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Impact Wrestling Ratings (Sept. 20, 2018): Numbers down for Mexico show

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Impact Wrestling’s Instagram

Impact’s numbers have been steadily improving of late, but this week’s episode (Sept. 20) ran into an unstoppable juggernaught - the Cleveland Browns.

Viewership remained above where it was in mid-August, hitting 229,000. That’s down 29K from Sept. 13’s number. The rating among the coveted 18 - 49-year-old demographic fell to .05.

The end of Cleveland’s years long losing streak made this a good week for NFL Network, whose audience rose by roughly 1.5 million people over last Thursday’s game. Is that what cost Impact, or was the demand not there for a main event (Austin Aries vs. Texano) that was perhaps more targeted to Mexico City live audience than Pop TV’s U.S. one?

We’ll see how they do next week when their second show from Mexico goes against a match-up of playoff teams when the Los Angeles Rams face the Minnesota Vikings.

The numbers from the last month:

  • This week: 229K / 0.05
  • Sept. 13: 258K / 0.07
  • Sept. 6: 236K / 0.05
  • Aug. 30: 225K / 0.07
  • Aug 23: 212K / 0.05

You can find a live blog of this week’s show here.

Source: Showbuzz Daily