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Impact Wrestling results, review, & video (May 10, 2018): First One Down


Impact Wrestling returned last night from the Impact Zone in Orlando, Florida. You can find the results at the live blog here.

Short... Not So Sweet

The main event this week was Pentagon Jr. defending his title against Eli Drake. Coming into the match, I was excited for this. Two good workers for the company’s top prize. This definitely had the chance to be a good one.

It didn’t live up.

The biggest problem was my clock read 9:52 PM when the bell for the match rang. Right there you knew it wasn’t going to be any epic encounter. Giving Pentagon’s first title defense and Eli’s Feast or Fired shot less than ten minutes was never going to go well.

The match had a few good spots, but otherwise was completely forgettable.

Normally, I’d have more to say about a world title match, but when the match is a disappointing eight minutes, there’s not a lot of time to include things worth talking about.

Overall, this was rather disappointing.

The Meeting

One of the big questions coming into this week was focused on the future of Sami Callihan.


Because during the week, Impact Vice President Don Callis was receiving a “Comeback of the Year” award at a Destiny Wrestling show. But while this was happening, Sami brutally attacked Callis and left him bloodied and laying.

It’s all part of the very good story they’re telling with the vile Sami Callihan and an Eddie Edwards that’s becoming unhinged because of him. Unfortunately, this wasn’t well promoted. Impact covered the attack with just a couple tweets this week so the hook to tune in and find out what was going to happen wasn’t there. In fact, a lot of people probably tuned in unaware that the attack happened.

To their credit, they opened the show with Josh Mathews playing the video (which wasn’t available until the episode) and setting the stage. Then the story throughout the night was a meeting between management that was going on during the show to decide what they’d do with Callihan? Fire him? Fine him?

In the middle of the show, Eddie Edwards stormed into the meeting and demanded they don’t fire Callihan. He owes Sami retribution for almost taking his eye and costing him his career. You could hear Callis shouting “It’s done. He’s fired.” Finally, Scott D’Amore said Sami could stay but whatever Eddie is planning for him can’t happen in Impact. We learned later that they will have a street fight next week at a House of Hardcore show.

This was another good wrinkle to the angle. I’m not entirely sure why Impact isn’t OK with the match happening there in the Impact Zone but OK with it happening somewhere else. My guess is legal issues. Perhaps if Eddie or Sami does something terrible to the other next week, it’ll be Tommy Dreamer who will be liable. Poor Tommy.

I’m a bit weary of having a big match in this story take place away from the Impact Zone. Those matches taped at other promotions just don’t come off as well on TV given the venues are often not set up to be taped. However, we saw a House of Hardcore match on this episode between Moose and Kongo Kong and that didn’t come off too badly production wise.

They’ve done very well in this story. The only issue with tonight is Mathews, who was commentating alone because of Don Callis being in said meeting, talked about it way too much during other matches to the point it was distracting. Otherwise, I trust them enough with this story to do something good with it next week.

The Hits Keep Coming

The new team of Andrew Everett & DJZ defeated the team of LAX in the opening match. The match was a fast paced, enjoyable bout. There’s a lot of talent here so it’s not surprising they put on a fun show. Unfortunately, Josh Mathews spent a little too much time talking about the Sami Callihan situation and the mysterious backstage attacks (more on that shortly) that it detracted from the bout early on.

This makes three losses in a row for the once red hot LAX. All those losses have come since Konnan was attacked by an unknown assailant. It’s a well placed losing streak, which acts as the introduction of a new story for a team that has found themselves out of the tag title picture. As for the title picture, perhaps the exciting team of Z & E will find themselves there at one point.

The Attacker

I hadn’t mentioned this yet because it’s been slight backstage bits with non-wrestlers prior to this week, but there has been someone or someones attacking people randomly backstage and leaving a calling card that is a red rectangle with a black x in a circle on their body.

This week, it happened to Joseph Park.

Who doesn’t love a good “Who dun’ it?” angle? Though often the angle is more intriguing than the reveal.

New Squeeze

Grado has a new girlfriend. Her name is Katarina, but you may remember her as former Knockout Winter. Or you may remember her from WWE as Katie Lea Burchill the time Vince wanted to run an incest angle. This week, she watched on as Grado defeated Rohit Raju in a one on one match.

Honestly, this wasn’t even a blip on the Impact radar tonight. We’ll see if anything significant comes of this or if it’s a comedy bit they run for some time.

Random Lucha

El Hijo de Fantasma defeated Taiji Ishimori, Drago, & Aerostar in a fatal 4-way lucha style match to become #1 contender for the X Division title. This was fine enough, but I found myself struggling to find any investment. It’s four men with really no character in Impact. Three of these men are part of the Lucha Underground talent share and haven’t had any real story recently. The other already has left for New Japan. Wrestling moves are fine, but I need more.

The Doll

This also happened. It was intriguing enough that I figured I’ll throw the video in for you all so you’re caught up for what comes next. Next week, Allie has to watch Su Yung’s funeral for Rosemary. That should be good.

Outside of Impact

Moose fought Kongo Kong at a House of Hardcore show that they aired. When Moose looked like he could win the thing, Jimmy Jacobs hit him with a chair and the match ended in DQ.

Brian Cage picked up a win in Pro Wrestling NOAH. Much like his match last week in Australia, this was a good match, this week against Takashi Sugiura.

Pros of the Show:

  • While it wasn’t much this week, the Eddie/Sami story is still good

Cons of the Show:

  • Disappointing main event that didn’t get nearly enough time
  • Too much random matches (with two matches out of the studio)

Honestly, this was a very underwhelming episode. Too many matches without storyline implications and a disappointing main event.

Grade: C-

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