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Impact Wrestling results, review, & video (June 14, 2018): Dangerous


Impact Wrestling returned last night (June 14) from the Impact Zone in Orlando, Florida. You can find the results at the live blog here.

The next chapter

Last week, I hoped that Eddie Edwards’ story was going to move away from Sami Callihan and onto his own descent into madness.

That’s exactly what we got here.

The show opened with Grado and his new lady Katarina coming to the ring for a match. But soon Eddie Edwards was out attacking Grado with a kendo stick! Edwards got on the microphone and ranted, straight up ranted, about how Tommy Dreamer ruined his chance to end Sami once and for all last week.

Tommy came to the ring with his goal just to try to calm his friend down. But Eddie wouldn’t listen. He didn’t care about Dreamer’s knowledge of situations like these. And when Tommy said that he was aware that Eddie’s wife Alisha hasn’t talked to him in a week, Edwards became even more unhinged.

Eddie was right in the grill of Tommy to the point Dreamer had to push him down. Edwards looked like he was going to cry. But then he hit Dreamer with a kendo stick and walked off.

This story continues to be one of my favorites on wrestling. It’s a well told, long form story that’s taking the main character on a rollercoaster ride. Eddie Edwards has been Impact champion, but he’s never been as interesting as he is right now.

Using Dreamer as the attempted voice of reason is a great call. The man has been in some blood feuds himself, and he knows the damage it does. However, it looks like he has had enough. He walked out when Scott D’Amore was trying to talk to him after this all went down.

Eddie has pushed everyone away. Now what happens? I’m excited to find out.

First Loss

Brian Cage didn’t defeat Matt Sydal to win the X Division title, and he has Kongo Kong to thank for that.

The big man had the champ’s number, and it looked like a title change was inevitable. Then Jimmy Jacobs and Kongo Kong walked down to the ring. When Cage exited the ring to retrieve Sydal, who rolled out to get himself a breather, Kongo stepped up to him. But Cage was smart and returned his attention to Sydal. His focus was on the title.

That’s when Kongo struck, tossing Cage into the ring steps. The referee was tending to the champ in the ring so did not see this. Cage didn’t recover in time and got counted out.

This is an interesting way of going about things. I was convinced that Brian Cage was going to win the X Division title. But keeping it off him was the wise move. They would have booked themselves into a corner when it came to getting that title off him.

This way, Sydal can continue being an excellent douchebag champion (and he played that up tonight) and brag about being the first man to beat Brian Cage in Impact. He can even thank his third eye.

While Kongo vs. Cage doesn’t do it for me because Kong himself doesn’t excite me, Jimmy Jacobs will do the best to tell me why I want to see it. He’s really good at that.

Off Site

It turns out the #1 contenders match for the right to face Austin Aries at Slammiversary wasn’t taped in the Impact Zone.

Instead the match between Eli Drake and Moose was taped at a House of Hardcore show.

That’s disappointing.

This is a big match if it impacts the main event of one of their few PPVs. It should be treated that way. And the matches filmed offsite aren’t treated as such.

There were no entrances. The quality of the video isn’t as good. It’s obviously edited down. And it didn’t get the chance to play into the “Angry Moose” narrative that was setup last week. That was a story that I was hoping would give Moose that edge he’s missing.

(The one thing plus to filming elsewhere is there are better crowds since the Impact Zone crowd is pretty weaksauce.)

The match itself was good. Both men are good workers. Moose won with a spear and will go onto face Austin Aries at Slammiversary.

Broken Up Already

I’m not really sure what the point of the KM/Fallah Bahh tag team was.

It started with KM fat shaming Bahh. Then he apologized to him and suggested they team up. We got weeks of training videos with the two of them. KM was cool with Fallah, but he was still a dick in general.

Then they lost their two matches, including their one this week against the Cult of Lee. They were rolling... literally they were rolling on both Caleb Konley and Trevor Lee. But Bahh took a rake to the eyes. Blinded, he accidentally delivered a Samoan Drop to his partner. This led to another loss.

Post match, KM was pissed. He shoved Fallah saying he’s done.

What was the point of this? If they are done, that seemed like a pretty worthless detour. They weren’t together long enough to get fans to really respect them as a team. And KM was still an ahole.

Maybe they’re not done, and they’re still going to team up. Maybe this is just a bump in the road to get them to be a cohesive unit.


Tessa Blanchard and Kiera Hogan had themselves quite the no DQ match. Tessa was the winner but both women looked great. Kiera Hogan is getting better every time she’s in that ring, and there’s no doubting the talent of Tessa.

Tessa won, but both women are poised to be stars in the Knockouts division.

Not the Mask

Looks like Pentagon has a feud with Sami Callihan in his future.

El Hijo de Fantasma defeated Jake Crist, but soon all of oVe were attacking him. Sami Callihan was about to take off Fantasma’s mask when the former champion ran out to make the save.

Pentagon is going to have a bit of a detour before finding his way back in the title picture. This could be a fun feud, with two guys who don’t give a damn about hurting people.

Attacker Revealed

We learned who the secret attacker is this week.

Petey Williams was found over a fallen Fallah Bahh and Sonjay had the security arrest him. But when they were out of sight, the big security guard attacked Petey. He removed his shirt, revealing big moose tattoo on his back, then left the card on Petey and walked off.

I don’t know anything about this new member of the roster. If you’ve seen him, let us know in the comments.

In general, I really liked how this played out. It almost reminded me of the first season of True Detective (the good season) with the almost cult like antler imagery, a criminal mystery, and the reveal that the attacker was someone who was under their nose the entire time.

Now that we know who it is, does every one else? The camera man surely saw him and he acknowledged him. But I think having the audience at home know who it is but not those watching would be a good next step. It’d add tension knowing this man everyone is trusting is really the evil.

Taya’s Back

We had ourselves a Taya Valkyrie sighting! And even more surprising, she faced former Knockout Rebel.

Rebel did not look good the last time she was in Impact, so I was very curious to see if she had progressed since she left.

It certainly looks like she has to some degree, though she’s no seasoned veteran. There was one miscue timing wise. But she sold convincingly and things looked more crisp than the last time.

Post match, the victor Taya called out Madison Rayne. That’ll happen next week.

Pros of the Show:

  • Eddie’s descent into villainy
  • Kiera vs. Tessa was great
  • The attacker reveal was done in an intriguing way

Cons of the Show:

  • Running Moose vs. Drake offsite made it feel lesser than it should
  • I’m not sure the point of this KM/Fallah Bahh tag team

This was a pretty good episode. And for an episode later in taping, it was paced well and didn’t have too much filer. That had been an issue in the past. I wish the #1 contenders match was treated like a bigger deal, but the rest of the show was enjoyable.

Grade: B

Sound off below.

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