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Impact Wrestling results, live blog (Aug. 2, 2018): Brothers Collide!


Impact Wrestling is back tonight (Aug. 2) from the Rebel Complex in Toronto, Ontario, Canada and will be airing on Pop TV at 8 PM ET. This is your spot for the live updates and to talk about it with your fellow fans.

Tonight the Lucha Bros will face oVe. Also, Austin Aries defends his title against one Dustin Cameron, Allie teams with Kiera Hogan to face Su Yung and her undead maid of honor, and we get the latest from the OGz.

We’ll be here at 8 EST when Impact starts, so come join us!


Su Yung & her undead bridesmaid vs. Kiera Hogan & Allie

With the bridesmaids blocking the ring, Allie and Hogan knock ‘em all down with ease.

Soon after, Allie jumps from the top onto all of the bridesmaids. With all the bridesmaids down, Su Yung finds herself alone with the two good gals until the undead maid of honor makes her way back into the ring and starts working over Kiera Hogan.

Allie finally gets tagged in and things break down a bit. In the end, Su goes for the Panic Switch on Allie but Allie fights out and hits a Code Breaker for the win.

Kiera & Allie win

Immediately after the match, Tessa Blanchard runs down and drops Allie with a hammerlock DDT.


Tessa cuts a backstage interview. She says she sees through Allie - that Allie only wants that Knockouts championship. And she’s using “doing the the right thing” as a veil to get another title match. If Allie thinks that she’s going to get a title shot before her, she’s got another thing coming.

Austin Aries vs. Eddie Edwards next week for the title.

The OGz (w/King) vs. Nathan Smokes & Ray Steele

The OGz have the spray painted tag titles.

It’s a squash, y’all. Homicide with da Gringo Killer. (I don’t know if it’s still called that.)

The OGz win

Post match, King cuts a promo about taking the titles and making them their own.

Santana and Ortiz soon out on the attack as Konnan watches. The young guys clear the ring. It looks like Ortiz is about to use an ax Homicide when security runs out to stop them. They fight the security off but Homicide retreats to the outside. Konnan is the one who pulled the boy back.


Backstage, Santana and Ortiz are pissed that Konnan stopped them. He tells his boys that the OGz wanted them to come out angry. They set up a trap. He knows those two - hell he taught those two. So they’re going to bide their time and do things on their terms.

GWN match of the week. Jushin Liger vs. Petey Williams (with a ponytail!).

oVe and Sami Callihan cut a promo that they’re going to get some revenge tonight.

The Desi Hit Squad (with Gama Singh) vs. KM & Fallah Bahh

Like last time they faced, the Squad had a big problem dealing with Fallah. Meanwhile, KM is on the apron, telling Fallah to “pull his hair,” encouraging him to play dirty.

Fallah tags back in and Gama jumps on the apron. Gursinder takes the moment to chop block, the big man. This allows the DHS to work over Bahh.

KM gets tagged in and takes it to both members of the squad. He lines them up and both KM and Fallah hit the stream roller. KM insists Fallah “poke his eye out”... and he listens.

KM is able to avoid a double team and get a pin when Fallah Bahh distracts the referee. KM tries to tell his partner “this isn’t the time you distract the referee!” and the DHS are able to get the pin on KM.

The Desi Hit Squad def. KM & Fallah Bahh


Anthony Carelli is training his student Dustin Cameron prior to the world championship match.

Alicia Atout interviews Johnny Impact backstage. Johnny says Kongo Kong was making a statement when he threw Impact into those steel steps. Jimmy Jacobs interrupts (without Kong) and starts talking about how he was trying to be a good guy when Johnny just punches him in the face! He tells Jimmy he wants the monster and he’s not going to ask again.

Dustin Cameron w/Anthony Carelli vs. Austin Aries (c) for the Impact World title

Aries isn’t even in attire. He’s wearing a polo shirt and slacks. He’s also eating a banana.

They says Moose suffered a concussion during the title match and he’s out indefinitely.

Aries plays with the guy a bit. Dustin gets a couple hip tosses when Aries decides to end it. He hits a brainbuster but pulls Cameron up prior to the three count. When he goes for another, Carelli throws in the towel, ending the match.

Aries def. Cameron

After the match, Aries locks in the Last Chancery when Carelli runs in and stares down the champ. Austin takes of his shirt and challenges Carelli to fight him. Anthony kicks him in the dick, leaving Aries to scurry out of the ring.

When he’s on the apron, Eddie Edwards comes out with the kendo stick. Aries turns around to get the stick in the gut. He goes for a DDT but Aries fights free and retreats to the back.


Alicia interviews Alisha Edwards backstage. She was about to say she’s going to concentrate on the Knockouts division when Eddie walked up. He says soon things will be different. When she asks if this is about getting the help they need, he tells he’s talking about winning the title next week. She walks off in disgust.

Scarlett Bordeaux interview

Scarlett Bordeaux is interviewed by one Bob Kapoor. He’s very flustered around her (and pretty useless.)

So she interviews herself, asking how it is to be a 10 in a world of 3s and 4s. But that’s just how God made her. She sends Bob to the back before stating she’s here to make wrestling sexy again.


Grado, Joe Hendry, and Katarina are backstage. And Grado is pissed. He finds Eli Drake and tells him his gift from last week sucked. So they’re going to settle it in a wrestling match. Grado and Joe will team up to face Eli. And Eli won’t be able to find a partner because he doesn’t have any friends. Drake quickly grabs a confused Caleb Konley and Trevor Lee and tells them one of them will team with him this week.

Grado and Joe Hendry (with Katarina) vs. Eli Drake & Trevor Lee or Caleb Konley

Before the match, both members of the Cult of Lee attack Grado and Hendry. Looks like both members of the Cult are politicking to be Eli’s partner.

First Lee was on the apron but then Konley got on it, so they’re still working out those kinks. And it’s been all Eli Drake beating up Grado anyway.

Both members of the Cult of Lee pull Hendry off the apron. Katarina gets angry and tries to chase them away. Hendry grabs her. Grado sees Hendry with his arm around his girlfriend and gets distracted. Eli Drake then hits the Gravy Train for the win.

Eli Drake & one of the members of the Cult of Lee def. Grado and Hendry

Grado is a bit miffed post match.


The Desi Hit Squad is backstage, excited about their win. Gama Singh isn’t happy though and slaps them both.

Matt Sydal is backstage, saying the X Division championship chose Brian Cage. And who is he to question the belt? He learned that he doesn’t yet know the full plan of the universe. He now knows he has to open his third eye even wider and question everything.

oVe (with Sami Callihan) vs. the Lucha Bros

Callihan’s arm is in a sling.

Despite the sling, Callihan is able to interfere in different parts of the match.

Fenix finds himself in trouble and both Dave and Jake Crist take turn trying to tear his mask.

Pentagon tries to help at one point, but the Crists tie the backs of their masks together. They’re finally able to get free with help from the ref.

Pentagon gets the cover on Dave Crist after he hits a package piledriver that Fenix stomped on from the top rope.

Lucha Bros def. oVe


That’s the show, folks. Thanks for watching with us!

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