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Impact Wrestling results, live blog (Sept. 13, 2018): Lucha Bros vs. Cult of Lee


Impact Wrestling is back tonight (Sept. 13) from the Rebel Complex in Toronto, Ontario, Canada and will be airing on Pop TV at 8 PM ET. This is your spot for the live updates and to talk about it with your fellow fans.

Tonight, the Lucha Brothers are back in action against the Cult of Lee. Also, we get an update on Johnny Impact’s condition, Kongo Kong faces Brian Cage, Joe Hendry & Grado have a surprise for Katarina, & LAX is in action.

We’ll be here at 8 EST when Impact starts, so come join us!


Austin Aries opener

Austin Aries, Moose, and Killer Kross open things up. They make their way to the ring, which has two gold couches/love seats and a table between them.

A Double says everyone that’s stepped up to this threesome has been put down. So we’re not going to see Johnny Impact or Eddie Edwards for a long time.

Moose says being a good friend, he should go check on Eddie’s wife. Maybe bring her some champagne.

They are suddenly interrupted by Fallah Bahh and KM.

Aries assumes they’re there to join the party. Austin says maybe if Fallah Bahh ate a banana, he wouldn’t be so fat. Then he recalled that “Oh it’s 2018. We can’t fat shame.”

KM says A Double calls himself the Greatest Man Who Ever Lived, but he’s calling him a liar. He’s a bad human being and a horrendous world champion. KM tells Moose that he and Fallah have each others back because they’re friends, unlike Moose. He agrees with the fans in calling him “Douche” instead of Moose.

Kross and Moose step to Bahh and KM. Aries tries to defuse things, telling the tag team he owes them an apology. He has a peace offering for them. He asks Bahh if he’d like a shot at the Impact world title here tonight. Aries extends his hand to shake on the deal... and Bahh does.

Looks like there’s a title match tonight.


Lucha Bros vs. Cult of Lee

Fenix is wearing the Pentagon face pace around his mouth as well. It’s a cool look.

Lucha Bros look very good early on. But eventually, Fenix gets isolated and the Cult take over.

Fenix finally makes some space by hitting a double springboard cutter and tags in his brother. Pentagon comes out with some kicks. Fenix sticks around for the Lucha Bros to employ some creative double teams.

This match quickly turns around. Trevor stomps Fenix who was on the shoulders of Konley. He goes for the pin and Pentagon has to break it up.

Pentagon superkicks Konley off the apron. Soon, he’s got Lee in position for the Fear Factor and Fenix comes off the top rope and stomps Lee as Pentagon delivers the move. He gets the pin as Fenix suicide dives Konley outside.

Lucha Bros. def. the Cult of Lee

After the match, oVe and Sami Callihan are on the big screen. Sami says they are the best trio walking the planet. He issues a Bound for Glory challenge - oVe vs. the Lucha Bros and Brian Cage. Cage had to put his nose in their business and they hold grudges.


- KM and Fallah are backstage. Bahh is showing major apprehension while KM is very excited for this. KM says they need help from someone who’s been there before. They look backstage for Eli Drake, looking for advice. Eli Drake throws some insults at Bahh and talks about calling out a bunch of Dummies next week. He doesn’t help at all.

- GWN moment when the Von Erichs were at Slammiversary a few years back. Man, that crowd was hot for them.

- Alicia Atout interviews Allie & Kiera Hogan about last week. Allie makes it known she doesn’t like Tessa Blanchard, despite helping her last week. She was just keeping her promise regarding preventing Su Yung from stuffing more people into coffins, and that includes spoiled brats like Tessa. She’s going to make sure Su’s reign of terror comes to an end.

- Alicia interviews Tessa Blanchard. She takes exception to the idea that Allie “saved her” last week. She didn’t need her help and she still sees right through her.


Alisha Edwards vs. Katarina

Josh used “Edwards” when referring to her, but the graphic and announcer just called her “Alisha.”

Before the match starts, Grado & Joe Hendry come out. Grado is wearing a ridiculous tracksuit with a fanny pack. Grado is too upset to speak. Joe takes the mic and says that Grado isn’t even eating after what happened. He tells her that he didn’t give her the proper response last week so he made a video for her.

He unveils a song called “Access Denied” and it also asks what she did with her pirate brother in a reference to her Katie Lee Burchill days.

