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Impact Wrestling results, live blog (June 7, 2018): Callihan vs. Edwards STREET FIGHT

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Impact Wrestling is back tonight (June 7) from Orlando, Florida and will be airing on Pop TV at 8 PM EST. This is your spot for the live updates and to talk about it with your fellow fans.

Tonight, Eddie Edwards and Sami Callihan settle their issues FOR GOOD in a STREET FIGHT! Plus, Eli Drake brings back “Fact of Life” as Z&E defend their Tag Team Titles against Drago and Aerostar, and LAX is in action with King on their side.

We’ll be here at 8 EST when Impact starts, so come join us!


Recap of last week’s episode.

Drago & Aerostar vs. Z & E (c) for the tag team titles

First segment of the match had the challengers on the advantage most of the time. One point, Andrew Everett Aerostar had a flip off. When they go to break, DJZ is tossed over the top rope and lands flat on his face.

In the end, DJ Z hits the DJT and Everett hits a 650 on Aerostar to retain their titles.

Z & E def. Drago and Aerostar to retain their titles


Josh Mathews and Don Callis are in the studio. Callis talks about how Impact is doing everything they can but they still don’t know who this mystery attacker is. They also talk up the forest street fight main event. This turns to a recap video package regarding the Eddie Edwards/Sami Callihan feud.

Backstage, Petey Williams and Sonjay Dutt are in a shouting match. Petey thinks Sonjay is accusing him of being the attacker. It ends with Petey storming out, saying he’s going home.

Video recap of the Knockouts title match from last week. There are clips of her celebrating with the title and the brides in a cemetery. There’s a fire they’re in front of. Is that Allie’s coffin on fire?

GWN match - Tommy Dreamer vs. Rob Van Dam.

In the LAX clubhouse, Diamante returns! She asks what is going on with Konnan and Homicide missing. She questions that King came back right after Konnan and Homicide went down, implying he’s involved. Kingston rolls in to get Ortiz and Santana ready for their match.


The Cult of Lee vs. LAX

King is with LAX. Diamante is not.

LAX jump the Cult of Lee as soon as they get into the ring, perhaps showing a more vicious attitude.

Cult of Lee are able to land a blind tag that LAX doesn’t see and use it to control most of the match.

In the end, Lee and Konley try for their own street sweeper, but LAX breaks it up. In the end, LAX hits a double team cutter to Konley for the 1-2-3.

LAX def. Cult of Lee


Eli Drake’s the Fact of Life

He’s going to list the top five dummies.

5. The fans of Impact

4. Austin Aries

3. Impact management

2. The fans of Impact

1. Moose

He reminds us when he beat Moose for the world title case. Apparently Moose challenged Drake for next week with the winner facing Aries.

Before Drake can finish his catchphrase, Moose’s music plays and he comes out. He points out that Drake not just lost his tag titles, but lost the world title match to Pentagon. He’s not just a dummy but a loser.

Drake tells Moose he doesn’t need gold because he is gold. Then he cheapshots the bigger man. However Moose fights back until Eli nails a lowblow and delivers the Gravy Train. To add to the damage, he drops the podium onto Moose.


Rohit Raju vs. Brian Cage

Squash! Quick Weapon X for the win

Cage def. Raju

He’ll face Sydal for the X Division title next week. Speaking of, here’s Sydal right now! Matt says when he looks through his third eye, that Cage has inner weakness. But it’s not permanent. Because he can fix that and make Cage the strongest there is. All he needs to do is forego the X Division title shot and Matt will make him the unstoppable machine.

Yeah, Cage isn’t having that. He delivers an F5 that knocks Sydal out of the ring.


We see Eddie driving to the woods where he’s gong to fight Callihan. He instructs the camera man to film everything no matter what.

Austin Aries Skype interview with Josh Mathews

A Double looks to be pool side.

Josh asks if Austin has a preference of who he faces at Slammiversary. Aries won’t give it away. Says he’s 0-2 against Aries and Moose hasn’t proved himself.

Mathews ask about the low blow last week - is that the Aries we’ll be getting from here on out? A Double asks if anyone knows how Flair won all his titles. The point is, he’s champ.

Austin is asked who he thinks is going to win next week and answered Drake because Eli has been champ and knows what it’s like to have the pressure. He doesn’t think Moose has the mental toughness.


Josh talks about the Slammiversary press conference last week and mentions that’s when Johnny Impact is returning.

Video of Madison Rayne talking up her match with Tessa last week. She says she didn’t intend to get back in the ring last week but now that she did, she’s glad she did. Madison doesn’t think the Knockouts Championship is that far out of reach. She’s got her sights on becoming a six time champ.

Tessa Blanchard interviewed by McKenzie Mitchell. Kiera Hogan interrupts the interview to and mentions that Tessa hasn’t lived up to the hype. But Tessa isn’t going to take that. She tosses her into some equipment. But Hogan pushes a cart at her and lays in the punches. One security guy tries to break it up but c’mon... one security guy. He’s useless.

Tessa fights back and leaves Kiera laying.


Moose is angry backstage. He says now he’s going to hurt Eli.

Edwards vs. Callihan forest fight

When looking for Sami, first he sees Jake Crist in a tree shouting, “Everything!” But Jake then seems to disappear.

Sami sneaks up behind him with the camcorder but Eddie sees him. Callihan runs off but then Jake attacks Eddie. He’s tossed into a tree. Eddie then chokes out Jake with a large branch. Then he stomps him for good measure.

He takes the oVe mask from Jake and goes to his car. he tosses the mask in and grabs a kendo stick. But in the trunk is Dave Crist, who tries to attack Eddie. Like his brother, no dice. Edwards chokes him out and then slams the trunk on his torso.

Finally Callihan is back, charging at Eddie. Now it’s bat vs. kendo stick.

It’s brutal but Eddie looks to get the upper hand when he tosses Sami into a tree and grabs something (the bat?). He shoves it into the forehead of Callihan, busting him wide open.

Eddie then says “Sami... time to die.”

A car drives up blasting its horn. It’s Alisha and Tommy Dreamer, both pleading for him to stop. Eddie turns and Sami is gone. Edwards is furious saying it’s not over. Tommy tells him it’s over... but then Eddie nails Tommy with the bat! He leaves to find Sami while Alisha tends to Tommy.


That’s the show, folks. Thanks for watching with us!

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