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Impact Wrestling results, live blog (May 31, 2018): Pentagon Jr. vs. Austin Aries


Impact Wrestling is back tonight (May 31) from Orlando, Florida and will be airing on Pop TV at 8 PM EST. This is your spot for the live updates and to talk about it with your fellow fans.

Tonight is the Under Pressure special. In the main event, Austin Aries will challenge Pentagon Jr. for the Impact world title. In another championship match, Su Yung will challenge Knockouts champion Allie in a Last Rites match, which is in essence a casket match. Also, Tessa Blanchard will face Madison Rayne, Eli Drake goes against Scott Steiner, and Brian Cages wrestles Dezmond Xavier!

We’ll be here at 8 EST when Impact starts, so come join us!


Sonjay Dutt addresses the roster about the series of attacks backstage. He says they’re doing all they can to address this. Caleb Konley is upset, noting only talent and no one from the office has been taken out. Petey Williams sticks up for him.

Eli Drake vs. Scott Steiner

Crowd chants “You both suck.”

These two jaw about their issues in the beginning of the match.

At one point Drake tries to use a chair outside the ring but Steiner kicks him down. Drake has been playing heel more in this match.

Eli Drake misses a springboard moonsault and Steiner goes for the Recliner. However Eli stands up and there’s a messy fall from the Electric Chair. They keep fighting and Drake gets knocked out of the ring with a forearm. Scott tosses the ref aside and goes to grab Eli Drake and Drake nails him in the head with the chair, just like what happened the other way around when they lost the tag team titles.

Drake def. Steiner


Don Callis and Josh Mathews talk up the rest of the show in front of the green screen.

Tessa Blanchard vs. Madison Rayne

Madison starts with some trash talking of her own and Tessa just pie faces her.

Tessa just using straight power early on. She hits a series of clotheslines without letting go of Madison’s arm. She’s just tossing the former champ around.

Madison tries to fight back multiple times, but each time, Blanchard puts her down. Tessa lands a hangman’s flatliner, hooks both legs, but only gets a 2 counts. And Tessa is pissed, getting into the face of the ref.

She returns to Rayne and sets up her DDT but Madison reverses it into a roll up for 3!

Madison def. Tessa


We’re in the LAX club house where Ortiz and Santana are playing cards. Eddie Kingston comes in with the booze and a briefcase (which I think is full of money). He’s also got some women for them. He says he’s got one more thing for them - Caleb Konley & Trevor Lee. Next week, they have a chance to get revenge.

Dezmond Xavier vs. Brian Cage

While Dezmond starts quickly, trying to chop down the tree that is Cage, when the fight spills outside, Cage hits what almost looks to be an F5 onto the apron. And then he just starts tossing the man around.

Dezmond is able to fight back, but Cage kicks out of a corkscrew from the top at one. Soon he delivers the Drill Claw for thewin.

Cage def. Xavier

After the match, Josh Mathews mentions that in the future, Cage will face Matt Sydal for the X Division title.


Austin Aries interviewed by McKenzie Mitchell. He says until Pentagon beats him one on one, he’s not the real face of this company. And Austin Aries doesn’t think he has what it takes to do that.

Allie (c) vs. Su Yung in a Last Rites match for the Knockouts championship

The Undead Brides bring the wood coffin to the ring.

Allie comes out to her own music but it then turns to Rosemary’s music and she slowly stalks her way to the ring. This seems to have Su Yung taken aback.

Allie comes out aggressive as the crowd chants “Demon Bunny!”

In the match, Su kicks Allie down to the match, but Allie does the rise up that Rosemary does! But Su knocks her right back down.

Allie tosses a chair at Su, who catches it. Code Breaker from Allie! Allie grabs Su and drags her into the coffin. But Su uses her head to prevent it from closing. Allie hits a superkick to Su on the apron, who falls into the coffin. Once Allie again tries to close it.

But Su Yung locks in the mandible claw! Allie can’t fight it out and it eventually paralyzes the champ! Su gets her in the coffin and closes the lid!

New champion.

Su Yung def. Allie to win the Knockouts championship


GWN match with Sting and Abyss. I think this is a casket match too.

We get a bit more Callis and Mathews talking about the night. This is interrupted by a video about the attacks backstage. It looks like Sonjay was attacked! Petey Williams implores the camera man to get help.

Eddie Edwards tells his wife Alisha backstage that it’s good to go - he’s going to fight Sami Callihan in the woods. Then it’s “back to us.” Alisha is NOT pleased. That’s next week!

Austin Aries vs. Pentagon Jr (c) for the Impact world championship

Pentagon is posing outside the ring and Aries nails him with a suicide dive. Pentagon responds with a kick. Match hasn’t actually started yet. The champ goes for a chop but Aries moves out of the way and Pentagon chops the ring post instead.

They makes its way to the ring and the match finally starts. Austin goes for the Last Chancery right away but Pentagon makes the ropes pretty quickly. Aries ties the mask of Pentagon tot he rope and starts laying into him.

Everything is very back and forth. The fight spills to the floor and Aries locks in a Last Chancery. He stops and tries to get Pentagon into the ring prior to the count but fails to and this ends in a double count out.

Match ends in a double count out

Aries gets on the microphone and says there should only be one champion and challenges Pentagon to restart the match... and the champ agrees!

Pentagon goes for an immediate quick roll up but Aries kicks out and this continues

The champ soon hits the package pile driver on the apron! Once again they’re in danger of being counted out.... and they are.

Match ends in a double count out

Now it’s Pentagon who wants the match restarted!

Aries tells the ref to ring the bell. The ref turns to ring the bell and Aries kicks Pentagon below the belt! Brainbuster!!! 1-2-3!

Austin Aries def. Pentagon Jr to win the world championship


That’s the show, folks. Thanks for watching with us!

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