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Scott Steiner reminds Petey Williams that only he can do Steiner Math

One of the most famous promos in TNA/Impact history is likely Scott Steiner’s “Steiner Math” promo where, with Petey Williams at his side, Steiner breaks down some ridiculous numbers to explain why he’s going to defeat Samoa Joe at Sacrifice.

Naturally, with both Petey Williams and Scott Steiner in the same building for Redemption tonight (Apr. 22), they were going to make a little call back to the classic moment.

Petey was backstage talking about his odds of defeating his opponent Matt Sydal but wasn’t getting the numbers right. That’s when Steiner rolled in to remind him that only he can do the proper Steiner math. And that Petey does his best in the ring and best love making when he looks like Steiner.

Steiner won gold earlier in the evening, claiming the tag belts alongside Eli Drake. The numbers weren’t as kind to Petey Williams, who was not successful in his X Division title match against the champ Matt Sydal.

Sorry about that Canadian Math, Petey.

You can find the results from Sacrifice Redemption here.

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