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Impact Wrestling results, review, & video (Apr. 26, 2018): Redemption aftermath

Impact Wrestling YouTube

Impact Wrestling returned last night (Apr. 26) from the Impact Zone in Orlando, Florida. This was this the fallout show from the Redemption pay-per-view (PPV). You can find all the results at the live blog here.

A busy title scene

The show closed with every man who has claim to the world title (and Scott Steiner) sharing a ring together.

Eli Drake and Scott Steiner had just finished successfully defending their tag titles (more on that in a little bit) when Drake cut a promo reminding everyone of his Feast or Fired briefcase for that world title and stated he’s going to cash it in sooner than later.

Austin Aries came out to the ring to respond, his right arm in a sling with his titles on the other. Aries claimed that Drake could consider cashing that briefcase against Aries for the Grand Championship. His argument is that since the man makes the title, the Grand Championship is now the top belt in the company.

(Aries delivered this line, and a bunch of excuses for his loss, earlier in the day in front of the roster before the show. They weren’t buying it either and all bailed on his speech. It looks like A Double is headed down a heel path. Aries can do babyface, but he’s better as a heel. And claiming that the Grand Championship is on par with the actual world title because he holds it is a great heel start.)

The actual world champion, Pentagon Jr., then walked to the ring. He stared down both Drake and Aries. The tag champs attacked Austin Aries and Pentagon but the former and current champ were able to clear the ring of Steiner and Drake. Then they both held up their respective Impact titles.

It looks to be a busy scene at the top. Aries has a title rematch coming soon surely, but he’s also walking around with his arm in a sling. So it’s not going to be that soon. Then there’s Drake, who can cash in at any time. Moose also cut a promo earlier in the night making a challenge for the title as well.

We don’t know what the immediate next stop for Pentagon is, but there’s already plenty of movement in the top scene. That usually makes for exciting television.

Eddie has lost his mind

The Eddie Edwards story with Sami Callihan is the best story in Impact right now and it may be one of the best angles in wrestling.

The Redemption angle when Eddie lost himself when attacking Callihan to the point he accidentally hit his wife with a kendo stick was superb. It picked up from there this week.

Edwards arrived to the Impact Zone and Tommy Dreamer was there to stop him, insisting that Eddie should be in the hospital with his wife. Eddie wasn’t having it. Because oVe were still in the Impact Zone, he had to be there too.

This is a great use of Dreamer. He’s seen some crazy things in his days of hardcore and knows that Eddie is losing himself.

Eddie went to the ring and called out oVe, threatening to drive to Dayton, Ohio and put both of their wives in the hospital if they don’t come to the ring. I mean... wow. That’s some sadistic stuff right there from a man who was a white meat babyface a couple months ago.

Of course the Crist Brothers responded. Eddie attacked them right off the bat. Before he was able to use a kendo stick on them, a video played in the studio showing Sami Callihan entering Alisha Edwards’ hospital room in a wheel chair. He told her he just wants to talk. His face looked brutalized.

Eddie ran out of the arena and later made his way to the hospital. He rushed to his wife’s room and demanded to know where Callihan was. She said he just wanted to talk and asked why he left her.

Edwards found the room where Sami was being treated and attacked the man in the bed as he slept. He even tried to suffocate him with his pillow until hospital security removed him from the room for attacking a patient. We learned later from Josh Mathews that Eddie was arrested for his actions.

This has been an excellent turn of events. Instead of having Eddie just get his revenge, he’s feeling the toll of Callihan’s mental warfare the last few months. He’s ignoring his wife. He’s viciously attacking people in the hospital. While it’s a disturbing turn, it’s a logical one, and it gives Eddie fire he hasn’t had in Impact prior.

Is this all part of Callihan’s plan? Is he still pulling Eddie’s strings or has he created a monster he now has to deal with?

Demon vs. Undead

Looks like we’re getting that Rosemary/Su Yung feud!

It all started with a Knockouts title match between Allie and Taya Valkyrie. It was a fairly brief bout that Allie won with a superkick and code breaker.

Let me stop there for a moment. I’m going to end up praising the closing angle a bunch, but this drives me nuts. This is a title match with zero build and a clean finish. The entire point of the title match was to get to the post-match angle. Why pin Taya clean then? Why not have Allie go over someone like Amber Nova or Kiera Hogan? Taya is one of the top knockouts. There’s zero need to have her pinned clean by right there.

Now let’s get to the good stuff.

After Allie won, the lights dimmed and a league of ladies in face paint an tattered dresses, much like Su Yung will wear, dragged a wooden coffin to the base of the ring. They left, the lights went out, and Su Yung appeared. She attacked the champ, dropping her with a Pedigree from the middle rope. It looked like she was going to drag Allie away when the lights went out again.

And Rosemary appeared in the middle of the ring!

The two stare each other down in an electric moment between Impact’s fantastical characters. Before any physicality took place, the lights went out one final time and Su Yung was gone. Rosemary, who was wearing a Demon Bunny shirt, went to check on her friend.

Sometimes the fantasy/mystical element doesn’t work well in wrestling. But Rosemary has gotten here character completely over. Su Yung is still new, but her look is great and her match at the PPV helped build the edge to her character. Now we have the darker and lighter side of the fantasy butting heads. It could be a fun ride.

LAX needs Konnan

Eli Drake and Scott Steiner were successful in their first tag title defense against the former champs LAX.

Santana and Ortiz still didn’t have Konnan at their side. They were noticeably shaken by that earlier in the night when they were in the clubhouse. In fact, Santana was more focused on getting to the bottom of the attack while Ortiz was focused on the tag titles.

Their lack of focus was evidence in the match. They made dumb mistakes that allowed the champs to employ double team maneuvers. The fact that they’re not as crisp without Konnan is a detail that is much appreciated. Their ecosystem was disturbed and things changed.

It’s Cage’s World

Cage defeated Trevor Lee last night.

But it wasn’t the squash you’d think. Trevor Lee, with Caleb Konley in his corner, did all he could to keep the Machine off balance. Caleb interfered from the outside. Hell, Lee bit Cage’s finger.

All that actually staggered the big man for awhile, allowing Lee to get some offense in.

Of course, it was going to be Cage in the end. He took out Konley on the outside with a Discus Clothesline and then delivered the Drill Claw to his opponent for the win.

Good Lord, Cage is an impressive specimen. He’s a super heavyweight, but moves like a man half his size. It was also nice to see that this match, which stemmed out of the six pack match at Redemption, wasn’t a squash. Lee held his own against the most powerful force in Impact for some time. Sure he had to cheat and play dirty, but that’s who is he. He was going to lose, but holding his own against the bigger Cage makes him look better if anything.

Moose has his eyes on the prize

After Moose defeated Braxton Sutter last night, he congratulated Pentagon for winning the title. But he also said that he’s going to be the man who takes that title from him.

Moose is very talented, but hasn’t yet found his place in Impact. There isn’t a marquee feud or story that has made him an Impact name. I don’t see him just jumping into the world title picture without a little something more. Perhaps they tweak is character or start telling a big story with him. But if he just got a title shot right now, I’d be a bit underwhelmed.

Pros of the Show:

  • Eddie’s Descent into Madness
  • Rosemary vs. Su Yung is happening
  • Aries is headed heel

Cons of the Show:

  • Having Taya lose a random title match when it wasn’t necessary

Overall, this was a fun follow up from Redemption.

Grade: B

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