Pomeranian pooch of Taya and Johnny Mundo, is known to be defensive about his caregivers. First, it was Vampiro as the target of Prince Presley’s fecal ire. Now, Killer Kross is in the crosshairs.

It seems this angry Twitter tirade kicked off after events of Impact’s Homecoming show when Killer Kross powerbombed Taya into the crowd as a way to make a statement to Johnny Mundo.

Warning: The following Twitter beef contains language not suitable for work.

I’m not sure if this was the first exchange that lit the fireworks, but here you go.

Prince Presley isn’t lying about being friends with Killer Kross in the past. Here is photographic evidence of Prince Presley channeling Killer Kross’ spirit. Or, perhaps it is the other way around.

Kross replied with a GIF of the incident at Homecoming.

That set Prince Presley off the rails.

Unfortunately for Prince Presley, Killer Kross knows the canine’s kryptonite.

Prince Presley did not like the idea of vacuums being thrown into the fight.

That threat by Killer Kross seemed to quiet the Pomeranian. That’s when Taya jumped in. Kross thought Prince Presley hacked her account, but it appears that notion was incorrect.

Taya put her full support behind Prince Presley’s threats.

Killer Kross was undeterred and continued his attempts at intimidation tactics.

Taya went full Wera Loca.

If Impact ever has the desire to do another Final Deletion style fight, then I would nominate Killer Kross, Prince Presley, and Taya. I would strongly consider paying money to see Taya hunting Killer Kross. Oh, count Johnny Mundo in too as a participant.

Side note: check out the video clip of Killer Kross punching through a cinder block to Trevor Lee’s face in the response tweet by Johnny Mundo. Going full ridiculous can be tricky, but I love that moment.

Who do you pick as the winner of that Twitter exchange: Killer Kross, Prince Presley, or Taya? Who’s side do you stand on in this feud? Most importantly, let the great debate begin. Who’s the baddest pet cared for by a wrestler: a moonsaulting cat, a poop threatening dog, or some other creature to add in the mix?

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