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MLK’s dream and hardcore matches are a lot alike, according to Tommy Dreamer

It was quite a weekend for wrestling bringing people together.

We’re not sure why (okay, we are... it’s cause “house show”) Roman Reigns and Braun Strowman put aside their differences in Johannesburg, but maybe it was because the time they spent hitting each other with chairs formed a bond?

That’s a theory Tommy Dreamer can probably get behind. The Innovator of Violence sold his hardcore match with Eddie and Moose against oVe on Impact’s April 22 Redemption pay-per-view (PPV) by explaining how proud Dr. Martin Luther King would have been of his team.

I think?

“A visionary once said, ‘I have a dream’. And I wish he was alive to see this dream, because every time I walk through the curtain, we are united with our love for professional wrestling. And white, stands with black. Man, stands with women [sic]. Youth stands with age. And again we are united.

oVe, you stand for everything that I hate. Tonight, you [points at Eddie] will have your redemption.”

There weren’t a lot of six-man tags during the Civil Rights movement, but as was once said about another visionary named John Blutarsky, “forget it, he’s rolling”.

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