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Impact Wrestling results, live blog (May 17, 2018): Street Fight!


Impact Wrestling is back tonight (May 17) from Orlando, Florida and will be airing on Pop TV at 8 PM EST. This is your spot for the live updates and to talk about it with your fellow fans.

Tonight Sami Callihan will face Eddie Edwards in a street fight at a House of Hardcore show. Plus, Su Yung will hold a funeral for Rosemary, Andrew Everett & DJ Z will challenge Scott Steiner & Eli Drake for the tag championships, Austin Aries will team with Matt Sydal to take on Pentagon Jr. & El Hijo de Fantasma, and Tessa Blanchard will face Kiera Hogan.

We’ll be here at 8 EST when Impact starts, so come join us!


Close call tonight folks. My internet and cable came back with ten minutes prior to the show.

Starts with a recap of last week’s episode.

Sounds like no Don Callis again tonight. Josh is going solo. Why no Sonjay?

Z & E vs. Scott Steiner & Eli Drake (c) for the tag team championships

Z & E start out hot with Eli in trouble, but when DJ Z hits the ropes, Steiner hits him and Eli tags out. Scott Steiner takes it to DJ Z.

Z is worked over for awhile. He’s finally able to drop Steiner with a DDT and tag in Everett, who comes in on fire.

Z & E knock Steiner out of the ring where he grabs a chair. DJ Z grabs him from behind when Scott is facing the other way and he’s about to hit him with a chair. But Drake tosses Z out of the ring. When he goes to check on Scott, Steiner hits him with a chair not realizing it’s no longer DJZ!

Everett with a standing Shooting Star to Drake! 1-2-3!

Z & E defeat Steiner and Drake to win the tag titles

Scott checks on Drake after the match.


Z & E are celebrating backstage. Z talks about overcoming the injuries they’ve overcome. Petey Williams runs in and hugs them both.

Josh Mathews in the studio with wifey Madison Rayne. She’s making it sound like this is something she’s going to do more often.

Kiera Hogan vs. Tessa Blanchard

Referee has to hold Kiera back as Tessa gets into the ring. She wants at her after that attack last week.

She doesn’t even wait for the bell. She jumps Blanchard and lays in the forearms. Hogan living up to her name... she’s starting out on fire.

But Tessa catches a jumping Kiera and drops her on the top rope and follows up with a big strike.

Blanchard is talking a ton of trash, even shouting “C’mon, get mad!” But that fires up Hogan! She’s back on the attack!

However Tessa cuts it short with a cutter and a hammerlock DDT for the 1-2-3.

Blanchard def. Hogan

Oh no! She’s back on the attack after the match! Madison Rayne is leaving commentary, makes her way to the ring, and tosses Blanchard off Kiera! When Tessa goes to grab her, Madison quickly turns and Tessa immediately retreats!


Backstage, Grado, with Katarina at his side, accuses Jimmy Jacobs and Kongo Kong for these backstage attacks. Jimmy said he’s not a bad guy. He’s a good guy. He doesn’t care about Joseph Park. If Grado wants to keep making accusations, then they’re going to make him pay. Looks like Grado is going to let it go until Katarina says that they can’t talk to him like that. Poor Grado is going to have to fight Kongo Kong now.

Video recap of the Sami/Eddie situation up to now.

Pentagon cuts a promo saying he’s got a surprise for us tonight - he’s teaming with Pure Chocolate - which is the nickname for El Hijo de Fantasma? I’m confused with that. Fantasma speaks in English, Pentagon in Spanish with subtitles.

Next week, Fantasma will face Sydal for the X Division title. Two weeks from now is an Under Pressure titled show, when Aries will challenge Pentagon for the world title.

Grado vs. Kongo Kong

Katarina is at Grado’s side. Jimmy Jacobs is of course ringside as well.

Grado tries to avoid his beating as long as possible. He delivers a few punches and they have zero effect. Kong drops Grado with an uppercut and things are not looking good for our Scottish friend.

Grado tries punches again, once again to no avail, and Kongo hits him with a big splash against the ropes. Grado fires up once again and he seems to have Kongo staggered. He goes to the top rope, with the assistance of Katarina. He takes him down with a cannonball... but Kongo is right back up!

Slam from Kong! Now he’s going to the top... splash! 1-2-3.

Kong def. Grado

Katarina looks like she’s leaving Grado when he’s about to get a beating. Yeah, she just leaves. Meanwhile, Kongo tosses Grado shoulder first into the steel steps. They set up the ring steps on the apron like when they lawn darted Johnny Impact. He picks up Grado...

But here comes Moose! Strikes to Kongo! But when Jimmy distracts Moose, Kongo knees Moose in the gut and tosses him into the ring. But a big kick to Kongo as soon as he gets into the ring. Moose clotheslines over the ring. Jimmy Jacobs grabs his charge and leads him to the back.


LAX are backstage on the phone trying to find out what is going on. The Cult of Lee decide this is the best time to mock them. Lee & Konley make the point that when LAX beat them, they had Konnan. They don’t have him any more.

Earlier today, Tommy Dreamer is telling Eddie that after he wins tonight, this is over. Edwards isn’t hearing it because it’s far from over for him.

Eddie Edwards vs. Sami Callihan in a street fight

This is in a House of Hardcore show.

There’s a spot where both men have pipes and trade shots with them. Eddie nails the big shot which looks to knock Sami out, but he doesn’t go for a pin. He goes for more punishment.

He grabs a kendo stick from under the ring and hits Sami in the knee with it. Then the other one. But when he goes for a big shot, Callihan hits him with a low blow.

It looks like Sami is going to powerbomb Eddie on the chairs but Edwards delivers a low blow of his own. He goes to suplex Sami on the chairs but Callihan reverses and drops Edwards on them with a Falcon Arrow. But he only gets a 2 count!

Callihan then goes for the bat... but Edwards hits a Boston Knee Party!


Edwards def. Callihan

But he’s right back on the attack. He grabs the bat and starts choking Sami with it! Security has to pry Eddie off.

Tommy Dreamer makes his way to the ring as security removes Callihan from the area.


Brian Cage is wrestling at a Destiny Wrestling show against a man named Facade. He wins with Weapon X.

Kongo Kong vs. Moose is set for next week. So is LAX vs. Cult of Lee. oVe will also face Aerostar & Drago. And in two weeks, it’ll also be Su Yung vs. Allie for the title and Madison Rayne vs. Tessa Blanchard.

KM runs into Fallah backstage and marvels how much weight he’s lost. Now KM is giving him a make over.

The Funeral for Rosemary

This is a video outdoors of the undead brides converging on a cemetery. We also see some clips of what happened weeks ago. The brides drop the wooden casket in the cemetery. Su Yung places dead flowers on top.

Su Yung mists the coffin, which sets it on fire.


El Hijo de Fantasma & Pentagon Jr. vs. Matt Sydal & Austin Aries

Aries has some tape over his left elbow.

As the match progresses, the luchadors have full control over their opponents. At one point, Fantasma bites the arm of Sydal. This has become a match where they aren’t tagging in and out for a little bit but just a beatdown by the masked men.

The heels finally get control and Fantasma becomes the face in peril.

A miscommunication/quick Fantasma causes Sydal to accidentally knee Aries and Pentagon tags in.

Later on, Sydal had Fantasma in position for the Shooting Star Press. But while he was delivering the move, Pentagon Jr. superkicked him and Fantasma hit Thrill of the Kill for the win.

Fantasma & Pentagon win


That’s the show, folks. Thanks for watching with us!