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Slammiversary XVI live results: Aries vs. Moose, Pentagon Jr. vs. Sami Callihan, more!

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Impact Wrestling hosts their Slammiversary XVI pay-per-view (PPV) tonight (July 22) from the Rebel Complex in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

While it’s not actually the 16th edition of the Slammiversary PPV, it is the 16th of the promotion. Over those 16 years, there were plenty of times the promotion has seemed to be on its last legs but lately, they are showing signs of improvement under the new regime of Don Callis.

The show is headlined by the Impact world title match between champion Austin Aries and challenger Moose. Also veteran Knockout Madison Rayne challenges Su Yung for the Knockouts title and an old faction of LAX consisting of Hernandez and Homicide challenge the new version, and current tag champions, Santana and Ortiz in a street fight. A now villainous Eddie Edwards vows to unleash hell on the Innovator of Violence Tommy Dreamer while Pentagon Jr. puts his mask up against Sami Callihan’s hair.

This show is offered on pay-per-view and Fite TV (it will be on Fite in the UK and Australian and certain other international markets).

We’ll update the results tonight as they happen, and feel free to use this space to discuss all the action with the best pro wrestling community on the internet - before, during and after the show.

- Johnny Impact def. Ishimori, Petey Williams, & Fenix in a fatal 4-way with Starship Pain on Fenix. It was a crazy match and the crowd was super hot for it.

- Tessa Blanchard def. Allie with her hammerlock DDT. Allie looked like she had it won earlier when she hit the Code Breaker, but Blanchard was able to roll outside the ring to avoid the cover.

- Eddie Edwards def. Tommy Dreamer in a House of Hardcore rules match. In a match that saw Eddie stapled in the head, he won with a Boston Knee Party to a chair to Dreamer’s head.

After the match, he wasn’t done. He grabbed a kendo stick but then started crying. He helped Tommy up but Dreamer shoved him away. Tommy offered his hand when Eddie’s wife Alisha came to the ring, demanding he shake Tommy’s hand. Then for some reason, Dreamer handed Eddie the kendo stick... like a passing of the torch? Alisha leaves Eddie alone in the ring.

- Brian Cage def. Matt Sydal (c) to win the X Division championship. Sydal’s feet hit the turnbuckle on the Shooting Star Press and he didn’t land it. Brian Cage followed up with the Drill Claw for the win.

- Su Yung (c) def. Madison Rayne to retain the Knockouts title. Madison had to content with undead bridesmaids jumping on the apron throughout the match. Despite that, it looked like she would going to hit CrossRayne when Su shoved her hand in Rayne’s mouth for the Mandible Claw.

Post match, Su puts Madison in the coffin and the bridesmaids shove the lid closed.

- LAX (Santana & Ortiz) (c) def. OGs (Hernandez & Homicide) in a 5150 Street Fight to retain the tag team championships. Konnan distracted Homicide when Homicide had Ortiz up for a move. When he was jawing with Homicide, Konnan tossed Ortiz a bag of tacks. Ortiz threw them in Homicides face, slammed him into them, and then hit a splash from the top rope for the win.

Afte the match, the OG crew attacked the champs, knocked Konnan out with a flapjack, and spray pained “OG” on the titles.

- Pentagon Jr. vs. Sami Callihan (Mask vs. Hair). This was a violent affair. The men took turns driving spikes into each others head. Sami tossed something in the eyes of Pentagon after Penta was dealing with the Crists. Blinded, Pentagon broke the arm of the referee thinking it was Sami. In the end Pentagon broke Sami’s arm and delivered the Pentagon driver for the win.

The Crists attacked Pentagon before he could shave Callihan’s head. But he superkicked them both. But Fenix and a load of security prevented Sami from leaving. He got his head shaved.

- Austin Aries (c) def. Moose to retain the Impact world title with the brainbuster.

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