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Impact Wrestling Results, Live Blog (Apr. 26, 2018): Welcome to the Era of Pentagon


Impact Wrestling is back tonight (Apr. 26) from Orlando, Florida and will be airing on Pop TV at 8 PM EST. This is your spot for the live updates and to talk about it with your fellow fans.

This is the fallout from the Redemption pay-per-view from last Sunday. It is the first episode with Pentagon Jr. as champion. Plus, Taya Valkyrie will challenge Allie for the Knockouts championship and LAX will exercise their rematch clause for the tag titles and take on Eli Drake & Scott Steiner.

We'll be here at 8 EST when Impact starts, so come join us!


Video recap of Redemption.

Austin Aries town hall

Starts with an Aries town hall with him in front of some of the employees/wrestlers. This is a pre-taped bit. He has his arm in a sling.

He claims that since he still has the Grand Championship and the man makes the belt, he is still world champion. While he’s not going to make excuses, he pointed out that he did fight two men. Moose points out that it sounds like he’s making a lot of excuses. Soon all the wrestlers walked out on him.


Don Callis and Josh Mathews on commentary again.

Trevor Lee vs. Brian Cage

Caleb Konley is in Lee’s corner.

Trevor doing anything he can think of to try to get an advantage, including help from Caleb and biting the finger of Cage.

These tactics actually get Lee more of an advantage than you’d think. But in the end, Cage took it home with a Drill Claw.

Cage def. Lee


Eddie Edwards has lost it

Eddie arrives to Impact and Tommy Dreamer stops him from entering. Tommy tells him to go back to the hospital to be with his wife. Edwards insists he needs to be here because oVe is here.

While the announcers are prepping thing, Edwards makes his way to the ring. He said at Redemption, he put Sami Callihan in the hospital where he belongs. But oVe is still here and he called him out. He said if they don’t respond, he’s going to get into a car, drive to Dayton, Ohio, and put their wives in the hospital.

oVe responds. As they make their way to the ring, he jumps on them and takes the fight right at them. Eventually, the numbers catch up to him. But he ducked one charging in the corner and clotheslined the other!

He grabs a kendo stick but then a video plays on the tron. It shows Callihan wheeling himself into Alisha Edwards’ room! He says “I just want to talk” and Edwards runs out of the building.


They show highlights from the Redemption main event.

GWN match that features Steiner and Team 3D. Rick Steiner is actually in this match too, but he was on the outside of the ring until the finish.

They play a video about DJZ and his serious injury last year.

Braxton Sutter vs. Moose

Braxton tries to cut a prematch promo but he’s immediately interrupted by Moose’s music.

Sutter had some offense going at one point, but in the end, it was a big spear that gives Moose the win.

Moose def. Sutter

Moose cuts a promo post match. He congratulates the new champ Pentagon. But he says that Pentagon may be the Impact world champion, but he’s Mr. Impact Wrestling. And he’s going to be the man who takes that title from him.


McKenzie Mitchell interviews Matt Sydal. He says he’s ready for Taiji Ishimori next week because his third eye is open...

The interview is interrupted when officials find someone [I can’t tell who] unconscious backstage. The person has a red paper on him that has a black circle with an X in it.

Santana and Ortiz are alone in the clubhouse. They’re clearly shaken after Konnan was attacked. Santana wants to know where Homicide is, implying he may have something to do with it. Ortiz wants them to focus on getting those titles back first.


Taya Valkyrie vs. Allie (c) for the Knockouts championship

Taya comes out aggressive but Allie eventually fights back.

In the end, she fights out of the Road to Valhalla. She lands a superkick and then a code breaker for the win.

Allie def. Taya to retain her KO championship

As soon as the match is over, new music plays and there’s a group of women in makeup and tattered dresses make their way to the ring with a coffin. The lights go off and Su Yung appears in the ring, attacking the champ! Hangman’s double underhook DDT from the second rope!

The lights go back off again... AND ROSEMARY IS IN THE RING!

The Undead Bride and the Demon Assassin are in the ring staring each other down. The lights are back off... and Su Yung is gone!


Fallah Bahh is backstage when KM approaches him. KM says he regrets fat shaming Fallah Bahh. He wants to make it right - he’s changed his ways. And he’s going to prove it next week in a tag match. Bahh is confused.

Eddie loses his mind (con’t)

We see Eddie Edwards at the hospital running down the hall to his wife’s room. He gets there and she’s asleep. He wants to know where Callihan is. She tells Eddie he just wanted to talk. He asks why she would talk to him and she asked why he would leave her here?

Eddie makes his way into the hall, asking where Sami is. He finds his room and jumps the man as he’s asleep in the hospital bed! He’s trying to suffocate him!


They play a video package recapping the Johnny Impact/Jimmy Jacobs and Kong Kong feud.

Eli Drake & Scott Steiner (c) vs. LAX for the tag team championships

Scott Steiner cuts a promo. He says Konnan didn’t show up at Redemption because Taco Bell had a sale on burritos. He hands Eli Drake the microphone and Eli opts not to cut a promo. That’s new.

LAX comes off as more undisciplined than usual given Konnan’s absence. Drake and Steiner use this to their advantage, using double teams.

It looks like once again Drake was going to be nailed by the Street Sweeper. But Eli is able to catch Santana with a huge powerslam as a reversal. Scott Steiner prevented Ortiz from breaking the win.

Steiner & Drake def. LAX to retain their titles

Drake cuts a post match promo. He claims this is not a fluke and these titles are going nowhere. He reminds everyone that he’ll take that world championship whenever he wants it. And it may be just about time to do that.

Aries/Drake segment

Austin Aries’ music plays and the Belt Collector comes down, arm in the sling with the rest of his titles on the other arm as Impact goes to break.

A Double tells Drake he has the top championship. The Grand Championship. So does he want a shot this? Probably not because every time he’s faced Aries he’s lost.

After some jawing, Pentagon Jr. finally makes his way to the ring with the actual world championship. He stares down both Drake and Aries and tells them who he his.

But soon Steiner and Drake attack Aries and Pentagon. The current champ and the former champ are able to take care of the tag champs. Austin picks up Pentagon’s title and hands it to the champ, but he holds on long. Both men hold up their titles.

Aries leaves the ring as Pentagon poses with the world title.


That’s the show, folks. Thanks for watching with us!

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