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Impact Wrestling results, review, & video (Sept. 13, 2018): Impromptu


Impact Wrestling returned last night (Sept. 13) from the Rebel Entertainment Complex in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. You can find the results in the live blog here.

World title match

We had an impromptu world title match this week!

While Austin Aries and his henchmen Moose & Killer Kross were yucking it up to start the show, they were curiously interrupted by KM and Fallah Bahh. Fired up by Scarlett Bordeaux last week, KM was running down Aries and Moose. But the champ never lost his cool and instead of watching his guys brawl these two, he offered Fallah Bahh a title shot.

A bit surprisingly, he didn’t have any grand scheme for the main event. He just wanted to show off how good he was to the two guys mouthing off to him.

And Austin Aries is one of the best.

I know there are probably plenty who don’t share my opinion, but I think when it comes to work between the ropes, Austin Aries is still one of the best today. He’s fluid in the ring but doesn’t seem to be flashy for flash’s sake. His offense seems to hit hard. It’s spectacular with a sense of realistic.

In this match, despite giving up size (but not height), he never seemed to be in real jeopardy. He outsmarted Fallah when he couldn’t out-power him. He got Bahh to waste his cardio reserves early knowing how much better his stamina is. He’d poke the eye when necessary. He worked a leg so he could ground the big man and have a target to aim for when he got in trouble.

Despite both Kross & Moose being outside the ring, he didn’t need them. They stood up when it looked like Fallah might hit the Bonzai Drop, but Aries rose to his feet and attacked Bahh’s leg so quickly that it’s easy to argue they didn’t have an effect.

And that was the way to go. Fallah Bahh may have size on Aries, but we shouldn’t be made to believe Aries needed help to beat him. Aries is the champion. Fallah is a midcard tag act. This match helped Bahh a bit but more importantly it made their champ look strong.

It was after the match Aries and his boys did their heeling.

Aries immediately tossed the referee out of the ring and locked in the Last Chancery, the submission that he defeated his opponent with to win the match. KM tried to get in there to help his partner but he instead paid a dear price. Much like Eddie Edwards and Johnny Impact weeks prior, he was attacked, a chair placed around his neck, and Killer Kross hit that chair with another.

This was why Aries suggested this match in the first place: To prove he is the top guy and to show how devastating he and his boys are. He talks about running over Impact and right now, there’s nothing to show us he’s wrong.

They’re a good heel trio who are easy to dislike with actions like these. I look forward to guys like Eddie and Johnny returning to finally knock these three down a peg.

Super Lucha Bros

The Lucha Bros (Pentagon Jr. & Fenix) defeated the Cult of Lee this week.

Both of these teams are very good so the match also was very good. Penta & Fenix don’t need to match to be a team gear wise, given they’re an established team and brothers. But this week, Fenix went the extra mile. He had a mask themed to Pentagon’s gear and had the makeup around his mouth as well. It was a really cool look.

The ending was a great sequence that led to Pentagon delivering the Fear Factor piledriver to Trevor Lee while Fenix stomped on him. Then, as Pentagon went for the pin, Fenix made sure Caleb Konley, who was outside the ring, wouldn’t be a problem by means of suicide dive.

After the match, oVe popped up on the video tron and issued a challenge for Bound for Glory: oVe vs. the Lucha Bros and Brian Cage.

That will surely be a good match, but I do have issue with the transition from Pentagon vs. Sami at Slammiversary to oVe vs. Lucha Bros & Brian Cage three months later. There wasn’t enough story to fill that time and because of that, it has seemed to drag, especially given point a and point b aren’t too far apart. There wasn’t enough character change or twists & turns to make this transition exciting. The matches have been strong but the story has been stagnant.

There’s still another month to raise the stakes and make the journey between PPVs worth it. But it’s likely that while both PPV matches will be good, the path between the two won’t have enough substance.

Access Denied

Joe Hendry unveiled a new video this week. And much like last week, it was very entertaining. He seems to have found his groove on Impact with these tunes.

This one was for Katarina, and he and Grado introduced it during her match with Alisha Edwards. It was called Access Denied and it was Hendry’s official rejection of Katarina. It even referenced her WWE days as Katie Lee Burchill.

This distracted Katarina, who was quickly rolled up by Alisha, taking a loss as well. Tough week.

This week, it felt warranted. Katarina wasn’t just interested in her boyfriend’s best friend, which is something we may have been able to sympathize with in some degree. She was downright nasty to Grado before dropping that bomb on him. Joe and Grado trying to get a measure of revenge made sense.

However, if this is something they continually do, it will soon feel cruel. They’ll have to either make this a quick thing or make sure that Katarina keeps acting in a way that make her seem cruel enough to deserve it.

New Tag Team

Hey, we saw a new tag team!

These were two guys (Channing Decker & Trent GIbson) going by “The Fraternity,” and they were talented. This wasn’t just a squash. It wasn’t a long match, but it was enough for the fans to think “Hey, this new team is one that could do something here.” Decker (no relation but I’m just as athletic) hit a sick cutter vaulting over to the top rope onto the raised ramp.

They took the loss, but I hope they stick around. There aren’t enough tag teams and these two acquitted themselves well.

After LAX took the win, the OGz came out. King prodded the trio, trying to get them to attack, knowing they were under a ceasefire and couldn’t. Konnan had to hold his boys back. That was until King told him he wished the kid he ran over with the car wasn’t still breathing. Suddenly, Santana and Ortiz were holding Konnan back.

This story, even more so than the oVe/Lucha Bros one, has not done enough between the two PPVs to make me too excited for the rematch. (And in this case, it’s almost the same match that they had at Slammiversary.) However, King is really a POS and in that sense, I do look forward to seeing him get his ass kicked.

Hoss Fight

Brian Cage defeated Kongo Kong this week.

Kong is a good opponent for Cage. Cage can show off both his power and his quickness in a way he can’t against a lighterweight individual. Kong is athletic enough in his own right so these guys mesh up well.

(Though I still can’t get over the fact that Kong’s feud with Johnny Impact ended with Kongo falling into a pool.)

After this match, Brian Cage officially accepted the challenge from oVe. Looks like the X Division title won’t be defended at their biggest PPV. It’s not necessarily a bad thing, but it’s a bit disappointing given it’s a pretty classic title for the promotion.


Johnny Impact did a Skype interview with Josh Mathews this week to follow up from his attack last week.

It was short and sweet. He said as the years go on, these injuries become more frustrating, but he’ll be at Bound for Glory. He made the observation that Aries surrounding himself with two big men is a sign of insecurity.

This represented the story but kept Johnny out of the arena to sell the injury.

Pros of the Show:

  • Austin Aries is very good
  • The new tag team was impressive
  • New Joe Hendry video

Cons of the Show:

  • Some of these stories on the way to BFG are dragging

Most of what they did this week was good. It was a very solid outing. My biggest issue now isn’t a specific individual episode thing but an overall problem. Given two of the three announced matches at Bound for Glory are modifications from ones at Slammiversary, not enough has been done to make those stories exciting as they work their way from one to another.

Grade: B

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