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Impact Wrestling results, live blog (July 19, 2018): Final Confrontation


Impact Wrestling is back tonight (July 12) from St. Clair college in Windsor, Ontario, Canada and will be airing on Pop TV at 8 PM ET. This is your spot for the live updates and to talk about it with your fellow fans.

Tonight is the final show prior to Slammiversary. Austin Aries and Moose will have their final confrontation, Killer Kross faces Petey Williams, Sami Callihan is in action, and the debuting Joe Hendry goes against Eli Drake.

We’ll be here at 8 EST when Impact starts, so come join us!


Petey Williams vs. Killer Kross

Right into the action.

Petey tries, showing fight here and there. But pretty much everything he does is ineffective. Williams avoids a corner tackle and Kross hits the ring post, allowing Petey to hit a DDT. But when he goes for the Canadian Destroyer, Kross reverses it into a Saito Suplex and looks to choke him out.

The referee is about to call it but the big man makes him stop, intimidating the official. Then he challenges his opponent to try the Canadian Destroyer and gives himself up allowing Petey the attempt. But Kross just stands up, hits a big Alabama Slam, and chokes out Williams.

Kross def. Williams by submissions

After the match, he drops his calling card on Petey.


Joe Hendry is preparing for his match backstage when Grado and Katarina come to check on him. Joe says he has a “prestigious surprise.” Katarina puts her hand on Joe a few times during this brief segment.

Desi Hit Squad vs. KM & Fallah Bahh

The Hit Squad has trouble against Bahh early on until some sneaky double teaming and a kick to the back of the knee allow the Squad to take control over the big man.

KM tags in and starts cleaning house. Soon he and Bahh hit their tandem rolls over their opponents.

When things are looking bad, Gama Singh jumps on the wrestling to distract the ref. With that opening, Gursinder Singh rolls up Bahh with his feet on the ropes (and Rohit Raju holding said feet) to get the pinfall.

Desi Hit Squad def. KM & Bahh


They play a hype video for the LAX feud.

Eli Drake vs. Joe Hendry

Hendry has Katarina and Grado in his corner. His music is a music video that he sings.

Before the match, Hendry cuts a promo telling Drake that the Prestigious One Joe Hendry is going to express his opinion. Then he plays another music video running down Drake, including skits Drake has on his social media where he does bits in different costumes.

This gets him a stiff punch and a beating from Drake.

In the end, Eli hits a big slam and sets up for the Gravy Train. However, Hendry reverses the Gravy Train into a pin for the 1-2-3.

Hendry def. Drake by pinfall

Katarina and Hendry celebrate post match. Grado is kind of the odd man out.


Andrew Everett vs. Dezmond Xavier (never happens)


He picks up a mic and tells Tommy Dreamer that this Sunday, there’s going to be violence, pain, and blood. A lot of blood. And Dreamer will realize that Eddie is the true innovator of violence.

Then he does snow angels in the ring holding the kendo stick.


Madison Rayne loses her mind

We see Madison Rayne wake up in a room (with her old music initially playing int he background.) There are pictures of her on a dresser and a video of her playing on the TV.

She’s in a funeral home.

She walks up to a coffin that has a picture of her as a child next to it. She opens it... to see herself in there!

Someone comes and checks on her... she turns away and when she turns back around, the man is wearing Su Yung face pain and tells her “Your time has come.”

Madison runs out of the rum, trips and sees a little girl who asks if she knows where he mother is. Suddenly she’s wearing the make up too! Once again, “Your time has come.”

Then Madison wakes up in the field where she was left last week. Soon blood is dumped on her... and Su and the bridesmaids appear behind her! Su shouts “Your time has come!”


Greg Osbourne vs. Sami Callihan

This is pretty much all Callihan with just a very quick flurry from Osbourne when Sami is showboating too much.

Sami puts the mask of Pentagon Jr. on his opponent and then kicks him in his head. He talks to the poor guy like he’s actually Pentagon.

Callihan eventually puts the dude out of his misery when he wins with the Get Outta Here.

Callihan def. Osbourne

Post match, he orders oVe to beat the guy some more. He cuts a quick promo about this Sunday and then Pentagon comes on the video doing the same. oVe leaves searching for him.


Allie cuts a promo backstage wondering what Tessa Blanchard has actually learned from her father and grandfather. Kiera Hogan finds her because they’re teaming together next.

Kiera Hogan & Allie vs. Shotzi Blackheart and Tessa Blanchard

In the end, Allie hits a superkick on Shotzi. Shotzi goes for the tag but Tessa bails on her, telling Blackheart “This is your problem.” Allie hits the Code Breaker to Shotzi for the win.

Kiera and Allie win


oVe are looking for Pentagon backstage.

They play that teaser for the new knockout. This time we see her face. Her name is Scarlett Bourdeaux and she debuts next week.

Video package for Cage/Sydal.

oVe is still looking for Pentagon. The Crists don’t know where Sami is. They enter a room and find Sami Callihan in a chair in the Pentagon mask. They first think it’s Pentagon but soon realize it’s their friend tied to the chair. Pentagon sneaks up behind them and takes out the Crists before giving Sami the ol’ Ciero Miedo and leaving him tied to the chair.


The Final Confrontation

Moose comes to down to the ring and says he’s purposely been away from the Impact Zone getting ready for Slammiversary the last few weeks. He calls out Aries and tells him to bring his banana with him because he’s going to shove it straight up his ass.

Aries appears on the video screen and tells Moose that he’s playing checkers while the champ’s playing chess. Moose is going to have to wait till Slammiversary to get his hands on him.

While Moose is watching the screen, Aries rolls in from the other side of the ring and kicks him right in the dick! Then he hits him with the chair!

But it’s not enough. Moose is up! And he stands behind Aries as he holds up the title for the crowd.

Aries turns around and Moose picks him up and tosses him into the corner. Now Moose has the chair... but Aries ducks the chair and runs.


That’s the show, folks. Thanks for watching with us!