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Impact Wrestling results, review, & video (May 3, 2018): Bury Me Softly, Sister


Impact Wrestling returned last night (May 3) from the Impact Zone in Orlando, Florida. You can find the results at the live blog here.

Buried softly

Rosemary and Su Yung were the main event. But they never made into the ring to have a match.

It was still very good though.

Prior to the segment, Rosemary insisted Allie not come out no matter what happened. Allie wasn’t a fan of that given she considers Rosemary her best friend, but she eventually agreed to it.

She ended up going back on her word.

The fight between Su and Rosemary started hot on the outside. Su Yung tried to get the jump but Rosemary was ready. However, Su was able to get the advantage and deliver the Panic Switch to the Demon Assassin on the floor. Then she summoned her legion of Undead Brides.

Like last week, they hauled a wooden coffin to the ring. (I love the fact it’s an old school wooden coffin because the imagery really fits the horror motif.) But before they could grab Rosemary, Allie ran out and attacked Su Yung from behind.

Immediately, Rosemary was angry, yelling at Allie that she told her to stay away. Even injured, she was ordering her to the back. But it was too late. The Brides grabbed Allie and made her watch what was to come next.

Despite Rosemary having a bit more fight in her, Su Yung ended up delivering another Panic Switch off the entry ramp through a table. Then her Brides dragged the Demon Assassin to the coffin, Su placed her in, and slammed the lid shut. All while Allie bore witness.

I enjoyed all of this. But I understand that there are people who aren’t going to appreciate the more mystical and wild aspects of wrestling. This business has a wide range of genres and not everyone is going to appreciate everything.

But for me, I enjoy an angle like this when done right. And this was done really well. I love that Su Yung has a legion of brides at her command and that she uses the mist just like Rosemary, placing them in that same category. Even her music captures that spooky vibe.

It was also the odd couple friendship Rosemary and Allie that helped make this segment. They are so different, with the bubbly Allie not understanding why she shouldn’t help who she considers her best friend. Of course Allie ran out despite Rosemary’s wishes. In her eyes, that’s how a friend would act.

And we don’t know why Rosemary didn’t want Allie out there. Did she have a plan that Allie ruined? Was this all part of the plan but she didn’t want Allie to see it? Or was that her gesture of friendship? Is she willing to deal with the mystical forces of Impact to spare her friend of having to?

All of those possibilities work for me.

Impact is already asking on their Twitter “Is Rosemary dead?” Surely the answer is no, but I’m excited to see what’s next.

Diamond in the Rough

Tessa Blanchard finally made her presence known this week.

Kiera Hogan was set to rematch Taya Valkyrie after losing to her at Redemption. But was to become all about Tessa, starting with Blanchard interruptin Hogan’s pre-match interview to talk some trash.

During the match, Taya started aggressive, looking to bounce back from last week’s loss. However, Kiera stormed back. Valkyrie found herself on the floor and Hogan climbed out to the apron, delivered a kick, and then stomped Taya’s head into the steps.

That’s when Tessa really made her statement.

She strutted down to the ring, pulled Kiera from the apron, and they started brawling. Blanchard sidestepped Hogan, who ran into the ring post. That’s when she took charge. She picked up the Girl on Fire and ran her into the post again before tossing her into the ring steps. Tessa threw Kiera into the ring and laid her out with a Hammerlock DDT.

This was a well done introduction to Tessa Blanchard. She looked like an aggressive badass here and one who acts without remorse. Kiera is a good choice for the first feud because it raises the stature of the newcomer. Kiera goes from random matches to Tessa’s first feud. And it’s a feud with a build to it.

And Taya? Well I’m not entirely sure what the plan is with her. She was losing this match prior to the interruption. Coupled with last week’s clean title loss, is this the start of a story for Lucha Royalty? That we’re going to need to wait and see on before making any real judgements.

Next week!

