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Impact Wrestling results, live blog (July 5, 2018): Brian Cage vs. Kongo Kong


Impact Wrestling is back tonight (July 5) from St. Clair college in Windsor, Ontario, Canada and will be airing on Pop TV at 8 PM EST. This is your spot for the live updates and to talk about it with your fellow fans.

Tonight, Allie will team with Madison Rayne to take on Su Yung & her undead maid of honor. Also, Kongo Kong will face Brian Cage, Rich Swann wrestles Fenix, Konnan promises evidence of King’s corruption, Killer Kross debuts, and Katarina has her first match back.

We’ll be here at 8 EST when Impact starts, so come join us!


Rich Swann vs. Fenix

Swann has streamers as part of his entrance. I think they were dropped down from the ceiling and not from the crowd, but I’m not entirely sure.

This is match is just off the walls crazy. At one point, Swann reverses a cutter with a handstand.

This crazy match finally ends when Fenix delivers a muscle buster into a Michinoku Driver.

Fenix def. Swann

Right after the match, the Crists attack Fenix looking to take his mask. Pentagon Jr. makes the save,...BUT THEN KICKS HIS BROTHER BELOW THE BELT! PACKAGE PILEDRIVER! WHY, PENTAGON???


They go for Fenix’s mask but Swann makes the save... briefly. The Crists put him down and Callihan spits in his face. He takes off the mask... but here comes the real Pentagon! He delivers a splash to all of oVe on the floor!


Josh Mathews asks Don Callis why they hired Killer Kross. Don says it’s because he has a wrestling background and they scooped him up before anyone could get him. Not buying it, Don.

KM finds Fallah Bahh backstage, trying to apologize. He said he screwed up and he deserved the beating he got from Scott Steiner. But he’s committed the team, and he’s going to prove it tonight.

Allie and Madison Rayne are interviewed by the new backstage reporter. Madison is glad to have someone who walked through the darkness and came out as her partner. Allie said she should have listened to Rosemary. But she knows now she needs both light and darkness inside her. So it looks like she still is carrying some of that darkness.

Fallah Bahh (with KM) vs. Killer Kross

Kross wearing a leather jacket and sunglasses to the ring. He’s got this dark red lightening in his entrance.

Fallah tries a big tackle to start but it doesn’t take Kross down. He delivers a bunch of chops in the corner, but that just seems to anger the newcomer. Kross then gets back in the corner and challenges Bahh to his him more! And it’s just firing him up!

Kross delivers a Saito Suplex to the big man!

Then he chokes him out for the win.

Bahh def. Kross by submission

The ref tried to raise his arm but Kross stared him off and the official just runs.

Post match he beats Bahh more. KM gets in the ring.... but he’s choked out too!



Jimmy Jacobs and Kongo Kong are interviewed backstage about tonight’s match against Brian Cage. Jimmy tries to pain Cage as the bad guy. He claims Cage isn’t a machine. He’s a man. And a man can get hurt. Kongo sniffs the interviewer before leaving.

GWN match - Sting vs. RVD. Very brief this week. Just a minute or so.

Desi Hit Squad are backstage. Gama slaps his charges when they’re celebrating too much. He tells them he’ll take them to the top, but the must be obedient.

They play a video package for a new Knockout coming soon.

Su Yung & her undead maid of honor vs. Allie & Madison Rayne

The rest of the brides are there too.

The faces are in synch early on but the heels take control with Allie the face in peril.

When Rayne finally tags in, it looks like she has the win over the bridesmaid when the other bridesmaids start distracting. Allie clears out the rest of them on the floor but Su tries to deliver the Panic Switch. As she’s spinning Madison, the ref gets knocked.

Madison fights out and hits her finish but the ref isn’t there to count it. While he’s down, Tessa Blanchard runs to the ring and starts laying into Rayne. But Allie fights Tessa off. Madison recovers to deliver Cross Rayne to the bridesmaid for the win.

Allie & Madison win


Santana & Ortiz are int he clubhouse with King. The tag champs are defending Konnan but King is pissed. He says he should have dropped Konnan when he wouldn’t shake his hand. And he wants to see this magical proof. He’s livid.

We see the Gama Singh training the Hit Squad. Gama doesn’t care about their desires for water. He also didn’t care that Rohit Raju’s knee was bothering him, hitting the other knee with a stick. He slaps them when they celebrate something. He’s a dick.

oVe cuts a camcorder promo with Callihan wearing the Pentagon mask. Since Pentagon got involved in their business this week, they issue a challenge to him, Fenix, and Swann for next week.


Aries interview package

Austin Aries gets his video interview package this week. He starts with saying he didn’t get into wrestling when his first career failed like Moose. He calls Moose entitled. He doesn’t want to hear about sacrifice coming from him.

Aries claims Moose comes from a world where someone else comes up with the plan and he just has to execute. But Aries is a thinking man and wrestling is a thinking man’s game.

He says that Moose’s mother loves his son, so she’ll still love him when he’s a loser.

He then said that Moose should hope that the XFL needs a shitty linebacker when they’re done.


Konnan is on the phone, telling someone his proof is rock solid.

Tommy Dreamer is interviewed - looks like it’s right after last week’s beating. Dreamer talks about how he’s had failures but he’s had guys who have helped him up. He says Eddie Edwards has it all and is throwing his career away. He’s pissed that he has to go home all bloodied up and explain to his two daughters why he looks like that. Now he’s obsessed with Eddie because Edwards attacked him in his house at his show.

We then learn it’ll be Eddie Edwards vs. Tommy Dreamer at Slammiversary in a House of Hardcore match.

Next week, DeAngelo Williams will return to Impact to give us an update on Moose.

Rebel vs. Katarina

Grado is Katarina’s corner.

Katarina eventually picks up the win with a urinage into a backbreaker.

Katarina def. Rebel

They are then celebrating backstage. Katarina says she has a surprise for Grado and asks him to close his eyes. Then Joe Hendry comes in singing about himself. Grado is pumped to see him.


Kongo Kong (w/Jimmy Jacobs) vs. Brian Cage

The winner faces Matt Sydal for the X Division title at Slammiversary.

At one point Kongo Kong reverses a powerbomb into a frankensteiner. In another point, Brian Cage delivers a 619. These men are wrestling like they’re 100 pounds lighter.

In the end, Cage hits a MASSIVE superplex and then an F5 to pick up the win.

Cage def. Kongo Kong


Konnan reveals his proof that King betrayed LAX

Konnan comes out alone and calls out King, who comes out with Santana and Ortiz at his side. Interesting.

Konnan tells Kingston that he has helped him out of plenty of trouble and gave him New York... and this is how he repays him? King wants to see the proof.

Konnan claims that the phone calls that King claims he had with K-Dawg coming from the hospital were a lie. King claims it’s his word vs. his.

When K-Dawg calls King a glory hole, King finally snaps and admits to it. He says he’s a man now. Konnan needs to ride off into the sunset before he’s put down like Ol’ Yeller. The tag champs are taken aback and King tries to explain things to them, claiming he’s the future.


King and the old school LAX beat on Konnan and the new school LAX. They lay the flags over them. King grabs the mic and says “When you come at the King, you best not miss. We are LAX. 5150.” The crowd boos this trio.


That’s the show, folks. Thanks for watching with u