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Impact Wrestling results, live blog (Sept. 27, 2018): Tessa Blanchard vs. Faby Apache


Impact Wrestling is back tonight (Sept. 27) from Frontón México in Mexico City, Mexico and will be airing on Pop TV at 8 PM ET. This is your spot for the live updates and to talk about it with your fellow fans.

Tonight, Tessa Blanchard will defend her Knockouts championship against Faby Apache. Also, Johnny Impact teams with Eddie Edwards to take on Moose & Killer Kross, the Desi Hit Squad challenge LAX for the tag team titles, Brian Cage faces Jake Crist, Su Yu and her Undead Maid of Honor go against Allie & Kiera Hogan, and Scarlett Bordeaux makes an announcement.

We’ll be here at 8 EST when Impact starts, so come join us!


Tessa Blanchard (c) vs. Faby Apache for the Knockouts championship

I’m a bit surprised they’re kicking off with this match.

Faby brings out her Reina de Reinas title.

This is an even match between two powerful women.

At one point Tessa hits a Code Breaker from the top rope but Faby kicks out. She’s beside herself that she didn’t get the pin.

However, Faby is soon up and goes for a clothesline and Tessa grabs her arm and reverses it into the Buzzsaw DDT for the 1-2-3.

Tessa def. Faby to retain the KOs title

Tessa cuts a promo after the match, claiming she’s run through the entire division and now she’s defeated the best in Mexico. That makes her the best in professional wrestling.

She’s interrupted on the video by Taya Valkyrie! She cuts a brief promo in Spanish. She switches to English and challenges her for the title at Bound for Glory.


- Alisha is backstage when Eddie Edwards comes in, with his kendo stick he’s dubbed Kenny. She’s not happy how Eddie tried to take on everyone last week. Johnny Impact comes in and says that they’ll be together tonight, but they’ll need to watch out for Austin Aries.

- oVe cut a camcorder promo, claiming that BFG sold out because of them. He tells the Crists that he is giving them a chance to for the spotlight - it’ll be Jake Crist to face Brian Cage. Jake Crist doesn’t seem to love that and Dave is having himself a laugh.

- Eli Drake cuts a promo out and about Mexico City. Next week, he’s got another open challenge for all the luchadors.

Jake Crist vs. Brian Cage

Sami and Dave are out with Jake.

All power from Cage early. Dave jumps on the apron and Cage knocks him down. However Sami pulled Jake from the corner as Brian went for a shoulder block. Then outside, Sami DDTed him on the floor.

Cage eventually fights back, including a 619 to Jake.

A series of kicks to the face by Jake actually got Cage down and Jake a 2 count. He then hits a top rope cutter and ONLY gets a 1 count. Now the Machine is angry.

Drill Claw 1-2-3.

Cage def. Jake Crist

Immediately the rest of oVe attacks him. The lights go out... when they come back on Dave Crist is missing except for his hat. The video plays and the Lucha Bros have him tied up and are beating him with kendo sticks. Cero Miedo.

After they watch the video, Jake and Sami get a double clothesline from Cage out of the ring... and then a top con giro!


- McKenzie Mitchell interviews Aries & crew. Aries mocks Texano for losing last week, claiming he takes care of business. He then talks up his boys taking care of business tonight. Moose tells Eddie to bring his kendo stick. Kross tells Johnny that everything he touches he corrupts and he’s not going to let that happen because they have very big plans for the place. Tonight, he’s going to make him Johnny Neck Brace.

- GWN match of LAX vs. AJ Styles & Christopher Daniels

- Grado & Joe Hendry are backstage. Katarina rolls in and tries to tell Grado she’s missed him. They give her a couple bars of “Access Denied.” She says she has a gift for them... a big dude in a clown mask! Murder Clown! Joe has to face Murder Clown next week!

- One Rolando Martinez interviews Scarlett Bordeaux outside. She talks up getting her own show the first night. Guiding Fallah Bahh almost to a championship. Tonight, she’s issuing a global talent search to put her energies in.


Desi Hit Squad vs. LAX

Gama Singh introduces his team.

Konnan out there too. Is he and Gama going to mix it up?

Apparently this isn’t a tag title match. Which makes sense since DHS really hasn’t earned one.

DHS are doing a good job isolating Ortiz.

Santana finally makes the tag and comes in hot with some chops to Gursinder. He delivers a suicide dive to Raju. Both members of LAX in the ring double teaming Singh until Rohit rolls them into each other to break the count.

Now the DHS are double teaming Santana and a sweep/lung blower combo gets them a nearfall. After another attempted pin, now Ortiz has to push a man into the pinfall to break it up.

In the end, its the Street Sweep for the LAX win.

LAX def. the Desi Hit Squad

OGz pop up on the video tron with the King talking some trash. He talks about what he’s going to Konnan at BFG. He produces an old wrestling advert from Mexico City that has a very young Konnan. That was when he was big but no more. He talks about the mask Konnan lost and says then he started leaching off people - Eddie, Rey Mysterio. He’s still doing it. Then he lights Konnan’s old mask on fire.


- We see Fallah Bahh reading a story to KM, who’s asleep in a neck brace. He sings a lullabye (of course only using the words “Fallah” and “Bahh.”) KM wakes up and thanks him for looking after him. He tells him that he needs to get revenge for what was done to them.

- Backstage promo from Tessa. She says when she showed up in Impact, Taya disappeared. She accepts the title challenge.

Kiera Hogan & Allie vs. Su Yung and the Undead Maid of Honor

No other bridesmaids out with Su and the UMOH.

Babyfaces have the advantage early on.

Soon Allie finds herself in trouble. She almost makes the tag but the UMOH pulls Kiera off the apron. Allie turns into the palm strike. 2 count.

Su goes for the Panic Switch but Allie fights out. Double boot. Double clothesline. Both women down.

Su is up and tries to knock Kiera off the apron prior to Allie making the tag. Hogan blocks Su and delivers a strike and then tags in.

Kiera on fire. Goes for a big DDT but UMOH knocks her down. Allie in and both her and Kiera deal a kick to the Maid of Honor. Su locks the mandible claw in but Allie superkicks her. Kiera with a swinging neckbreaker into a pin on Su. 1-2-3.

Kiera & Allie win


- We see Matt Sydal, with his third eye, meditating. Rich Swann interrupts it. Swann wants a match. He tells Matt to be ready next week.

Johnny Impact & Eddie Edwards vs. Killer Kross & Moose

Austin Aries obviously out with his guys.

The babyfaces do well for a bit, but Eddie Edwards soon finds himself isolated from his partner.

Moose puts his hands in his trunks, rubs it on his junk, and goes to chop Eddie. Eddie avoids the chop but soon gets a big drop kick from Moose. Kross soon in, swinging Eddie and then a Cloverleaf. Eddie makes the ropes.

Johnny finally gets the tag and comes in hot.

Outside, Kross tries to toss Johnny into the barricade but Johnny jumps up the wall into the crowd. He jumps back down and delivers a Moonlight Drive.

Back in the ring, Johnny assists Eddie with a Blue Thunder Bomb on Moose, but the big man kicks out.

Austin Aries in the ring when all of the guys are down. He wants to hit Johnny with the belt. But Johnny grabs it and hits him instead. While he’s posing with it, Kross delivers the Doomsday Saito. Eddie in with the kendo stick to Kross when the ref is disposing of the title. But it’s Moose with the spear to Eddie that gets the 1-2-3.

Kross & Moose win


That’s the show, folks. Thanks for watching with us!