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Impact Wrestling results, review, & video (Sept. 6, 2018): We interrupt this program...


Impact Wrestling returned last night (Sept. 6) from the Rebel Complex in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Find the results at the live blog here.

Great Match, Bad Commercials

Tessa Blanchard successfully defended her Knockouts title against Su Yung.

It was a very good match.

For the first time, Su came out without her undead bridesmaids so they didn’t have to book around her gaggle of lackeys. And surprise! It was her best match in Impact. Tessa showed off her strength and power while Su had to get creative to take her advantages (such as an apron cannonball onto Tessa on the floor, who’s been positioned sitting in a chair).

The only gripe I had with the match was the placement of the commercial break. Instead of being in the middle of the match, it was placed with only a few minutes left. So when they came back from break, the match didn’t have the time to get the momentum back. It was a very good match that the commercial break took away from slightly.

Speaking of terrible commercial breaks...

The post match angle was the bridesmaids bringing out a casket and Su Yung attacking Tessa from behind to place her in said casket. Before she could close her in, Allie and Kiera Hogan made the same. At least that’s what I think happen. PopTV ran commercials during most of it.

And while commercial placement didn’t make the KOs title match worse, they definitely ruined what was probably a really good post-match angle.

All About Aries

We learned why Moose turned on Eddie Edwards last week.

Basically it’s because while Moose was there for Eddie when he was going through his multitude of problems, Edwards wasn’t there for Moose when Moose was injured. This was the same reason that Davey Richards turned on Eddie last year. Hey, Eddie, visit your friends in the hospital!

Moose claimed that when he was laid up, Killer Kross was the man to visit him. Then Austin Aries called and told him he’ll never be a #1 guy when he caters to the idiot fans.

What Moose doesn’t realize is he’ll never be a #1 guy when he’s in a stable that was put together specifically to protect the champion.

He seems a bit more natural as a heel. He was dressed in some shiny clothing so he’ll be a more of a style heel instead of a killer heel. It could be a good course for him, but as long as he’s a lackey for Aries, this will have a ceiling when it comes to advancement.

Things got a bit odd when Johnny Impact interrupted their promo. The main thing being he told them he has a title shot against Austin Aries at Bound for Glory.

But why?

I thought Johnny Impact was still feuding with Killer Kong. Did they end that feud when the two had a brief brawl poolside? Did I miss a blow off match or was Kong falling into a pool of people the finale of the feud?

It’s also very underwhelming to just tell us a title match is happening without telling a story to get there. Now they have to make it feel important after announcing it, which is always more of an uphill battle.

After the announcement, Aries, Moose, & Kross beat the hell out of Impact, ending with Aries using a chair to hit another chair that was wrapped around Johnny’s neck. This was the same thing they did to Eddie Edwards last week.

Platonic Love

The Desi Hit Squad finally ended their mini losing streak by defeating Grado & Joe Hendry. But they weren’t the real story here.

The focus was on this love triangle between Grado, Hendry, and Grado’s girlfriend Katarina. This week’s Joe Hendry song was the best yet as he sang about his “platonic love” with Katarina. It contained killer lines such as “I think I’m love with my best friends girl, but only as a friend.”

Obviously, we were thinking that’s not the case. But the post match events had us thinking differently.

Katarina was pissed with Grado, who picked up the loss for the team. She stated she was done with dealing with the loser Grado and didn’t love him. In fact, she loved Joe Hendry. No surprise there.

But when she planted a kiss on Joe, he pushed her away and delivered the superb line “What part about platonic friendship don’t you understand?” He confirmed that his friendship with Grado was most important and claimed that she was the embarrassment, not Grado. This earned him a slap as she stormed off.

This wasn’t the way I expected it to go. I expected both Joe and Kat would turn heel on Grado. And while we could get there, this was a bit of a surprising turn of events. I’m curious to see where they go next. Do they get to Joe turning on Grado and use this just to make it hurt more? Or is Katarina going to enter the Knockouts division as a heel while Grado and Joe focus on tag action? Both are fine possibilities.

All the Rest:

- Third Eye: Petey Williams was successful in his rematch against Rich Swann this week and he has Matt Sydal to thank. When Swann looked to have the match in the bag, Sydal, who was on commentary, said that he felt Rich was in trouble and got up. He walked to the ramp and started shouting at Rich about his third eye. This time gave Petey a chance to recover and move when Swann delivered a top rope corkscrew splash. Petey then hit the Canadian Destroyer for the win.

It looks like the former X Division champion Matt Sydal is moving to a program with the newcomer Rich Swann. That could surely be good.

- Council of Elders: King and Konnan got called to the LAX meeting and unfortunately, there was no surprise reveal as their boss. Instead, it was a council of three elders out of a mafia movie who told them they have to hold their ceasefire until Bound for Glory. This feud’s a long one.

- Open Challenge: Still not sure what they’re doing with Eli Drake, who squashed another nobody this week. This time, it was “action-adventurer” Stone Rockwell who was dressed like Indiana Jones. My guess is it will lead to a legit wrestler answering the challenge, but these prolonged comedy squashed aren’t that entertaining and seem to kill the flow of the show.

- Trios: oVe & Sami Callihan defeated the team of Ace Austin, Trey Miguel, and Zachary Wentz. It was a short match but it was non-stop action. Short and sweet if you will. After the match, Callihan said that this thing with Fenix & Pentagon isn’t going to end and if Brian Cage wants to get involved, they won’t forget.

Pros of the Show:

  • Really good Knockouts title match
  • Fun 6-man tag
  • Grado/Joe Hendry story not going to the obvious just yet

Cons of the Show:

  • Johnny Impact getting a title match without any reason
  • Commercials interrupting the post KOs match angle
  • Really, what are they doing with Eli Drake?

When one of the biggest issues was Pop TV messing up commercials after the KOs match, it’s a pretty good episode.

Grade: B

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