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Impact Wrestling results, live blog (June 21, 2018): World title press conference


Impact Wrestling is back tonight (June 20) from Orlando, Florida and will be airing on Pop TV at 8 PM EST. This is your spot for the live updates and to talk about it with your fellow fans.

Tonight, Moose and Austin Aries will have a Slammiversary press conference. Also, El Hijo de Fantasma & Pentagon Jr. team to take on Dave & Jake Crist, Madison Rayne battles Taya Valkyrie, and Z & E defend their tag team titles against LAX.

We’ll be here at 8 EST when Impact starts, so come join us!


They open with a “In memory” graphic for Vader.

LAX vs. Z & E (c) for the tag team championships

King at ringside. Diamante is not.

LAX runs to the ramp and meets Z & E to start the fight early. Santana throws a chair at DJ Z. They’re kind of fighting like heels here. The tag champs hold their own though and the fight finally makes it way to the ring.

Right before the break, LAX had a bit of miscommunication that allowed Z & E come back from the defensive. It didn’t end in a loss though as Impact went to break.

In the end LAX hit the Street Sweeper on Andrew Everett for the win.

LAX def. Z & E to win the tag titles


Jimmy Jacobs, with Kongo Kong at his side, cuts a promo backstage. He said he’s tired of Brian Cage walking around getting what he wants. So last week, they proved he’s beatable and vulnerable.

Video promo played about KM & Fallah Bahh.

KM/Fallah Bahh segment

KM comes to the ring and cuts a promo saying he tried to take Fallah Bahh under his wing. He says that ratings are up when he’s on TV and they should rename the company KMpact Wrestling. He calls Fallah out to the ring to face the music.

Bahh comes to the ring as the crowd chants “Fat is cool.” He pulls a note from his trousers, gives it to KM, and leaves. KM reads the note, which has “Bahh” at the end of each sentence like “stop” back in the day. The note pretty much said that KM is a bully and needs to grow up. And he’s not going to fight KM, but he’s got someone on standby who will.

KM figures it’s Richard Justice and asks him to come down... but it’s Scott Steiner!!!

Scott Steiner vs. KM

KM holds his own, but it’s mainly Steiner this match. In the end, KM taps to the Steiner Recliner.

Steiner def. KM


Slammiversary Press Conference

It’s clips from the presser in Toronto. This is where Austin Aries officially says he’s merging the Grand Championship with the world title. He said he showed up to match wits with Moose. He tells his challenger that he was introduced as a former NFL player because that’s the only thing on his resume. Then the champ runs down his accomplishments, saying that this is his only career, not the second after he failed his first.


We see a video of Eddie Edwards pulling up to his house, but his door is locked. And he is livid. So he breaks down his own front door searching for his wife. The place looks barren. He looks at himself in the mirror but sees Sami Callihan on the other end. He’s having memories of the match int he woods as it looks like he’s having a breakdown. He breaks the mirror shouting “You did this!” Sounds like he’s talking about Dreamer.


oVe and Callihan cut a camcorder promo. It looks like the other eye of Sami is covered this week. He said that they’re going to make an example of Pentagon Jr. because they’re not scared of them.

Taya Valkyrie vs. Madison Rayne

We see Su Yung watching the match from the rafters again.

Much like her match against Tessa, Madison took most of the punishment against the larger Taya. However, a step up enziguri and a Crossroads (believe Mathews called it Cross Rayne) like move gets Madison the win.

Madison def. Taya

Post match, the victor cuts a promo. She says when she came back to Impact this time, there wasn’t any intentions of becoming an in-ring competitor. But moments are meant to be capitalized on and she’s had some moments defeating some of the toughest knockouts out there.

She said Impact management told her if she could defeat Taya Valkyrie, she’ll get a shot at Su Yung at Slammiversary. And it’s not just a moment for her, but a moment for her daughter at home and the crowd.

The lights dim and we hear maniacal laughing.


LAX are celebrating in the club house. And in comes Konnan! He tells King that they need to talk.

Konnan asks King if he knows who attacked him. King says he doesn’t but he has everyone looking into it. Konnan asks where Homicide is, suspicious that he hasn’t called him. When King asks if he is a suspect, Konnan answers, “Maybe.” K-Dawg tells him he better not hear that King had anything to do with this.


We gets a video package that contains an interview with the attacker: Killer Kross. He said that everyone was wondering “Why?” but it was simply “Why not?” He wants to turn this place upside down.

GWN match with Low Ki and Sonjay Dutt. I think this is their match in Mumbai.

oVe vs. El Hijo de Fantasma & Pentagon Jr.

Sami Callihan is at ringside.

Callihan hits Fantasma in the back of the left knee of Fantasma when the referee is distracted. This ends a good run for the luchadors.

Pentagon ends up making the tag and eventually covers Jake Crist after the Pentagon Driver.

Fantasma & Pentagon def. oVe

Immediately, Callihan is attacking Pentagon. He makes Dave hold Pentagon as he gets ready to hit him with the bat. But Pentagon kicks Sami low and then mule kicks Dave! He goes to break Jake’s arm... but Sami with the bat to the head of Pentagon!

Then he hits another and all three members of oVe start ripping at the mask of Callihan. Fantasma is able to recover and run them off with a chair. He tends to his friend as oVe celebrates in the entryway.


That’s the show, folks! Thanks for watching with us!