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Impact Wrestling results, review, & video (July 5, 2018): Splintered

Impact Wrestling YouTube

Impact Wrestling returned last night (July 5) from St. Clair College in Windsor, Ontario, Canada. You can find the results at the live blog here.

Hot Start

Impact opened with a bang this week.

Rich Swann faced Fenix in a match, and it was wild. Just a ton of athleticism. And Impact gave them plenty of time too. It was a two segment match, so there was no short changing these guys.

After this exciting bout, which Fenix won, Dave and Jake Crist ran to the ring and attacked the victor. (Fenix is Pentagon’s brother, and that’s who Sami Callihan is feuding with.) But then it looked like Pentagon ran down to save his brother... but it wasn’t Pentagon! It was Callihan in his mask!

I’ll admit, I didn’t see this coming until Callihan unmasked. Part of me felt a bit embarrassed that I wasn’t wise to what was an obvious swerve. But most of me is happy I didn’t see it coming because I enjoyed it more that way.

Eventually the real Pentagon ran out to make the save.

This was a great start to the show. The match was fire and the crowd was super hot for this. (This crowd had another great week.) And the match fed right into an angle in a way that made perfect sense. Fenix is Pentagon’s brother. Of course oVe is going to target him.

Excellent stuff all around.

LAX: Wolfpac

The LAX drama finally erupted tonight in the main event angle.

Konnan got King to admit that he was the man who attacked him to take over. (So we’ll never know if he had proof or just knew he could talk enough trash to get Kingston to break.)

King tried to get the tag champs of Santana and Ortiz to follow him, but they gave him the one finger salute and stood behind their original leader. (I was hoping they’d flip him the bird too and go on their own way since Konnan is an asshole too, but it wasn’t meant to be.)

King wasn’t alone in his attempts to oust Konnan. No, he had back up from past members of LAX in Homicide and Hernandez. They laid out Konnan’s trio as the crowd rained boos down on them.

Looks like we’ve got an LAX faction war coming (and probably a tag title match between Santana/Ortiz and Homicide/Hernandez). This has been a long story coming, and it’s been solid. I’m not a huge fan of Konnan as a face, so it doesn’t click 100% for me, but overall, it’s been a well told arc.

The real question is where does Diamante stand in all this?


The main event match (not angle since that went to the LAX drama) was Kongo Kong facing Brian Cage.

It lived up to the spot.

Kongo Kong doesn’t usually do it for me when it comes to his maches. But this one was very fun. It helps that Cage is an athletic freak, but Kong elevated his game to keep up with the Machine.

These men wrestled like they were 100 pounds lighter. Kongo reversed a powerbomb into a Frankensteiner. Cage hit a 619. And right before the finish (an F5 from Cage), the Machine delivered a massive, ring shaking superplex to Kongo Kong.

Cage continues to show he’s a star. And Kongo Kong showed he can hang with the company’s top guy between the ropes.


Killer Kross transitioned from feared backstage attacker to in ring competitor this week. And they did a very good job in maintaining the fear that they built with those attacks.

He defeated the big Fallah Bahh and was presented as a legitimate scary man. Bahh delivered a series of chops, which just angered the big man. Then he gave Fallah the chance to deliver some more shots to fire himself up.

Kross then delivered a Saito Suplex on the oversized man and choked him out.

Using a choke as a finish is a good way to transition from his introduction as sadistic attacker. It’s much more intimidating to know you’re going to finish a match unconscious instead of being pinned or tapping out.

After the match, KM, who was trying to make things up to Fallah Bahh, stopped Kross from attacking the unconscious Fallah but was choked out himself.

Finally Petey Williams ran out with a chair, looking for some revenge. If you recall, he was the last man attacked by Kross when Kross was poising as a security guard. And he was handcuffed during that attack. The Canadian Destroyer used a chair to the back of Kross but even those had little effect. Only a chair tossed in his face stumbled him enough to knock him out of the ring.

This debut was very effective. They kept the aura of danger around Kross even as they transitioned him into the ring. He has a good look, walking to the ring with dark red lighting wearing his sunglasses and leather jacket. And his personality shines when the bell rings. A feud with Petey Williams should help him continue to grow.

Women’s scene

Allie and Madison Rayne teamed up to defeat Su Yung and her undead maid of honor. There was a lot going on. But it didn’t completely click.

Obviously, the other bridesmaids got involved to distract Madison when it looked like she was going to get a win. Su Yung tried to hit the Panic Switch amidst all the confusion, but the referee got incidentally hit in the face a couple times, knocking him down. That’s when Tessa Blanchard ran in to attack Madison. However, Allie chased her off, and Madison was able to pick up the win on the maid of honor.

The sequence of events itself wasn’t really my issue. It makes sense for Tessa Blanchard, who cares only about her legacy, to get revenge on Rayne any time she can. But it just didn’t execute well.

The maid of honor was very robotic in the ring. Perhaps that was intentional because she was trying to play “undead” but it just came off as too mechanical. The sequence when the bridesmaids interfered didn’t flow well, with too many pauses for it to make sense.

And Tessa beat the hell out of Madison with the ref in the corner a couple feet away just looking the other way. I mean the dude should have at least rolled out of the ring to protect himself because he looked like a fool trying not to looking at the interference.

Overall, the story they were telling was fine, but when all the action occurred, there was too many little things that needed to happen for it to really work. Unfortunately, they didn’t.

Aries’ turn

Aries got a video package interview like Moose did last week. And once again, he bodied Moose.

He started with his talking point about how he didn’t have to fail his first career to get into wrestling. Then he said that Moose’s mother will love him no matter what, so she’ll love him when he’s a loser.

Then his best line of it all: He said Moose should hope that the XFL needs a shitty linebacker when he’s done with him.

This was just peak dick Aries, and it worked really well. I’ve had my reservations about this feud but the last two weeks of video packages has done an effective job in building interest. Last week’s video succeeded in letting us know more about Moose and, more importantly, why we should give a damn about him. And this week, we were reminded that A Double is the biggest douche.

Now they need to get into the same ring and Moose really needs to hold his own with Aries and show some fire.

Not There Yet

Katarina picked a win over Rebel.

Rebel has improved from where she was prior, but that’s not hard. She was in one of the worst Impact matches of all time.

The match felt slower than it should, as if it needed to roll at a slower pace for her to keep up. But there is definitely improvement and hopefully, she builds on that.

Backstage afterwards, Katarina told Grado she has a surprise for him. It was new Impact wrestler Joe Hendry, who’s thing is singing about himself. That could be fun.

Pros of the Show:

  • Great opening match into the Pentagon/Callihan angle
  • Really fun Hoss Fight
  • Strong debut from Killer Kross
  • Aries is a great dick

Cons of the Show:

  • The Rebel/Katarina match wasn’t that good
  • The KOs tag match had issues that plagued the story they were trying to tell.

Outside some hiccups in the Knockouts tag match, this was a really good show. They opened the show hot, had a great hoss fight, and then closed with a major angle.

Grade: A-

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