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Impact Wrestling results, live blog (Aug. 30, 2018): Triple threat Knockouts title match!


Impact Wrestling is back tonight (Aug. 30) from the Rebel Complex in Toronto, Ontario, Canada and will be airing on Pop TV at 8 PM ET. This is your spot for the live updates and to talk about it with your fellow fans.

Tonight Su Yung will defend her Knockouts title against both Allie & Tessa Blanchard. Also, Fenix will challenge Brian Cage for the X Division title, Austin Aries teams with Killer Kross to take on Eddie Edwards & Moose, Petey Williams faces Rich Swann, and the Smoke Show with Scarlett Bordeaux will have Grado, Katarina, and Joe Hendry as guests.

We’ll be here at 8 EST when Impact starts, so come join us!


Brian Cage (c) vs. Fenix for the X Division championship

Pentagon walked out with his brother.

The fight spills from the ring to the ramp. Fenix takes charge there with a rolling DDT and a stomp to the back.

Fenix continues hold his own until Cage hits an F5. However, the masked man gets his foot on the rope breaking the count. Fenix fights back and delivers a springboard stomp to the back while Cage is on the apron, knocking him to the floor.

Fenix immediately follows up with a suicide dive... BUT CAGE CATCHES HIM AND DELIVERS A VERTICAL SUPLEX!

After a commercial break, Brian Cage is still in control.

The men have a prolonged at the top of the rope. The champ wins this battle with a top rope power bomb, which also wins him the match.

Cage def. Fenix via pinfall to retain his championship

While Pentagon is checking on his brother, all of oVe run out and attack the Lucha Bros. Cage looks like he’s going to help... but the walks away. He stops at the entrance, turns around, and decides to help! Double clothesline! Drill Claw to Jake Crist! About to deliver another to Sami when Dave Crist pulls Callihan out and hightail it.


Bobo drives in but the garage attendant doesn’t let him in. Scarlett Bordeaux gets out of the car, tells him to “open sesame” and they get in.

GWN moment of the week, which was Drew Galloway’s Impact debut.

Josh Mathews lets us know that Richie, they kid hit by a car last week, is going to be fine. We go to the OGz in the club house. Hernandez seems distraught that the kid got struck last week. King said he had it coming for being there and tells Hernandez not to get soft on him now. The phone rings and King answers it. When he gets off the phone, he tells the OGz not to make a move until he gives them the green light and leaves.

Alicia Atout interviews Tessa Blanchard, asking her if she feels the pressure tonight. She runs down her lineage and says being a Blanchard means taking home the gold.


Eli Drake makes his way to the ring. He cuts a promo on the Cult of Lee, reiterating they’re not friends. He invites the two guys who beat the Cult to the ring: Mr. Atlantis and Brandon Tidwell. They’re hometown guys with people in the audience.

Drake says he’s got a challenge and that’s facing him so who’s going to take that challenge? Atlantis says he will but Eli said that it’ll be Tidwell instead.

Eli Drake vs. Brandon Tidwell

Eli is wrestling in his street clothes.

Gravy Train. 1-2-3.

Drake def. Tidwell

Eli shakes Tidwell’s hand when he’s still laid out. He goes to shake the other guy’s hand... but delivers a Gravy Train to him too.


Alicia interviews Moose & Eddie Edwards. Moose says that Austin Aries made two mistakes: Giving him a concussion and attacking his friend. Eddie tells Moose that he means more to him than his kendo stick.

Allie vs. Tessa Blanchard vs. Su Yung (c) for the Knockouts championship

Kiera Hogan is in Allie corner.

The bridesmaids are at ringside as well. At one point, Allie superkicked Su from the apron and the bridesmaids caught her and put her back up.

Tessa locked in an Indian Death Lock to Allie and Su locks Tessa in an arm submission. Allie makes the ropes they all end up breaking.

Su climbs to the top but Tessa catches her... and press slams her onto all the bridesmaids!

Now it’s just Allie/Tessa. They chain wrestle a bit but no one gets a big advantage before Su is back in. Allie hits Tessa with a superkick and Su locks in the mandible claw. Allie superkicks Tessa and then Su gets her with the claw. Allie drops her with and in the confusion, Tessa rolls up Allie with some tights for the 1-2-3.

Tessa Blanchard wins to become the Knockouts championship

She’s interviewed immediately backstage. She says she exposed Allie for everything she said she was and she took Su’s title, and there’s nothing she can do about it. She is now the measuring stick and if anyone wants to see how tough a diamond really is, be her guest.


Gama Sing is looking around backstage for his boys. He finds them and starts hitting them with a broom. He scolds them, saying they have disgraced their nation and his name.

Alicia interviews Austin Aries and Killer Kross. Aries claims their new alliance has turned everything upside down because no one is safe.

LAX are in the clubhouse. They’re not happy about how things went down last week. Konnan says King broke the G code of no kids and no families. He get a call from someone he calls “sir.” Much like King, he tells his boys not to do anything until he tells them to and leaves. Santana is anxious, wanting to do something now, but Ortiz tells him to chill like Konnan instructed.

The Smoke Show with Scarlett Bordeaux

This week with Grado, Joe Hendry, and Katarina.

Joe Hendry tells Grado they’ve got a match against the Desi Hit Squad next week. Katarina claims she loves Grado and Joe is a good friend. Scarlett whispers something in Grado’s ears and his spills his water, which is pretty much meant to represent his penis. Eventually he runs off and Joe follows. Katarina tells Scarlett to keep her mits to herself and not become between her and her boys.


Petey Williams vs. Rich Swann

Swann playing around with Petey early on.

In the end, the men trade a series of nearfalls with Swann picking up the win with a standing shooting star press.

Swann def. Williams

Post match, he’s interviewed backstage. He says he needs some more victories like that and that can get him a title shot. Matt Sydal interrupts, telling Swann he doesn’t understand what goes along with an X Division championship match. Sydal says only he can help Rich navigate these waters.... they’re interrupted by a screaming Alisha Edwards, who is over a laid out Moose with Kross’ red X mark on him.


Austin Aries & Killer Kross vs. Eddie Edwards and Moose

Eddie is going it alone with Moose attacked backstage.

He’s having trouble hanging in what’s pretty much become a handicapped match.

Eddie able to hit a backpack stunner to Aries but has no one to tag. So instead he prevents Aries from making the tag. He knocks Kross off the apron and then delivers a Blue Thunder Bomb to the champ. Kross breaks up the count.

Aries goes for a brainbuster but Eddie reverses it into one of his own. Aries rolls out out and Eddie nails him with a suicide dive. However Kross hits an overhead toss to Edwards on the floor and then tosses him in the ring.

Aries goes for another brainbuster but again Eddie breaks free. He again knocks Kross off the apron and delivers Tiger Bomb.

Out comes Moose, taped up! He goes to his corner for the tag.

Aries tried to make the tag but Kross wouldn’t do it! Aries is alone! Moose grabs the champ... BUT THEN SPEARS EDDIE! KROSS AND ARIES ARE LOVING IT!

Moose takes off his fake bandage and starts pummeling Edwards! This is clearly an alliance.

This put the chair around the neck of Eddie like they did this week and Moose, the man who saved him from this very move last week, hits the chair with another chair.

Alisha Edwards runs out to check on her husband. She gets in the face of Moose and slaps him. He steps to her but then backs off.

I’m guessing this match was a no contest


That’s the show, folks. Thanks for watching with us!

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