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Impact Wrestling results, live blog (Aug. 16, 2018): A Fight... in the Street!


Impact Wrestling is back tonight (Aug. 16) from the Rebel Complex in Toronto, Ontario, Canada and will be airing on Pop TV at 8 PM ET. This is your spot for the live updates and to talk about it with your fellow fans.

Tonight LAX and the OGz take their fights to the street. Also, we hear from Austin Aries & Killer Kross, Allie faces Su Yung, the Smokeshow with Scarlett Bordeaux debuts, Fenix goes up against Sami Calilhan, Joe Hendry has a rematch with Eli Drake, and Johnny Impact faces Jimmy Jacobs in Jimmy’s Impact in-ring debut.

We’ll be here at 8 EST when Impact starts, so come join us!


Sami Callihan (with oVe) vs. Fenix

Mid match on the outside, Sami spits in his hand, lets it drip back into his mouth, and then chops Fenix’s chest. The crowd chants “That was gross.” They are right.

The crowd really getting on Callihan and oVe, including an “Ohio sucks!” chant.

Fenix is in trouble much of the match. At one point, he jumps to the top turnbuckle and Sami shoves him onto the ramp (which is thankfully for Fenix, not as low.) But when Callihan takes the fight to Fenix on the ramp, the masked man hits a springboard cutter to finally get back in this match.

Later on, Sami spits on the referee when he’s trying to administer a break.

Fenix goes to the top but the Crists grab him as Sami distracts the referees. But out comes Pentagon to even the score. Fenix wins with a modified package piledriver after that chaos.

Fenix def. Callihan


Fenix is interviewed backstage and learns he’s going to face Brian Cage for the X Division title in two weeks. That’s should be good. Cage walks in, raises his title, and then walks off. This show will be called “Redefined” so it’s a special episode.

GWN match - Rob Terry picked up a win over Bobby Roode as part of the British Invasion. Becomes a huge brawl. They probably picked this one because they have the street fight tonight. It’s a long one.

Kiera Hogan and Allie are interviewed by Alicia Atout backstage. Allie says she’s done with distraction, whether it be Tessa Blanchard or the Undead Bridesmaids. Kiera assures Allie she has her back. Allie insists she’ll keep her promise that no one will get stuffed in that coffin and the only way to do that is to finish Su Yung - this is for Madison Rayne, Rosemary, and her own soul.

Jimmy Jacobs vs. Johnny Impact

Jimmy is wearing a tiara. Prior to the match Jacobs cuts a promo claiming Johnny made a mistake when he punched him in the face. Now he gets the monster.

It was all a ruse! Kongo Kong attacks Johnny from behind on his way to the ring. Then a big boot! And a big headbutt! He then tosses Johnny in the ring and Jacobs insists the ref rings the bell. The match is still on!

Jacobs immediately goes for the cover but Johnny kicks out!

Jimmy starts some punches but they’re just firing Johnny up. Kongo back in the ring with a big slam, resulting in the DQ.

Johnny def. Jimmy via DQ

Kongo and Jimmy set up the steel steps, looking to repeat the move that kept Johnny out for months! Kong goes for a powerbomb but Johnny fights out. He goes for a DDT but Kongo just tosses him back in the ring! Johnny tries a springboard DDT and this time it hits (kinda). Jimmy Jacobs tries to hit Johnny in a chair from behind but it’s useless. Jimmy runs but Johnny keeps cutting him off.

Eventually he delivers a bit knee to the face to the Zombie Princess. Then he picks up the ring steps and runs them into Jacobs’ head!


The Smokeshow with Scarlett Bordeaux

We see KM and Fallah Bahh both headed (separately) to see Scarlett but they bump into each other. They both think they have a date with Bordeaux. KM steals the wine and they both run to her. She offers a spot on the couch next to her. KM pushes Fallah aside and takes it. Scarlett tastes the champagne, but then spits it in his face because it’s a cheap drink just for side chicks.

Scarlett asks about their issues as a tag issue and the two men start yelling. Bordeaux suggests KM try things Bahh’s way. Suddenly KM gets angry with the Smokeshow. She puts a finger on his lips. He think she’s going to kiss him but she just tells him to do things her way. Suddenly KM is cool to do things Fallah’s way.

KM leaves. Fallah looks at her and says “Bahh.” She slaps him and tells him, “That’s disgusting!”


Austin Aries & Killer Kross promo

Austin Aries introduces his “new insurance policy” Killer Kross. Kross says that this is a “hurt business” and the only man who understands it is the champ. They are instruments of change in this business. Aries claims anyone who crosses him pays the toll - Anthony Carelli, Eddie Edwards. If we thought Aries was unbeatable before, he’s not unbeatable and unstoppable. Whether it’s Eddie or anyone else who wants to step up to the champ, step up and get crossed out.

As they leave, Edwards walks out twirling his kendo stick. Aries gets back in the ring and up on the turnbuckle with Kross standing in front him. Eddie swings the stick at Kross, delivering multiple shots. Kross catches the stick but Eddie delivers a cutter putting Kross down.

As Aries begs off, Kross grabs Eddie’s leg, Aries hits him, and then Kross puts Eddie to sleep with a choke.

They pose over a downed Edwards.


Backstage, Eddie is ranting to himself about Aries and Kross. Alisha stops him, to check on him. She makes it known that they are not good but she felt she needed to check on him. She told him he’s still crazy, which set him off.

Eli Drake vs. Joe Hendry

Drake has the Cult of Lee in his corner while Hendry has Grado and Katarina.

Hendry has another song about Drake joining the Cult of Lee. It’s pretty catchy.

The Cult of Lee tries to interfere, Grado tries to help, and Eli rolls up Hendry for the win.

Drake def. Hendry

Katarina is angry with Grado for messing this up. Hendry doesn’t seem too happy either.


We see Matt Sydal meditating about his X Division title loss. And then his loss to Pentagon. We see a lot of random images, including a literally third eye opening in his head. Then he opens his eyes. Has he realized something?

Sami Callihan and oVe cut a camcorder promo. Sami says he’s in a terrible mood and it’s all Pentagon Jr’s fault. He issues a challenge next week to Pentagon - Mexican Death Match!

We also will hear from Brian Cage for the first time next week.

Allie (w/Kiera Hogan) vs. Su Yung

When the brides try to get involved when Su is in trouble, Allie knocks two of them off the apron while Kiera takes the other two.

It looks like Allie is in control when Tessa Blanchard comes in and attacks Allie, resulting ina DQ.

Allie def. Su Yung via DQ

Tessa goes for the DDT when Su locks in the mandible claw! Allie superkicks Tessa and then delivers a code breaker to Su, standing tall in the end.


OGz/LAX street fight

This is outside in a parking lot by the water.

Both teams show up with a bunch of extra people as their back up.

King tells Konnan he’ll let him make the rules. He says bosses stay back and the boys rumble.

King sends one of his back up in and Konnan isn’t happy so he sends one of his guys in there.

Hernandez border tosses Santana into a group of people at one point. Then he grabs a rope, wraps it around Ortiz’s neck, and lefts him up on his back. He’s about to use a metal weapon on Ortiz when Santana attacks him with a flap jack (?). He wails on him with it. He finally picks up his tag title and says “It’s over.”

King insists it’s not over but his boys are down. He says that he doesn’t think Konnan is going to have him taken out. He gets in Konnan’s face insisting he doesn’t have the balls to finish him. He gets on his knees and insisting Konnan do it. K-Dawg says “With pleasure, motherf******” and hits him in the face with something as Impact goes off the air.


That’s the show, folks. Thanks for watching with us.

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