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Impact is doing business with David Arquette, and Austin Aries is all for it

In the “we love indie wrestling” spirit of Callis/D’Amore era of Impact, the former TNA regularly partners up with regional promotions for live events and matches they’ll use on their main broadcast, online channels or One Night Only pay-per-view (PPV). This leads to moments where I can write headlines like “James Ellsworth makes Impact debut” despite Ellsworth not signing with Impact.

(In my defense, Jimmy Dream himself was working that appearance like maybe he would sign with Impact. Also, to quote a former TNA great, “sorry, not sorry”.)

Anyway... former WCW champ David Arquette, who’s currently reinventing himself on the independent scene while working on a documentary, will be wrestling on an upcoming Border City Wrestling show Impact is taping for a ONO PPV:

A fan made a joke - maybe poking fun at the TNA of old being like late days WCW, and definitely about Arquette possibly being booked to take current Impact World champ Austin Aries’ strap the way he once got DDP’s. A-Double was either browsing replies to his employer’s official Twitter account or vanity searching, and used the opening to publicly support the Ready To Rumble star. And maybe even tease an alliance?

Aries, Kross, Moose and... Arquette? Sure. Why not? He can be the Stephen Amell to their Bullet Club.

What do you say, gang?