During all this, Alisha rolls up Katarina for the win.

Alisha def. Katarina

Grado gets an “Access denied” chant going before they leave.


- Backstage, KM is still trying to get through to Fallah how big this is. Scarlett Bordeaux appears on the nearby couch. She’s proud of what they’re doing. She loves a man with gold around their waist.

Josh Mathews interviews Johnny Impact

This was taped earlier in the day via Skype.

Johnny talks about how injuries get more frustrating the longer you’re in the business. And that’s how he’s looking at these injuries to his neck.

He says he’d be stupid to stupid to ignore Killer Kross and Moose coming into the title match. However, it’s revealing that the champ has surrounded himself with goons. It means he’s insecure coming into their title match.


The Fraternity (Channing Decker and Trent Gibson) vs. LAX

These Frat dudes supposedly have a combined SAT score of 4000.

Ortiz goes off on one of the guys with a flip-flop.

This isn’t a complete squash. The fraternity get some offense in.

Soon, Santana is in control, going after both of them. But Decker flies over the ropes to take out Ortiz with a cutter! Gibson gets Santana in the electric chair. It looked like Channing was going to run and vault the ropes at him, but Ortiz catches him and chokeslams him.

They throw one of the Frat guys into the other. Then Decker is up for the Street Sweeper and the 1-2-3.

LAX def. the Fraternity

The OGz make their way out after the match. King eggs them on, knowing there’s a ceasefire. The OGz surround LAX and Konnan holds his boys back, knowing they can’t fight. King says he regrets one thing that the little kid he hit with the car is still alive. Now Santana and Ortiz are holding back Konnan.


- Alicia interviews Austin Aries, Moose, and Kross. She asks the champ why he issued the challenge. He says he’s feeling generous tonight. But the result will be the same as all the other championship matches. He claims the way the three of them are going, there may not be a Bound for Glory at all.

- Fallah Bahh looks like he’s finally hyped up for tonight. Rich Swann comes and tells Bahh that tonight is his night. Swann walks off and runs into Matt Sydal, who tells him that he’s foolish for thinking he can help Bahh when he can’t even help himself. Swann suggests a whoopin’ in Mexico.

- Impact is in Mexico next week and we’ll learn then who the next Impact Hall of Fame member is.


Kongo Kong vs. Brian Cage

Cage getting manhandled a bit here.

Very back and forth affair that Cage finally puts away with an F5.

Cage def. Kong

Cage grabs the microphone. He says oVe has some balls for calling him out. And he’ll be there to decimate everyone of them.


- Grado and Hendry wish Bahh good luck. Seems like much of the locker room is hyped up for him.

Fallah Bahh vs. Austin Aries (c) for the world title

KM is in Fallah’s corner while Aries has Killer Kross & Moose.

Early one, Aries realizes he can’t deal with the size so he wears out Fallah’s cardio instead.

Aries tries some chops, which angers Bahh, who unloads rapid fire chops on the champ. Aries attempts to roll out but Bahh catches him and pulls him back in the ring. He sets him up for a Samoa Drop but Aries rakes the eyes and then chop blocks Fallah’s left leg.

Austin goes to work on that leg.

A Double attempts the brainbuster but can’t given three tries. On the third, Fallah reverses it into a suplex. The challenger hits a Samoan Drop but Aries kicks out.

Fallah climbs to the rip for the Bonzai Drop but Aries targets the leg from earlier.

Bahh delivers a big belly to belly and then goes the steamroller.... but Aries catches him in the Last Chancery! Bahh gets his foot to the rope.

He’s going for the brainbuster again but Fallah breaks out... Aries with a thumb to the eye! But when he charges him in the corner, Bahh gets the foot up. Flying crossbody! Kicks out at 2!

Bahh with a splash in the corner. Aries down and Bahh going for the Bonzai Drop... Moose and Kross stand up as Aries hits the bad leg again.

Aries climbs the rope and hits a big sunset powerbomb. Then the Last Chancery! Fallah taps!

Aries def. Bahh to retain his title

Right after the match, Aries tosses the ref out of the ring and puts the Chancery on again. KM in but Kross hits the Saito and he’s down too. Now Moose is in with a spear to KM! KM gets the chair around his neck and Kross has the other chair... and he nails the chair around the neck putting KM down.


That’s the show, folks. Thanks for watching with us!