Eli Drake opened the show and announced he’s cashing in his Feast or Fired case next week in a match against Pentagon Jr. Pentagon walked to the ring and the men stared each other down.

Thus far, Pentagon has pretty much just been used in brief moments. He’ll walk to the ring, do his Cero Miedo gesture, and just look cool. Right now, that’s OK. But if he’s to have a prolonged run as champion, we’ll need a bit more.

This should be a good match next week. It’s a bit out of character for Drake to say when he’s going to cash in. He’s the type of guy who will wait until the champion is down and out.

Odd Duo

oVe faced off against Fallah Bahh and KM.

The odd paring of Bahh and KM came about last week when KM apologized to Bahh backstage and said he’ll show him he’s serious this week in a tag match.

And to his credit, despite the team not being successful, he didn’t pull any funny business.

In fact, the team of bigger men had a good run towards the end. That is until the Crists avoided a corner splash from Bahh, Fallah running into the turnbuckle. Then they avoided KM, and he crashed into his partner. oVe delivered some kicks to the head of Bahh and rolled him up for the win.

I can convince myself why Bahh would get pinned there. Kicks to the head affect everyone equally, despite their size. But visually, it didn’t look like a sequence that would finish off such a bigger man.

After the match, KM actually apologized to Fallah. He extended his hand, his partner shook it. No funny business. But I still don’t buy KM as anything as a big time shithead. If that’s where this is headed, and that’s my guess, grand. If this is headed towards a face turn, it’s going to take some more work for me to buy him as anything but a jerk.

X Division Title

Matt Sydal defeated Ishimori to retain his X Division title.

It was a pretty good match but overall, I was left a little disappointed. Sydal worked over Ishimori’s leg but by the end, Ishimori wasn’t really selling it. In fact, he hit the move where he drops his opponent right onto his knees, and it didn’t bother him at all. That was a little thing that annoyed me in this match.

Sydal won clean, which is fine. But without playing up his obnoxious persona big time, which he did not here, he’s not really a heel. Sure, if he cut some really obnoxious promos prior to the match, we would hate that this annoying dude is a winner. But we didn’t get that either.

Josh Mathews was a good heater. Without him, Sydal is going to have to infuse more of his personality into the match in order to maintain his heel status. Because without that, he’s just a talented wrestler who wins

Cage Down Under

Brian Cage won a fatal 4-way that was taped in Australia. Don Callis and Josh Mathews had commentary for the match where they put over Cage big time. Callis even said that Brian Cage will let someone hit a move on him at times just to test himself. Of course, the big man won.

When it comes to matches taped elsewhere, this was one of the better ones. The match itself was pretty fun. But I think a big bonus is it was a well-lit venue so it translated a bit better for TV.

Lucha Wild

DJZ, Andrew Everett, & Dezmond Xavier defeated El Hijo de Fantasma, Aerostar, & Drago and a balls out insane lucha style 6-man.

There were plenty of draw dropping, out of this world moves. And all in all, it was fun. As personal preference, these matches are enjoyable, but I never get too pumped for them because it’s not my top style of wrestling. It’s mainly about the moves and less about story, which I’m more focused on. Not that it’s not fun to watch.

Dreamer Knows Best

The Eddie Edwards story didn’t get much time this week, but what we did receive was good. Tommy Dreamer bailed Eddie out of jail last week and then tried to talk some sense into him. He understood because he spent years of his life trying to beat someone and he knows the damage it does. But Eddie refused to listen.

Once again, this is the best use of Dreamer. I was skeptical of inserting tommy into this feud, but they proved that they knew what they were doing with it.

Pros of the Show:

  • The main event angle
  • Tessa’s impact
  • The use of Tommy Dreamer

Cons of the Show:

  • The X Division title match was underwhelming and I worry about Matt’s heel character

The main event angel was impactful as was Tessa Blanchard’s debut (mainly the Knockouts were the best parts of this show), but the rest of the episode I could take or leave.

Grade: B-

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