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Impact Wrestling Results, Live Blog (May 3, 2018): Rosemary vs. Su Yung

Impact Wrestling is back tonight (May 3) from Orlando, Florida and will be airing on Pop TV at 8 PM EST. This is your spot for the live updates and to talk about it with your fellow fans.

Tonight they are advertising Rosemary vs. Su Yung as their marquee match. Also, Matt Sydal will defend his X Division championship against Taiji Ishimori, El Hijo de Fantasma, Drago, & Aerostar will face Dezmond Xavier, DJZ, & Andrew Everett, and Taya Valkyrie will face Kiera Hogan.

We'll be here at 8 EST when Impact starts, so come join us!


A bit of a more in depth video recap of all the major beats from last week.

Eli Drake/Pentagon Jr. segment

Eli Drake opens the show. A bit of a different look for him with a leather jacket and jeans. It’s been a white sports jacket and dockers in the past.

After running down the events of last week, he says he’s calling his shot. He’s taking that title next week.

Pentagon makes his way to the ring and gets into the face of Drake. He does the Cero Miedo gesture as they stare each other down.


Kiera Hogan interviewed by McKenzie Mitchell backstage. She says she asked for her rematch against Taya because she lost at Redemption. Tessa Blanchard interrupts and tells her that the Redemption match should be Hogan’s last PPV match. And now that there’s a total package like her here, Kiera can take a backseat. The Girl on Fire goes on to say that Tessa has been good at sitting and watching and she can do that tonight when she beats Taya Valkyrie.

Joseph Park is backstage and Grado, who isn’t wearing a shirt, comes up and says hello. He said he worked out his visa issues and has got himself a “smokin’” girlfriend. Austin Aries rolls in. A Double talks about how even though he’s lost his title, he’ll win it back and things will be fine around here.

oVe vs. KM & Fallah Bahh

KM is acting all buddy buddy with Bahh.

KM starts off and is able to use his power very early on, but the veteran team of oVe is soon picking him apart.

He’s able to reverse a double suplex and tag in Bahh. The big man comes out with a double cross body. And then some splashes int he corner. Fallah does the bit where he rolls over both guys and then KM insists he do it as well.

Dave and Jake avoid a Bahh splash and then one from KM, who crashes into Fallah. They land some kicks to the head of Bahh and roll him up for the win.

oVe def. KM & Bahh

KM is saying “I’m sorry” to Bahh after the match. He offers his hand and Bahh shakes it. No funny business yet but I don’t trust this guy.


Moose is interviewed backstage. As he’s talking his intentions to become champion, Jimmy Jacobs interrupts. Jimmy wonders why he’d call himself Mr. Impact given what happened to the last guy who was named Impact. Moose grabs Jimmy’s jacket and lifts him up and asks him what the hell he wants. Jacobs says he wants him to meet his monster next week. Moose is fine with that.

Taya Valkyrie vs. Kiera Hogan

Taya starts fast and aggressive.

However, Kiera storms back. Taya falls to the outside and Hogan makes her way to the apron. She delivers a kick and then a stomp to the head of Taya into the ring step.

Tessa Blanchard’s music plays and she struts to the ring. She pulls Kiera off the apron and Hogan lays in the strikes. However, Tessa sidesteps Hogan, who runs into the ring post. She picks her up and runs her into the post again. And then tosses her in the stairs!

I’m assuming this is a DQ though I don’t see the ref nor have I heard a bell.

Tessa tosses Hogan into the ring and delivers a hammerlock DDT.

Kiera def. Taya via DQ I think


Brian Cage hype package.

The GWN exclusive match is a four way match with Cage and three other guys (Mick Moretti, Slex, and Brodie Marshall). The announcers put of Cage huge the entire time. Callis even said that sometimes Cage will let people do moves to him to test himself. In the end, it was Cage with the Drill Claw.

Drago, Aerostar, El Hijo de Fantasma vs. DJZ, Andrew Everett, Dezmond Xavier

This will be under lucha libre rules and it’s going to be nutty.

This is pretty much impressive chaos in the early going. But it actually gets to the point where Andrew Everett is the face in peril and the luchadors are able to keep him isolated and work him over.

And then back to the craziness. Including stereo springboard drop kicks from Everett and DJ Z, who later do a standing moonsault while linked.

These men take turns with various topes and springboards to the outside. All six men are laying as Impact goes to break.

In the end, it is the Impact guys picking up the victory. Aerostar is on the top rope when Everett tries to pull him down to prevent whatever he is planning. Aerostar kicks him off but DJZ hits the DJT on Aerostar for the win.

Everett, DJZ, and Xavier win

There are handshakes afterwards.


Drake runs into Aries backstage. Austin wishes Eli luck for next week. But he says regardless, the other world title is coming back to him. (He’s still considering the Grand Championship a world title.) He hopes Eli wins next week because he knows he can beat him.

KM and Bahh are backstage. KM tells him if he follows him, he’ll change his entire life, from the way he works out, how he eats, and the women he dates. The cameras pan away and once again find a man passed out in the back with a red card with a black x in a circle on him.

Next week, LAX will take on Z & E, who are DJZ and Andrew Everett. Plus, there’s a fatal 4-way X division match to crown a #1 contender.

They play a video from last Friday of Edwards getting out of jail following his assault on Sami Callihan in the hospital. It’s Tommy Dreamer who picks him up and insists he gets into the car as Eddie tries to explain himself. Looks like Tommy isn’t into listening to any excuses.


Taiji Ishimori vs. Matt Sydal (c) for the X Division title

Sydal still wearing the cat mask to the win.

Matt eventually settles in and starts working over the left leg of his opponent.

This becomes a back and forth affair. Taiji sells the leg a bit but then seems to stop.

In fact he hits the double knee move without issue. Ishimori goes to the top and Sydal pulls him down. He hits him with a move that lands Ishomori in a pinning predicament and gets the 1-2-3.

Sydal def. Ishimori to retain his title


We see Tommy Dreamer trying to talk some sense into Eddie Edwards. He says he spent years of his life obsessing over beating someone and Eddie needs to move on. But Edwards isn’t willing to listen.

Backstage, Allie tells Rosemary she’ll be there for her tonight. Rosemary tells her no and makes her promise not to come down to the ring no matter what happens. She does.

Santana and Ortiz are in the clubhouse and they are pissed that things are all falling apart. Next week, E & Z are going to feel their wrath.


Su Yung vs. Rosemary

Su tries to get the jump on Rosemary, but the Demon was ready and takes it to the Undead Bride outside. However, Su with a palm strike and the Panic Switch on the floor! This match has not made it into the ring meaning it hasn’t started.

Su brings the lights down and her minions are back with the wooden casket.

But out runs Allie, attacking Su Yung from behind! Rosemary is angry about her helping and Allie is saying she’s her best friend and she won’t leave her. Rosemary is ordering her to leave.

The Undead Bride instructs her minions to take Allie while Su Yung stomps Rosemary! They hold Allie as Su picks up Rosemary but the Demon Assassin fires back and grabs the kendo stick!

She stalks Su up the ramp but Su mists Rosemary! Panic Switch off the ramp through a table! The Undead Brides drag Rosemary towards the coffin and open the lid. Su Yung places Rosemary in as Allie pleads with her not to. Su Yung closes the coffin.


That’s the show, folks. Thanks for watching with us!