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Impact wants you to know they know Chris Jericho

There’s probably nothing to this.

Impact Wrestling has joined Chris Jericho’s Rock ‘n’ Wrestling Rager at Sea cruise this October. As business partners, they should be promoting each other in creative ways. It’s also a smart move for Impact Wrestling to play into speculation Y2J could be headed to their show - especially when their audience hands it to them on a platter by chanting for him at a taping.

That’s exactly what the folks in Ontario did for the ReDefined episode which aired earlier tonight (Aug. 30). And not only did on-screen color commentator, backstage co-executive vice president and real life “Friend of Jericho” Don Callis tease calling the IWGP Intercontinental Champ, but Impact’s official Twitter sent out a message, and even tagged the man himself...

It got Wrestling Twitter buzzing. It got sites like ours to talk about it. Done and done. That’s it... right?

Like I said above, probably.

But with Jericho openly considering the possibility of working for a North American company other than WWE, and relishing his role as a trailblazer who’s opening doors & creating more opportunities for wrestling’s next generation, who can say with 100% certainty there’s no fire behind this smoke?

There seems like a non-zero chance Chris Jericho could show up on Impact sometime in the next year or so. And that’s pretty damn interesting to think about.

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