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James Ellsworth debuted for Impact at One Night Only: Cali Combat

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Impact Wrestling is more than just their Thursday night show on Pop these days, thanks to a more open policy of partnering with smaller promotions, their Twitch channel and the Global Wrestling Network (GWN). And with a more open approach to where their talent can work and who controls intellectual property, we’ve also seen indie stars show up in Impact and Impact stars show up on the indies.

All those factors came into play on a One Night Only event they streamed on GWN this weekend called Cali Combat. The show, put on in conjunction with Big Time Wrestling California, featured the debut of a guy who’s made quite the name for himself since being released by WWE last year - and some of that’s even come from wrestling men!

That’s right, James Ellsworth (sans Intergender Championship) made his Impact debut, delivering a little No Chin Music to the much larger Kal Jack (after a low blow) to pick up a win...

Is this the proverbial one-shot deal for Jimmy Dream? Looks like it might be, but not necessarily...

The way Impact operates under Don Callis and Scott D’Amore, becoming a regular for them wouldn’t preclude Ellsworth from doing pretty much everything else he’s been doing since leaving WWE.

Is that something you’d be interested in seeing, Cagesiders?