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Impact’s Joe Hendry gives us a wonderful love song we’ll never need

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Is platonic love possible? Impact’s Joe Hendry sure thinks so. In fact, he so convinced, he wrote a song about it.

Let me set the stage for you.

Grado is dating Katarina, and the story there is she’s way out of his league. Soon Grado’s friend Joe Hendry arrives on the scene. Joe is more traditionally good-looking than Grado, smoother, and can even sing. And there’s clearly chemistry between Grado’s best friend and his girlfriend.

But Hendry insists that there’s nothing there and that he and Katarina are just friends. To prove his point, he even sang about it prior to teaming with Grado on this week’s Impact.

Damn, that’s catchy. I’ve been humming about platonic love for the last day. And the lyrics are quite superb, which lines such as “I think I’m in love with my best friend’s girl, but only as a friend.”

I smell a Grammy.

But is platonic love possible? Not according to Katarina.

After Grado picked up the loss for his team, Katarina snapped. She called Grado a loser and told him that she doesn’t love him. Instead she loves Joe Hendry. Katarina planted a kiss on Joe Hendry. But true to his music, he pushed her away and asked “What part of plutonic love don’t you understand?”

It’s going to be a tough week for the trio. Grado lost his girlfriend. Katarina’s non-platonic love was rejected. And Joe Hendry was caught in the middle of it.

At least we have a great new love song, though we’ll probably never find an actual use for it.