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Impact Wrestling Ratings (Sept. 7, 2018): Viewership holds up against the NFL

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The numbers are in for this week’s episode (Sept. 2) of Impact Wrestling, and viewership showed a small improvement. They brought in 236K viewers, which was actually up from 225K last week.

The rating among the coveted 18 - 49-year-old demographic didn’t fare as well, dropping from 0.07 to 0.05.

Impact was up against the first regular season game of the NFL featuring the Super Bowl Champion Philadelphia Eagles (who defeated the Atlanta Falcons in a close one, 18-12). That game brought in 20 million viewers from the 9-10 spot. There was a weather delay that could have helped Impact’s cause, but even so, not seeing a big drop in viewers is good.

There’s nothing big specifically advertised next week but competition won’t be as stiff from with the football game broadcasting on the NFL Network instead of NBC like usual.

The numbers from the last month:

  • This week: 236K / 0.05
  • Aug. 30: 225K / 0.07
  • Aug 23: 212K / 0.05
  • Aug. 16: 210K / 0.06
  • Aug. 9: 168K / 0.04

You can find a recap of this week’s show here.