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Urinate next to Sami Callihan at your own risk

If you see Sami Callihan and the Crist brothers in the bathroom, find somewhere else to go.

On Impact tonight, Callihan was with Dave and Jake Crist in a public bathroom. The Crists were trying to convince Sami that his new shaved head look is good. Callihan didn’t opt to shave his head. This happened to him because he lost a hair vs. mask match at Slammiversary to Pentagon Jr.

Here’s how he looks now:

It should be noted that the Crists are right. Callihan looks better this way than he did with that long, stringy hair.

But they couldn’t convince him, so to make him feel better, they attacked an innocent man who was just there taking a leak.

First, he urinates on the man, which is enough to ruin this guy’s day. But at least a shower or two will take care of that. But then they shaved the man’s head. And this guy had a long head of hair, ponytail and all. That took years to cultivate. All gone because he chose the wrong bathroom to relieve himself.

He should have just held it.

Full results from Impact tonight can be found here.

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