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Impact Wrestling preview (July 12, 2018): DeAngelo Williams Returns


Impact Wrestling returns tonight (July 12) from St. Clair College in Windsor, Ontario, Canada. It is the third episode from the most recent set of tapings.

Here’s what’s advertised for tonight:

  • DeAngelo Williams returns
  • Sami Callihan & oVe vs. Pentagon Jr., Fenix, & Rich Swann
  • Austin Aries speaks the truth
  • King, Homicide, & Hernandez kick off the show

And as per usual, here are our five questions about Impact tonight:

1) What’s DeAngelo Williams here for?

They advertised last week that DeAngelo Williams will be here tonight to give us an update on Moose. But why do we need an update on Moose? He wasn’t attacked the last time we saw him. He’s fine. Why can’t Moose update us himself?

But that’s not the real question. It doesn’t matter what pretenses Williams shows up with. What matters is what he’s actually there for.

Last year, DeAngelo ended up teaming with Moose at Slammiversary against the team of Eli Drake and Chris Adonis. And he was very impressive for his first match ever (despite over shooting a top rope splash.) Williams said that was his first and last match.

Now a year has gone by, he hasn’t returned to the NFL, and he’s back here in Impact. Is it possible he’s changed his mind about that being his last match? Or is he just going to be some added dressing for what has been a pretty standard title match build. Maybe Williams in Moose’s corner at Slammiversary could pique a bit more interest.

2) Will they risk a promo battle between Moose and Aries?

This entire build between Aries and Moose has kept the champion and challenger apart. They were together at the Slammiversary press conference, but we only saw that via quick clips of them giving separate speeches. Since then, they each spent a week with their own interview video package.

Even with that, it was clear that promo and personality wise, A Double bodied the challenger. Last week he told Moose he better hope that the XFL needs a shitty linebacker. Ouch.

With Aries a clear favorite in a promo battle, would they risk Moose trying to verbally spar with him? The challenge throughout this feud has been trying to capture Moose’s charisma. If Aries murders him on the mic, that’ll hurt their chances to that. It could be wiser to have Aries say something personal and Moose try to silently kill him instead of letting them go word for word.

3) Will Allie be at Slammiversary?

After last week, it looks like Allie will be feuding with Tessa Blanchard next as she was the one who dispatched Tessa when Blanchard attacked Madison Rayne.

My curiosity about Allie’s Impact future stems from the rumors she may be part of the next Mae Young Classic. But even if she is, that doesn’t tape until August. So the bubbly one could work the Impact PPV and still show up in Full Sail a month later.

I’m still holding out hope she decides to be part of what Impact is building, but in the end, she should choose what she thinks is best for her career.

4) Where does Diamante stand?

Last week, we learned that LAX’s King was secretly working with Hernandez and Homicide to push Konnan out. He wanted the young tag champions Santana and Ortiz to join him, but they remained loyal to K-Dawg. And because of that, they took a beating.

Missing last week was Diamante so we don’t know where she stands. But we have a good guess.

She was the one who first saw through Kingston’s BS before Konnan returned. Surely her loyalty remains with the senior member, right? But perhaps this becoming a hostile takeover changes things, especially with Homicide involved.

5) Is Sami Callihan technically part of oVe?

Sami Calilhan teams with the Crists to take on Pentagon Jr., Fenix, and Rich Swann. The match will probably be very good.

So I’m going to use this time to talk about oVe’s name. Mainly, does it include Callihan? Looking at the advert, the answer is no since they mention him separately. At the same time, I swear he’s said “we are oVe” in one of his camcorder promos prior.

Whether a name applies to a stable, team within the stable, or both has always been a very small pet peeve of mine. Like with the Club in WWE. Did that just include Karl Anderson and Luke Gallows or was AJ Styles under that umbrella too?

To make things easy, they should give the trio a name of their own so there’s no confusion. oVe can be the Crists while the Crists plus Callihan can be something like the Death Squad.

This really has nothing to do with tonight. It’s just something I think about often. The match will likely be very enjoyable. Check it out.

Impact Wrestling airs tonight at 8 EST on Pop TV. Who’s watching?