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Impact Wrestling preview (Sept. 13, 2018): Change things up


Impact Wrestling returns tonight (Sept. 14) from the Rebel Complex in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. It is the fourth episode from the most recent set of tapings.

Here’s what’s advertised:

  • An update on Johnny Impact
  • Kongo Kong vs. Brian Cage
  • Lucha Brothers vs. the Cult of Lee
  • Will the OGz and LAX honor the ceasefire?
  • Joe Hendry and Grado have a surprise for Katarina

As per usual, here are our give questions about Impact tonight:

1) Is the main event of Bound for Glory set?

Last week, Johnny Impact informed Austin Aries that at the next pay-per-view (PPV), Bound for Glory, he’ll be challenging Aries for the world title. The company has confirmed that on their social media.

After dropping the news on the champ, Johnny Impact took a significant beating from Austin Aries and his two heavies Killer Kross & and Moose. This was the same type of attack that Aries’ trio unleashed on Eddie Edwards two weeks back.

Will Eddie be added into that title match? He has a pretty good claim to the title given Killer Kross is a big reason he didn’t defeat Aries in their title match weeks back. But it’s also possible that Eddie feuds one on one with Moose and it will just be Johnny vs. Aries.

The company should consider altering the main event a couple times before it’s fully set, even if the final result is the very match they’re advertising now. It was odd that they just announced Johnny Impact as the challenger without any build. That leaves a lot of work for the promotion to do to make us want to see that match. Shaking up the main event a couple times before it’s officially final would be a good way to keep fans on their toes, and it would be part of a story instead of just announcing a random match.

2) What happened to Johnny’s feud with Kongo Kong?

Prior to all of this, Johnny Impact had a legit feud with Kongo Kong. In fact, Johnny missed months of time due to an injury that Kong inflicted upon him.

When Johnny finally came back at Slammiversary, he made it known that he was going to get his revenge prior to throwing his hat into the world title scene. He had a match with Jimmy Jacobs that ended in a quick disqualification when Kongo Kong attacked the Mayor of Slamtown. While Johnny stood tall after the ensuing brawl, it wasn’t him picking up a win over the monster.

Then Johnny and Kongo had an altercation by a pool where Kong ended up falling in. It was silly.

Was that it? Was getting pushed into a pool really the finish of the feud? After Johnny vowed revenge for the time missed, he’s fine with “Oh, he got wet” as putting it to bed?

With Kong fighting Cage tonight and Johnny Impact in the title scene, it sure looks like it.

3) Is the women’s title scene going to be the same four women for awhile?

The women’s title picture has had Allie (with Kiera Hogan at her side), former champion Su Yung, and current champ Tessa Blanchard for a little while now. And it looks to be continuing that way.

Last week, Tessa Blanchard successfully defended her title against Su in a very good match. However, she was then distracted by Su’s undead bridesmaids and attacked by Yung. The former champion put Tessa in a coffin, but before she closed the lid, Allie and Kiera Hogan (who are no friends to Blanchard) made the save.

It looks like these four women are going to continue to tell this story and that’s great. It’s a good story and these are talented women.

But they really seem to be running with just four women when it comes to their Knockouts stories. There’s also Scarlett Bordeaux, who is currently just doing backstage comedy bits. And there’s Katarina, who is still part of the story with Grado & Joe Hendry. Hopefully they move those women into bigger Knockouts stories or introduce some more women because running with just four Knockouts will tire out the stories eventually.

4) Where is the Eli Drake open challenge leading?

The last two weeks, Eli Drake had a series of matches with a couple nobodies, picking up some squash wins.

This has to be leading somewhere. The biggest likelihood is Drake keeps with an open challenge until someone legit takes him up on the offer. Who that could be remains to be seen.

5) Will Pentagon Jr. ever get his championship rematch?

Back at Redemption, Pentagon Jr. defeated Austin Aries to claim the world title. He ended up losing it back during the next set of tapings.

Never getting his rematch, he transitioned to a feud with Sami Callihan. That’s still happening. In fact, it looks like Pentagon and his brother Fenix will be teaming with Brian Cage to deal with Sami and oVe further. With Aries tied up with Johnny Impact until Bound for Glory, Pentagon will have to wait until at least the end of the year. With words that he may be headed to WWE/NXT at one point, perhaps we’ll never see him get his rematch.

Impact Wrestling returns tonight at 8 ET on Pop TV. Who’s watching?