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Impact Wrestling preview (Sept. 27, 2018): Building Bound for Glory


Impact Wrestling returns tonight (Sept. 27) from Frontón México in Mexico City, Mexico. It is the second episode from the most recent set of tapings.

Here is what is advertised for tonight:

  • Johnny Impact & Eddie Edwards vs. Moose & Killer Kross
  • Tessa Blanchard (c) vs. Faby Apache for the Knockouts championship
  • LAX (c) vs. the Desi Hit Squad for the Impact tag championships
  • Allie & Kiera Hogan vs. Su Yung & the Undead Maid of Honor
  • Brian Cage vs. Jake Crist
  • Scarlett Bordeaux makes an announcement

As per usual, here are our five questions about Impact tonight:

1) Will this be Moose and Kross’ first loss as Aries’ henchmen?

Being a henchman for the world champ has its ups and its down.

They get to be around the champion all the time and therefore, the spotlight shines bright on them. That’s primo exposure. It also means working against the top talents in the promotion since those are the talents who are working with the champ.

But it also means losing to those who plan to challenge the champ for the title. In fact, the men in this position seem to lose often. It’s how booking works. To build up a title contender, beating the big henchman of the champion is a common way to go about it.

To this point, Killer Kross and Moose have avoided that fate. Since aligning with Impact champion Austin Aries, they haven’t taken any losses. That being said, they really haven’t had any matches. That ends tonight.

Kross and Moose team up to face #1 contender Johnny Impact and Eddie Edwards (who will face Moose at Bound for Glory). Will this be the big win for the babyfaces prior to their Bound for Glory challenge? Possibly. Killer Kross doesn’t have an advertised match at BFG so he’d make the most sense taking a pinfall loss. But it’s not definite. With Austin Aries lurking on the outside, he can insert himself to help his charges adding to the idea that as a trio, Aries and Co. are unstoppable.

2) What are Allie and Su Yung doing at Bound for Glory?

Allie and Su Yung have been feuding since prior to the Redemption pay-per-view back in April. Su had a detour to face Madison Rayne. For a bit of time, Tessa Blanchard has been involved, but she’s since moved on. Now it’s back to Allie, with Kiera Hogan at her side, feuding with Su and her minions.

After six months, it’s time to bring this to a close. Bound for Glory seems like the place to do it. But how?

They’ve met up so often, what could make it feel special? The title won’t be involved since Tessa currently holds that. They’ve already had a casket match. Perhaps some sort of hardcore match or a stipulation that permanently changes their relationship. Whatever it is, it should have an air of finality to it.

3) Who’s Tessa’s next title challenger?

OK, the answer right now is obviously Faby Apache since the former Reina de Reinas champion is challenger for that title in less than 12 hours. But she’s likely not going to be Blanchard’s Bound for Glory dance partner. With the Impact roster so thin when it comes to the women, that doesn’t leave many options.

Katarina is a single’s competitor but not presented as a serious challenger for the title. Alisha Edwards hasn’t showed herself as someone we can believe can dethrone Tessa.

One person we haven’t heard from in a long while is Taya Valkyrie. That’s possibly because there are issues with her traveling into Canada. But there are no issues with her going to Mexico or the United States, where Bound for Glory and the subsequent tapings are being held.

There is one other woman on the roster to think about...

4) When will Scarlett Bordeaux wrestle?

Scarlett Bordeaux has an announcement tonight. Can it have to do with actually getting into the squared circle?

Since arriving, Scarlett has been relegated to comedy segments and motivating KM & Fallah Bahh. It’s time to see her actually wrestle a match.

If she does have an announcement about wrestling, perhaps she is going to throw her name into the hat for Knockouts title challengers. Never having wrestled a match in this promotion, I’d be surprised if she gets a title match so quickly. However, she’s already showed that she is able to use her feminine wiles to manipulate Impact management, so it’s definitely not out of the realm of possibility.

5) When will the Desi Hit Squad have enough of Gama Singh?

Gama Singh sucks.

The manager of Rohit Raju and Gursinder Singh, known as the Desi Hit Squad, is a mean, mean dude. His motivational methods are pretty much beating the hell out of them until they succeed. It has mixed results at best.

The Desi Hit Squad are likely not defeating LAX to win those titles tonight, meaning more of that tough love is coming their way. Will they get to a point where they snap and cut ways with the old man?

Impact Wrestling returns tonights at 8 ET on Pop TV. Who’s watching?