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Impact Wrestling Preview (June 14, 2018): Slammiversary Implications


Impact Wrestling returns tonight (June 14) from the Impact Zone in Orlando, Florida. It is the eighth episode from this set of tapings.

Here’s what’s advertised for tonight:

  • Moose vs. Eli Drake in a #1 contenders match
  • Matt Sydal (c) vs. Brian cage for the X Division championship
  • Fallout from Sami Callihan & Eddie Edwards’ fight in the woods
  • Kiera Hogan vs. Tessa Blanchard
  • Jake Crist vs. El Hijo de Fantasma

As per usual, here are our five questions about Impact tonight:

1) Is an angry Moose going to be a more exciting Moose?

If I had to guess, Moose is going to beat Eli Drake and go on to face Austin Aries at Slammiversary on July 22 in Tortono, Ontario. The writing was kind of on the wall last week.

And that makes sense. But as I’ve mentioned, Moose as a top guy doesn’t do it for me. He’s missing something. He’s talented in the ring and has a good look. But he’s lacking a bit of excitement. I realize this is all rather subjective, but that‘s just my take on the guy.

The reason I bring this up is because I am wondering if Impact is actively trying to remedy this. Last week, Eli Drake attacked him and Moose was pissed off backstage, saying that Eli asked for trouble after that attack. Also, in a Skype interview with Josh Mathews, Austin Aries pointed out that Moose has the talent but he’s missing something.

This all bodes well for the idea that they are actively going to work on finding that spark that could make the former NFL player a big time top guy. In tonight’s match, he’s going to be fighting angry. Is that going to be enough to start giving him that spark on the way to the main event?

2) Is Cage climbing his way to the top?

While most titles on Impact aren’t difficult to get a shot at, the world title is definitely one who’s opportunities aren’t handed out willy-nilly.

Since Don Callis and Scott D’Amore took over, the title has only been defended six times, Austin Aries won it from Eli Drake the first night. (The match was kinda sorta granted by Eli Drake.) Eli Drake soon had an unsuccessful rematch. Then Aries defended the title against Matt Sydal, who was Grand Champion at the time. Aries actually issued the challenge for the match because he wanted to win the secondary title. (He did.)

Then due to circumstances with Alberto El Patron’s release, Pentagon and Fenix got the shot at Redemption and Pentagon won. He defended against Eli Drake, who cashed in his Feast or Fired briefcase, and was defeated by Austin Aries in a rematch.

There haven’t been many title matches and they all have been earned to some degree.

I mention this because I find it curious that Brian Cage is having a mtach against Matt Sydal for the X Division title. He‘s clearly a man who makes sense for a world title match. But it’s possible they are booking Cage to climb his way completely to the top. And to do that, a secondary title win is going to be needed. (The X Division title is the only secondary title now that the Grand Championship has been phased out.)

It’s clear they have big plans for Cage and are going to take their time with them. Perhaps that’s why he’s going to face Sydal for the X Division title, and likely win it.

3) Where are things with Eddie Edwards?

Last week solidified the fact that Eddie Edwards has lost his damn mind. He had murderous intentions in his fight against Sami Callihan in the woods. Who knows what would have happened if his wife Alisha and Tommy Dreamer didn’t interrupt his brutal attack on Callihan?

He didn’t listen to them. Instead, he hit Dreamer in the gut with a bat and went off after Callihan, who slipped away in the chaos.

Where is Eddie now? Is he still out in the wilderness looking for Callihan? Is he back home? Would Alisha even let him in the house the way he’s been acting?

I’m curious to see if Eddie is done with Callihan and the focus of the story is going to be Dreamer trying to get through to his friend.

I don’t think we’re going to learn too much tonight since there are other things to focus on, but maybe we’ll get a hint of things.

4) Where’s Taya?

While Tessa Blanchard and Kiera Hogan meet again this week, I’ve been wondering about the depth of the Knockouts division.

Madison Rayne looks to be back, even with title aspirations. Su Yung is champ. But Rosemary is injured. It’s possible Allie is on her way out. And Taya has been absent for awhile.

Just after Redemption, Taya Valkyrie lost an unannounced title match to Allie rather clean. She hasn’t been on TV since.

Her now husband Johnny Impact was missing from this taping so it’s possible there were some wedding plans that needed taking care of. Though apparently Johnny was on Survivor Island so who knows.

Will Taya be showing back up in the Impact Zone soon??

5) When will we find out who the mystery attacker is?

For months now, someone has been mysteriously attacking members of the Impact roster. People are running scared and no one knows who it is.

When will we learn who this is? My bet is it will be a Slammiversary reveal to keep it secret until that airs live.

Impact Wrestling airs tonight at 8 EST on Pop TV. Who’s watching?

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