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Impact Wrestling results, review, & video (May 31, 2018): Watching a good friend scream ‘Let me out’

Impact Wrestling YouTube

Impact Wrestling returned last night (May 31) from the Impact Zone in Orlando, Florida. You can find the results at the live blog here.

Hail Heel Aries

Pentagon Jr. and Austin Aries were the main event, with the title on the line.

The match went to double count out twice. The first time it was after Aries held a submission on Pentagon outside the ring too long. When that happened, he demanded a restart, and the champ agreed. The second time, Pentagon hit a package piledriver to Aries on the apron and neither man could beat the count after both fell to the floor. That time Pentagon demanded the restart.

When he did, he performed his “Cero Miedo” gesture right in the face of Aries, which really annoyed the champ. Austin told the ref to ring the bell, and when the official turned to do so, Aries kicked Pentagon right between the uprights. The Brainbuster right afterwards was then all she wrote.

Aries had been acting a bit a heel since he lost the belt, telling people that now his Grand Championship is the real world title because he has it. And that’s heelish. But this was the first time he really cheated so there’s no turning back now.

My hope is this set back lights a fire under Pentagon. His run with the title was rather uneventful. I don’t know if the booking team was struggling with how to present him since he mainly speaks Spanish. They did a better job prior to the match tonight with a backstage interview (which was Spanish with English subtitles) that captured his allure a bit more. They have done a great job with the less conventional videos, such as the ones they used to tell the Su Yung/Allie/Rosemary story. Those would be a great tool to use with Pentagon.

And now that he’s been screwed by a slimy Aries, this is the perfect time to use such tools to present his rage.

To recap, this was a good match that right now, I think the right guy won. Aries is a full on heel and Pentagon wasn’t shining with the title. Hopefully losing the belt will give the performer and the creative that chance to demonstrate his charisma.

Not enough darkness

Allie’s inner darkness was not enough to stave off true darkness in Su Yung in the championship coffin match.

The champ came out to her own music, but it morphed into Rosemary’s music. She let out a tribal scream, revealing that she was wearing Rosemary’s makeup. She slowly stalked her way to the ring like Rosemary is known to do. She clearly was channeling her demon friend.

Seriously, Dark Allie is a great twist to the character.

She and Su Yung took turns trying to weaken the other to get them into a coffin. Allie looked to have the most success. She tried after delivering a Code Breaker through a chair but Su Yung used her own head to prevent the coffin from completely closing. Then Allie superkicked the Undead Bride from the apron into the casket. But when she went to slam the lid, Su shoved her hand in the champs mouth and locked in the mandible claw.

Allie fought and fought but the hold proved too be too much and she was soon paralyzed by it. Su Yung placed her in the coffin and closed the lid. New champion.

This was really fun. Allie channeling Rosemary, even doing her version of the rise up, was a great addition to the match. I mentioned last week how I appreciate wrestlers tweaking their characters in response to prior events. This is a great example of that.

Unfortunately, the darkness wasn’t enough though and Su Yung is now champion. This is likely setting up a title match between Rosemary and Su Yung and that could be an epic one when Rosemary is all healthy.


Tessa Blanchard’s relative inexperience cost her a win against a veteran Madison Rayne.

If this match was scored by points, Tessa would have won in a landslide. She dominated the former champion almost the entirety of the match. But when Tessa delivered a hangman’s flatliner, Rayne kicked out, and Blanchard was livid.

She got into the face of the referee and yelled for awhile before returning to Madison and setting up for her DDT finish. But Madison took that time Tessa spent with the ref to recover and reversed the DDT into a roll up for a win.

Count me surprised with this win. This was the route to go if Tessa was going to lose. She proved she is a dominant presence in that ring. But she let her emotions get the best of her and the veteran Rayne made her pay. It doesn’t hurt Tessa, who I imagine will be a top knockout for years as long as she sticks around. Surely, this feud will continue.

The Numbers Lied

Eli Drake defeated former tag partner Scott Steiner. Drake worked heel more in this match than the Big Bad Booty Daddy. In the end, Drake was out of the ring and Steiner tossed the ref aside to go retrieve him. With the ref not looking, Eli nailed his former partner with a chair and pinned him for the win. I appreciated the call back to their tag title loss when the rolls were reversed. (Though that one was likely an accident.)

The match was fine. They didn’t ask Steiner to do too much, which is good. The man doesn’t move well so booking just a couple bigger spots for him is the way to go. I’m curious to see if this is the end of Steiner in Impact for awhile.

Keep Rolling

Brian Cage notched another win this week, this time against Dezmond Xavier.

Cage wasn’t as much high flyer this week as he was super heavyweight. Xavier had his speed and his strikes, and it kept him in the match long enough, but in the end, it was always going to be Cage.

Josh Mathews mentioned afterwards that Cage will face Matt Sydal in the future for an X Division title shot. While I definitely appreciate someone having to work up the card, it feels like that’s going to be tough to book around. Either they have to figure out how to keep the belt on Sydal without making Cage look too much worse or they have to figure out how to eventually get the X Division title off the heavyweight.

Pros of the Show:

  • The Last Rites match (especially Allie channeling Rosemary)
  • Good main event with the right finish

Cons of the Show:

  • Steiner’s limitations somewhat hindered the opening match.

This was another solid episode this week, with some good stuff coming from the title scene.

Grade: B+

Sounds off below.

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