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Impact Wrestling spoilers from Aug. 13: Heel turn explained, Bound For Glory build starts

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Impact Wrestling was back at Rebel Entertainment Complex in Ontario (aka “the Toronto Imact Zone”) on Mon., Aug. 13. And we’re here to tell you what went down, Cagesiders (if you missed what happened Sun., those results - including a title change Impact already spoiled themselves - are here).

These results are compiled from a variety of live reports which are subject to a couple levels of interpretation, and final production of the material for airing on television usually changes context, so...

Take these with a grain of salt, is all I’m saying. Still the big matches, winners/losers and story beats are here.

Filmed Aug. 13:

- Matt Sydal def. Josh Alexander (Xplosion)

- The OGz def. The Deaners (Xplosion)

- Austin Aries, Killer Kross and Moose are out for a promo segment. Moose calls Eddie Edwards a fraud because he checked on Eddie while he was hurt, but Kross was the only one who checked on him during his injury. Aries was the person who taught him he’d never be on top if he pandered to the fans. A-Double brags that no one can take the World Title from him with Kross and Moose on his side.

- Johnny Impact comes out, and informs everyone management has given him a shot at Aries’ belt at Bound for Glory. Impact plugs Boone The Bounty Hunter (available now on DVD and streaming!) which angers the champ, who dares him to get in the ring. Johnny taunts him about the size of his banana to get Aries to come meet him on the floor, so he does. Impact gets the better of things at first, but the numbers game catches up to him and he ends up gettig thrown into the ringpost with a chair around his neck. Officials have to run out to stop things and check on Johnny.

- Petey Williams def. Rich Swann, thanks in part to a distraction by Matt Sydall from commentary

- Desi Hit Squad def. Joe Hendry and Grado; Katarina kicked Grado to the curb after he took the pin. She tried to kiss Hendry, who told her he doesn’t like her like that, so she slapped him and left.

- Eli Drake def. Stone Rockwell; this was set-up by a Drake open challenge

- Tessa Blanchard def. Su Yung to retain the Knockouts Title; afterwards, Kiera Hogan and Allie saved the champ from an Undead Bridesmaid coffin-ing, but Tessa told them she doesn’t need friends.

- oVe def. Zachary Wentz, Ace Austin and Trey Miguel; Sami Callihan and the Crists cut a promo on Fenix and Pentagon Jr., afterwards saying it will never be over between them. They vow to take out Brian Cage if he gets involved in their business, too.

- Aries, Kross and Moose are back for an interview. The champ says Edwards and Impact will both be out for a long time. KM and Fallah Bahh are out to rundown the trio, and A-Double ends up offering Bahh a title shot, which he accepts.

- Fenix and Pentagon def. Cult of Lee. oVe appear on the screen afterwards to continue setting up a six-man for BFG, the luchadors and Cage vs. Callihan and the Crists in an “oVe Rules match”.

- Alisha Edwards def. Katarina; Hendry and Grado played a video called “Access Denied” for Katarina which distracted her.

- L.A.X. def. The Fraternity (Trent Dixon and Channing Decker); The OGz appear post-match under a ceasefire between the two sets that has been set up until BFG. King tried to get Santana and Ortiz to attack, but Konnan held them back.

- Brian Cage def. Kongo Kong; afterwards he accepts oVe’s challenge

- Austin Aries def. Fallah Bahh to retain the World title. Killer Kross and Moose distracted during the match and attack after the bell. KM gets the chair/throat treatment.

Another show or two in the books. What do you think?

H/T: Wrestling Inc and WrestleZone

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